Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer buddy reveal and I am sooo happy for her!!!


I had the pleasure of praying for My Heart Exults . I had been a long time reader of hers and was very happy to have been able to pray for her and her intentions.

and then... today!!! I read the most amazing news ever by her!!! She is pregnant!!!!

I almost fell over from excitement! I thanked Our Lady of Guadalupe and asked Her to protect Her and Her baby.

I was so very happy and I will continue to pray for her and once the baby is born I will personally go to the Basilica of Guadalupe to give thanks.

I offered my daily masses for her intentions, prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe, prayed in Adoration and my DH and I are praying a Novena to the Divine Mercy also including her intentions. We will finish this Sunday.


  1. Thank you soo much for your prayers! When I read your email this morning, I started crying. Our miscarriage happened last December 11th, around 7:30pm. At that point, it was the vigil of December 12th, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I asked her to take care of my little Catherine Grace in heaven and intercede for us. On January 1st, we buried Catherine Grace, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. How appropriate that you asked her to intercede for us! Thank you for all the prayers! The Lord heard you and answered you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. I am praying for you too, MHE!
    -Another Catherine Grace

  3. oh man, this made me cry, especially her comment above. happy anniversary and congrats and wow and all that jazz!