Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Prayers please against a possible miscarriage

Can you please pray for a friend of mine?

She has had 6 miscarriages. Yes, SIX and sent her full file to Omaha for review by Dr. Hilg.ers 2 weeks ago and was waiting for an answer when just yesterday she found out she is again pregnant.

Her seventh pregnancy and she is so very scared since nobody knows why she keeps losing these pregnancies.

She has had all the diagnostic tests in the world from hormones, to genetics, to blood and inmunology and doctors have not been able to find anything wrong, yet she continues to lose babies everytime she gets pregnant from 6 to 11 weeks

Also a couple of weeks ago they started adoption proceedings, but were turned down due to her husband´s age (he is 50 and was in the seminary many years before leaving and then meeting her late in life).

I do not know how she can survive another miscarriage and now with adoption probably closed.

Virgin of Guadalupe please interceed!


  1. I will pray. She should begin a pre-conceptual Reproductive Immunology plan. Only 2 places do this, that I know of - the Beers Center in CA and Dr Kwak-Kim in Chicago. Likely she needs blood thinner and/or steroids to improve the quality of the implantation.

  2. Just finished praying and will pray again tonight!!

  3. I will add her to the Novena I am praying to Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta

  4. God bless her! Please keep us posted. We are praying.

  5. Any news? How is she? Still praying :)