Monday, August 22, 2011

JP II relics and an offer plus more pictures


I have not had time to update, but I have been praying for all of those still waiting and reading blogs during the few minutes that we have free.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, comments and encouragement in our journey and also for our baby boy.

I promise to write at length about the last days and all the signals from God. The response of our families and friends has been overwhelmingly positive and we have been surrounded by so much love that I have no words to describe it. We have had a stream of visitors and family and have had not a free minute in the last week with the adaptation of the baby to our family, legal proceedings and visits.

i am very bad at Blogger, but here are some more pictures of our little boy.

I have been receiving some questions over and over and I will try to answer here in a short version.

Adoption is closed in Mexico and complelty free. You only have to pay for legal fees that amount to some 2 K usd maximum and it because our agency is private. Adoption via the governement agencies is free. The birth mother cannot receive any money as well as our agency who survives from donations. The birth mother gave over her rights on August 15th to our agency (whose main purpose is to give safe haven to pregnant women in distress. 20 to 30% of them decide to give their babies up for adoption) and this is why we had the call that very same day so late. The agency decides to place the babies inmediately to the chosen families. They choose the families via prayer and an adoption committee, but prayer is the final decision factor really. In our case the birth mother canceled several court hearings and this is why the baby could not be placed before right after birth. We have heard from our agency that for her it was an extremely hard decision and it took her many weeks of prayer to reach it. I am always praying for her.

We currently have the guardianship of the baby and we just have to have proceed in the next weeks with some legal matters and a final presentation in front of a judge so we can have full rights over him. It might take from a couple of weeks to a month. The birth mother complelty signed her rights off on Monday of last week to our agency and the agency now has full rights over the baby. The risk of losing the baby is almost zero. He is with us since Tuesday morning and for all matters he is our son.

We still do not have a name. I know its ridiculous, but we were sure and then had doubts. We are down to 2 names: Alonso which is my husbands name and a name we both love and Josemaría, a very old Spanish name consisting of both Joseph and Mary, which in Spanish. My choice is Josemaria, but i also like Alonso and if my Dh wants it I am complelty OK with it, but now he has doubts. Please pray for us because we are running out of time to decide and also need to name the baby as soon as possible.

Now for the offer:

Tomorrow a dear friend has invited us for what is the best gift ever. The Vatican has loaned to Mexico first class relics of JPII (a vial of his blood) and the relics have started to tour the country. Well tomorrow my Dh and I have been invited to a private showing right in front of the Basilica of Guadalupe at the bishops commision by this dear friend. This is one in a lifetime opportunity for us and we will be going to give thanks for our baby and to ask for His intrcession for Napro Mexico and for all of those still waiting. I can take the intentions sent to me so please put them in the comments section. I am not sure if we will be able to go tomorrow to the Basilica, but we will also try to give Her thanks.


  1. Congratulations are you precious son! He is beautiful!
    My prayers are with you guys during this time.

    I would appreciate prayers for my husband and I as we try to build a family and for hope. Thank you!

  2. Why!?! Bath in the kitchen sink?!?! Great that grandpa chief gave him a baby one! My intentions are: NaPro for Latinamerica and... ...whatever God plans for our family. Kisses!!

  3. Love the pictures. Your son looks so precious.

  4. So happy for you! Your son is gorgeous - his eyes are so expressive. I can't wait to hear which name you choose, both are lovely and have wonderful sentiments behind them.

    What a wonderful opportunity to visit the relics, especially at such an amazing time in your life. Thank you for the offer, my intentions would be for my husband and I to conceive and to find peace with God's timing. Thank you!

  5. Hi,
    We are in the adoption process right now. For my intentions, could you pray for God to send us a little brother or sister (or maybe two) for our daughter? Also, can you tell me what agency you used. I had always heard that you had to be in Mexico for months, so it is nice to hear otherwise. Perhaps my dream of being able to adopt from Mexico will come true. Congratulations on your son, he looks so cute!

  6. Absolutely beautiful boy. I will be praying for his birth mother! Please, three intentions. One, for Grace in My Heart to get word about the birthmother and the baby she has been waiting to adopt, that she might be able to come and bring that baby home, if it is God's will. Two, for my sister Pauline, who has struggled with a chronic illness for over 20 years. And Three, for my mother-in-law, Carol, who has lung cancer and has stopped all treatment. She does not believe in God, as far as I know.

    Thank you!!!!

  7. First off-your son is so handsome...what a blessing!! That's so interesting about the whole adoption process in Mexico vs. U.S...

    Secondly, my heart skipped a beat when I read that y'all would be going to a private showing of JPII's relics husband and I have recently started asking for his intercessions in becoming pregnant (side note: our first born son will be his JPII's name sake). So if you wouldn't mind bringing out request that we are able to be healthy and conceive, that would be wonderful!

    I'm praying for you pretty mama, and your dh and your handsome son! I'm filled with joy for y'all. He's such a beautiful little miracle!!

  8. What a beautiful boy!

    Thank you for your prayers in front of JPII's relics. He has a very special place in my heart and I'm certain his intercession will help us build our family!

  9. Beautiful boy!! I just LOVE seeing the pictures! My intention is that our money issues will ease up making it possible for us to get on the list to adopt again! Thanks~!

  10. OMGosh, what great pictures, and I LOVE both of the names! I would lean more towards Josemaria myself, because just looking at his pictures, he seems to be a Josemaria ;) I'll pray for you on that end.

    Please bring my intentions to JPII's relics: that my husband and I will learn to be truly open to life and to love Christ more and more every day.

  11. Amazing opportunity! Please pray for a pregnancy for me if it is God's will.

    I love the pictures. :) And I love the names, either one is great!

  12. I am so glad you updated, your son is gorgeous.

    Please pray for Joseph, Matthew, and Mitchell and for my dh and I as we find ourselves caring for two teens who have had a rough life and our young son.

  13. He's so GORGEOUS!!! Just beautiful. I like both names very much and I think both suite him very well! How about combining the two, like Josemaria Alonso? You will find the right name for him. You can't go wrong!!!

  14. He is so handsome! His eyes are so expressive.

    I will pray for his birth mother.

    As for intentions, that God will direct me where he wants me to be and give me peace and support. And that someday I may be a mother. Also for my DH and his work.

  15. Such a handsome boy! And I too love both names; such a hard choice! :) For prayer intentions... so many on our side right now, so I won't list them out, but any prayers are appreciated! :)

  16. Gorgeous boy, I am so pleased for you and your family.

    Prayer Intentions: many but especially for my cousin who has just found out she is pregnant following a miscarriage. Please God may this pregnancy be fruitful.

    Thank you so much xxx

  17. I love the pics - please keep them coming!!!!!! What a beautiful boy! I think Josemaria is GREAT because it has a tie to a Mary and you got the call on a Marian feast day, but Alfonso is great as well and another wonderful saint.

    I would be so happy if you could bring my intentions of 1) continued safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery of Baby B 2) for Mr. B's job situation and 3) for my extended family as we grieve the death of my grandfather and some of the things that need to be resolved.

    God Bless you E and I can't wait to hear about the viewing of the relics - you my, what an AMAZING opportunity!

  18. Beautiful baby boy! Congrats!

    I am commenting from Ukraine where we are waiting for the court date to adopt our little 1 yo boy with special needs...he was just in the hospital with bronchitis for 10 days and is now back at the orphanage...

    please bring our prayer that the adoption of our little Henry is completed as quickly as possible so we can return to our 6 children at home and that Henry's medical conditions are treatable, that he gain more weight and strength (he is only 6kg at 1 year old!), and that will be able to walk some day!

    In Christ,

  19. Your little boy is SO cute! I agree ... he has gorgeous, deep, beautiful eyes. He'll make the ladies swoon someday. :)
    What a blessing to be able to view/venerate the relics of JPII! If you could, please pray for the growth of our family through birth or adoption.
    I love reading your details of your baby's adoption story & your updates ... so keep the pictures and story coming when you can!

  20. He is so cute! Love his eyes! I love the name Josemaria! Love it! I think I'm late for intentions, but if not, for a healthy baby and healthy pregnancy. Thanks!

  21. Primero, gracias a Dios para tu hijo! He is so beautiful, and you are blessed. My intention is to meet my spouse. Thank you.

  22. Please pray for my parish, St. Joseph in Martinsburg, West Virginia to have more love for Our Blessed Mother in our hearts. Thank you!