Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Godincidences and a prayer request

The 21st of April is a very special day, since its the day Josemaria was born.

Also is the day St. Gianna Molla gave birth to the little girl she gave her life for and since we got married on her feast day, April 28th, it has a very, very special meaning to since we saw it as a sign that St. Gianna had a lot to do with our adoption.

Today that day became even more special since I just found out an amazing Godincidence. I have a cousin with whom I lived n Germany as a child and I always felt a very special love for her and her family. Her mother is very close to my dad and they have always been extremely generous to us even when they lacked money. Both my brother and I have stayed with them for months during summer vacation and my aunt was just like a mom to us.

Well my cousin got married several years ago, more than 7 or 8, but never had children and I understand she tried all this time. She is now over 44. She lives in Switzerland and I did not know it until a few days ago, but she experienced over 4 IVF`s, one miscarriage and even had a lung clot due to the IVF drugs. All was a very big secret in my dad`s family and I only found out about it when she wrote to congratulate me on Josemaria.

Well for the last 3 to 4 years she has tried to adopt from Mexico, a country where she lived and loves like her second home. She also kept this a secret until a few months ago. Since she lived abroad the adoption was very difficult since Mexico asks for people to live in the country so they can do follow ups on the babies. They were offered several babies over the time and experienced tremendous issues and loss since hers was not a normal adoption.

Well she came to stay for a few months a few weeks ago since they got the call that a baby boy of 1 year and 5 months was available for adoption. Her husband has been back and forth since he could not leave his job. They were taking a very large risk that they would be denied again.

Well today my dad calls me completly in awe. The baby boy is now her son, he is now living with her since Friday, he will be called Philip Alexander and he was born also on April 21st, one year before Josemaria.

The only 2 adoptions in our family history and both born on the very same and special day.

I know she will make an amazing mother and I am so happy for her and to share April 21st as the day we became mothers.

And now an update and a prayer request.

The update is about the last time I asked for prayers about my friend that had six miscarriages and was pregnant. Well she is still pregnant, over 12 weeks, the baby is very healthy and all looks perfect.. The local doctor is my hero, he was extremely aggressive with treatment, Dr. H agreed with him on the protocol (she was in the process of going to Omaha) and has been watching her like a hawk. She asked me to thank all that had prayed for her and to continue to keep her in your prayers. She sees this pregnancy as no less than a miracle and most doctors would say the same.

The prayer request is for our biggest Napro.techno.logy supporter in Mexico. She became a mother last Friday, but the baby stopped breathing shortly after and is now in the ICU hooked to a ventilator. They still do not know if there is brain damage, there is a very large risk for infections and prognosis is reserved.

A. has been the biggest supporter ever for us in trying to bring Napro here. She attended Love and life at the PPVI in April (she was alreadly pregnant), has been opening doors for us left and right, has invited me to speak on behalf of Napro countless time and has sponsored 2 of the doctors that have studied in Omaha, etc.

She is a lawyer and heads one of the top prolife agencies in the country. Countless lives have been saved because of her and now she is facing this after longing for a baby for a very long time.

This is one of the very hard things to understand about life, a person that has fought for life her whole life and she is asked to endure this horrible trial.

She has asked for continous prayers and I would like to ask all of you to join us in prayer for Josè Juliàn (the baby) and her and her DH. She would really really appreciate them


  1. Fabulous news about your friend- thanks for that update. And great news about your cousin. Praying for your Napro supporter and her child.

  2. The Holy Spirit definitely had His hand in both adoptions! How wonderful!

    I'm praying for both situations!

  3. I will be praying for her and thank you so much for the holy card and rosary! We are trying to adopt, but so far we are still waiting.

  4. Wow, thanking God for your family's miracles and praying for your friend. Welcome back to the blogs! We missed you!!!

  5. I think somehow St. Gianna had a hand in those adoptions! What a beautiful story. I am praying for your friend and for the Napro supporter and her family.

  6. Praying for that sweet baby and the story of your cousin's adoption journey and son's birthday brought happy tears to my eyes!

  7. Your cousin's adoption story ... how perfect! You are right ... a HUGE God-incidence. Just perfect, as He likes it.
    I will keep your friend & her little one and A & Jose in my prayers as I pray the St. Jude novena.
    Also, thank you for the rosary and holy cards!!! I am using them - and thank you so VERY much!