Saturday, August 27, 2011



After much prayer we have finally decided on a name for our son.


My DH wanted to give him his own name: Alonso, but later had some doubts and I prefered Josemaría due to the meaning: its means the Sacred Family, also St. Joseph and of course our Lady.

There is also a saint called Josemaría, Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of the Opus Dei and our agency was founded by Opus Dei members so its also a way to thank him. In Mexico some of the people that have worked most for the cause of adoption have belonged to the Work (la Obra).

But mostly its because of St. Joseph and our Lady and its also a name I always liked very much.

Its a very traditional and old Spanish name and since my DH has a very Spanish last name it goes perfectly. It has come back recently into fashion and its considered a name with a lot of personality. Heroes, writers and many important personalities in centuries past had this name.

In the end my DH chose to give him the name Josemaría and in the baptism also his name as second. He also asked if he could name all his male children in baptism with his name as second and I completly agreed.

This is how wikipedia explains this name:

José María (abbreviated José M.ª) or Josemaría (this is how we will write it) is a Spanish language male given name, usually considered a single given name rather than two names, and is a combination of the Spanish names of Joseph and Mary, the parents of Jesus Christ.

The separate names "José" for males and "María" for females also exist in the Spanish language. They can also combine in the inverse order forming the female name "María José" (M.ª José); that is, the gender of the compound names "José María" and "María José" is determined by their first component. The name "José María" is colloquially shortened to "José Mari", "Josema" or replaced by the hypocoristic forms "Chema" or "Chemari".

We will call his Josemaría (my DH) and I Josema.

I have tried to post more pictures today, but have not been able due to some blogger issues.

I also have not been able to leave for maternity and have been trying to keep up with the blogs late at night. My boss was sick for the last 2 weeks and I have been working part time trying to leave everything in order and not being able to assign my tasks to others since I need this permission and some of his approvals.

I will try to leave middle of next week and will come back either 4 or 5 months later. The reason that I might come back later than expected is that HR discovered while looking into all my files that instead of 20 vacation days left I had 38, which means that I can take a month more off than the 4 planned to be with Josema or gradually ease into work, for example work Monday, Tues and Wed and then take vacation Thurs and Friday for the first 2 months.

Once I come back I have a very flexible job and can work from home a lot and as long as I deliver the results I can manage my times.

I will try to post pictures very soon and I am keeping all of those still waiting in my prayers.


  1. What a beautiful, blessed name!!!

  2. I love the name and the Saint connection!

  3. Beautiful! Such an abundance of saints to bless your son!

  4. Beautiful name...he looks like a Josemaria :)

  5. What a beautiful name, very Spanish indeed. Hope the work situation clears up soon, so you can spend some beautiful moments with your new baby boy.

  6. LOVE the name! We've give all three of our children the middle name Joseph or Maria and plan to do so again if we are blessed with any more. But I gotta say,St. Josemaria Escriva is one of my favorite saints--one of his relics is in the back of our parish and we always touch it as we pass by. I'll always think of you and think of your precious son now when we touch that relic.

  7. Beautiful name!!! So sorry you're still working, and I hope that your boss gets better soon. You need some baby time! :)

  8. I don't think I've congratulated you on your little miracle yet! Congrats...what a lucky little boy! And what a beautiful name!

  9. Love the name- perfect. AJ's middle name is Joseph and mine is Jo. I was born on St. Joseph's Day so I'm a little partial ;) Can't wait to hear more about him and your life as a new mom!!

  10. This is so awesome. He is a beautiful baby with a beautiful name!