Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Missing you all

I am so sorry for not updating and being able to comment for more than 6 weeks now.

Blogger and computer issues made my life impossible all this time. I tried to post, but all my posts got lost somehow. Since I was on my home computer (I usually wrote from my work one) and later was locked out of this one I did not know how to fix the issue. After 5 or 6 posts got lost I gave up 3 weeks ago, but decided to try again from another computer tonight. The one donated by the bishop to the project here in Mexico. Hoping it works!!

I have been reading most blogs on my phone and have been praying for all of those still waiting. I wanted to comment and update soooooooo badly.

Many many things have happened in these weeks. Not only I am on maternity leave and completly and absolutely in love with a 5 month old boy and being a housewife for the very first time in my life cooking and cleaning away, but my DH "lost" his job and now has a new one, my dad had cancer surgery, we finished the adoption process, we baptized Josemaria, I have been interviewing for a top company (they called me out of the blue) I lost my boss (due to medical reasons) and a whole group from Mexico attended education phase I at the Po.pe Paul VI institue in Omaha with which we start Napro here. Things have been anything but boring.

Here are some of the highlights:

My dad had surgery for cancer during this time. He recuperated quite well and the doctors were astonished at his attitude and strenght for being 73. It was confirmed to be cancer, a faster than normal for prostate growing one, and although the doctors were extremely happy for the surgery and its results, last week we found out he will need radiation, 30 sessions or more, since in some exams they found still traces of cancer in his body.

The urologist explained to him that its his decison to go ahead with this. He said that 50% of the urologists would recommend it and 50% not. The ones that would not its because of the very slow growth rates of prostate cancer and my dads age. The 50% that would do it its because it can migrate anywhere in the body and become something very bad. A sligth chance, but one that my dad is not willing to take.

I think a lot has to do with his newest grandson and also since the doctors told him that inside his organs look like he is 50 and he recuperated so rapidly from the surgery. Its like a new lease on life for him.

Almost at the very same time my DH had a heart to heart conversation with his boss and it was very clear that there was no future there. We were sad and also a little bit angy since he had been giving him hope for many months (even years) and this came just after we had adopted and he suddenly had no job, but it became a blessing in disguise.

He left a few days after this talk, in very good terms, and has since been home with Josemaria and I, a blessed time for sure and will start a new job in the next days. One far more fitting for him, working for an advanced education institution with a very good future. He is quite happy, but also saddened at not being able to spend so much time with our son. His schedule will be very, very busy at the beginning and he will need to study some of the courses at the institute so he can sell them later. He will see Josemaria perhaps a couple of hours a day while he is awake tops. This talk with his boss was what he needed to make the decsion and now I am very glad it happened.

We baptized Josermar├Ča last Saturday, on the Feast of St Teresa of Avila. We chose this date since its very close to my DH birthday, my dad was well enough to attend and my DH is a carmelite. It was a joyous occasion and I hope to post pictures very soon. Tons and tons of people attended and the reception by all was amazing. We also have finished all of the post adoption paper work, he now has all the rights of a biological son and we are in the process of getting him his German nationality and the passports.

On my job front: I lost my boss during this time. After I left some things happened that made it clear that my boss could not continue to manage a team due to his health. I received a call one day that he would go on medical leave and my team would report in the mean time to another team member. My whole team was in panic and things have not been easy since. People have been trying to dominate and my team has suffered a lot. I was asked if I would be interested in taking on this position when I came back in January and I said yes, but that I would not make any decisions until the time came. I am not sure what I will find in January:; new boss, new position, etc, but I am trying to remain calm. I had negotiated with my former boss to work mainly from home and a very flexible schedule, but I am not sure what will happen.

During this time I have received several calls by headhunters, one in particular by a great company. One that would be a dream come true, but it comes at the time I am focusing on motherhood. I do not understand the timing of all of this just like my boss leaving.

I have already had 5 interviews with them and I am one of the 3 last candidates of of many (in the prior round we were 30). I am very flattered that they thought about me and that they are still thinking about me after all these talks. I am trying not to think too much in advance (its a very very difficult company to get into, similar to Apple and it might be along shot)and not make any decisions, but I am clear that my first priority is Josemaria and I would only accept if its compatible with a personal life. AT this time I do not know if it is.

And last but now least. A very dear friend of mine attended EPI to become a practitioner alongside 2 doctors. With this I really feel that Napro will be coming to Mexico very soon. Also a priest from my parish (originally from Canada) attended the support program, called love and life and he will be working with us in getting couples the needed support.

Need to log off and praying this post does not get lost again!!! I continue to pray for all of you!


  1. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! (The NaPro in Mexico part, that is... and the baptism of Josemaria, of course!)

    Welcome back, stranger, we missed you! Pictures please!!

  2. So good to hear from you! I've been wondering how you've been doing with your son and I've been wondering about your friend that you last posted about (with the 6 miscarriages). Welcome back!

  3. I'm so glad to hear from you!!! I'm glad your dad did so well with the surgery...hopefully the radiation can go well and he can put this behind him. That is so exciting about NaPro in Mexico!! I know God will point you in the right direction about your job or job offers. And I agree with TCIE, we need pictures!

  4. I agree with TCIE & Hebrews ... pictures, please! I'll bet your son is even cuter now. :)
    I'll keep you and your family, including your dad, in my prayers. I hope everything falls into place for you job-wise. Keep us updated!

  5. So much has happened, but I loved reading about your joy in Josemaria's Mom :) Love the joy you are experiencing!!! We missed you too!

  6. Thanks for the update (and of course, we'd all love pictures!!! :)). Praying the details of your job sort out, for your dad, and YAY for NaPro in Mexico!

  7. I have missed you! Wonderful news about the baptism, Napro in Mexico, etc, etc. Enjoy every moment of being a mom! God Bless!

  8. Welcome back! I was wondering what you were up too:) Praying for all your intentions! So many wonderful things happening in your life:)