Sunday, April 21, 2013

Moves, birthdays and changes

The last month has been a roller coaster and today promises to be even more exciting.

Our sons 2nd birthday and a major life change.

 A move!

 Today of all days we need to pack the whole house! Did not plan it this way,  but it has ended up like this.

Here is him at 7 months.  Trying to upload the latest pictures but could not!


From coming back from a vacation in Peru, to a whirlwind work trip to Las Vegas  (a city that always leaves me drained spiritually), to the death of my dear aunt, to packing for a move  and many exciting projects at my work  where we are helping a major  crisis pregnancy network with many women helped so far (and not to mention several amazing Napro pregnancies of my clients!) it has been a month that I will probably never forget.

Today I am sitting saying goodbye to our first home and giving thanks for both the 2nd birthday of my son and the  decision of his birthmother (it was a Holy Friday 2 years ago) to give him life and also up for adoption and for the amazing opportunity we had of living almost 5 years in this beautiful home.

The home that saw great joy, also great changes of in our lives and  the saddest days of my whole life today helps us celebrate our son.

His 2nd birthday.

The son that has brought us the greatest joy of our lives.

He is now running everywhere, doing all kinds of fun things,  semi talking up a storm, loving music,  etc.  I plan do do a post in the coming days  about him.   I can just say I cannot even begin to imagine life without him. He gives me energy everyday to fight for life.

In terms of our home.

We had found right before our wedding an apartment with great potential.   It had a large garden only for 3 apartments, great view of many trees and was in a very quiet area of the city.   A peaceful realm.

But it was very ugly inside.

Before our wedding we made an offer,  but the owner suddenly raised the price and we let it go.

When we came back I was driving again in the area and we saw that it was up for sale again and not only that the whole building. So I called the realtor and found out it continued to be up for sale together with the other 2 apartments.

My brother was looking for an apartment and in turn one of his best friends also.

In a matter of 3 days we bought the 3 apartments  at the price we wanted and so I ended up living right next to my brother and his wife and one of this best friends for the next years.

And over the course of many months remodeled each and every  room.  A labor of love and a Titanic task.

During this time my Mother in law and my grandfather both died and in her case we spent a long time in hospitals so we did not have the chance to overlook the architect and then we had a disaster.  But finally we were able to move end of 2007 until today.

So each room is us.   Every single detail chosen by us and a labor of love.

But the time has come to move.

We are moving not because we do not absolutely love this place, but we need to be closer to family, my work and other things that are good for our son.

Also we need more space in case we are blessed with another baby this year.  Our agency is positive we will be parents again in the coming months (could be anywhere from a month to over a year) and I could not bear to move with a newborn.

So we had a buyer who kept calling us for over a year offering to buy and then we found an apartment which was perfect for us.   And after many doubts we made the jump.

 So this week we move to a rental apartment in a building  that is very famous for being filled with children and young families.   They call it the " the (name of the area) nursery"

A larger apartment with a very nice kitchen ( a must for me after having a tiny tiny kitchen all this time) with a very large pool with a nice baby area, a large garden with a play ground, a nice gym and very close to everything.  

We decided to rent since we would like the next home the definitive one and we are not ready financially,  nor in terms of our life to take this decision.

I am very nostalgic and it has been an up and down week.  But here we are.

Going now to kiss and spoil my 2 year old.  (cannot even believe I write this)


  1. I *LOVE* that God has moved you (literally) to another address physically to be closer to family, although it meant selling your beautiful home. I also did that last month. But God sure works out the details perfectly, doesn't He? :-) I can't wait for picture of JM and to hear updates about him! I remember you were my first blog where you'd adopted & I was so moved to adopt myself ... and here I am, also an adoptive mother. Do not doubt who you are touching with your posts. <3
    Take it easy getting settled in your new home! It sure takes awhile, doesn't it? :)