Thursday, August 25, 2011

JPII relics and an offer


Zenit just published the article announcing the coming of JPII relics to Mexico and giving some more information about them.

I am enclosing it here since it explains the great importance they have and the reason why the came to Mexico. I copied it below and here is the link:

As I had written here in the last days my DH, some friends, our son and I had the priviledge to go to a private showing of the relics at the bishops commision to give thanks for our son. There we prayed for (as well as in the Basilica of Guadalupe right in front of Her) for all the intentions sent to us and for all bloggers.

I was able to buy before this at the Basilica some stamps of JPII, the Virgin of Guadalupe and some rosarys. They were blessed by the promoter of the cause of St Juan Diego and the formost expert on our Lady of Guadalupe in the world and also at the relics by the bishops there. I passed them over JPII relics which is a custom in the Church so these objects can later be used for prayer.

I still have a few left that I specially bought for the bloggers that have been so key in our journey to become parents and in thanks for our son. I have some 20 so no problem if several people request one or for someone else, specially those who are sick. So far I have 6 requests. JPII is a special intercessor in sickness (IF is one example, but also cancer, etc) I can send them via mail if you send me you address. It might take some time from Mexico, but I would gladly do it.

Blessed John Paul II Relic Starts Mexico Tour

Faithful Asking Pontiff's Prayers for Peace

MEXICO CITY, AUG. 24, 2011 ( The only first class relic of Blessed John Paul II is beginning a five-month tour through Mexico, being welcomed with hope that the prayers of the Polish Pontiff can bring peace to the country plagued by drug violence.

The presence of the relic, which will be taken to all the dioceses of Mexico through the month of December, has aroused great expectation throughout the country.

Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, archbishop primate of Mexico, invited all the archdiocese's faithful to venerate the relic, which was brought from Rome and which will be in the Basilica of Guadalupe until Sunday, and in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico City from Sept. 5-8.

Cardinal Rivera Carrera noted the opportunity to solicit the mediation of Blessed John Paul II for the return of a climate of peace, fraternity and concord in Mexico.

Mexico is the first country to receive the relic -- a sample of blood -- the only existing first degree relic of the Pope, since John Paul II's body was placed in a sarcophagus immediately after his death, with no other relic taken from his body.

This relic of Blessed John Paul II, and the wax image which was made for this occasion, will go to 90 dioceses of the Mexican republic before the relic is returned to Vatican City.

"It is an honor for the primate archdiocese of Mexico to receive this relic, both because of its enormous spiritual significance as well as the great affection that John Paul II always had for our homeland," said Cardinal Rivera Carrera.

Blessed John Paul II visited Mexico on five occasions, the last to canonize Juan Diego, the visionary of the apparitions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531.


  1. I emailed you the other day after your other post. Did you get it? I would live one!!

  2. I will email you too ... I didn't want to ask for one if there were others interested.
    Thank you so much for this privilege!

  3. Okay, I'm going to be greedy and ask for another for my mother in law who has brain and liver cancer. It is incurable and she is simply doing maintenance therapy to buy time. Thank you again!

  4. I would love one also. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to do this. As I travel to Omaha for surgery #3 and #4, I will find comfort in knowing that such a special gift is waiting for me at home. God Bless your beautiful family!

  5. Thank you so much for this lovely offer! I emailed you my address the other day. Did you receive my email and address okay? I LOVE the Blessed Mother, her rosary, and Blessed Pope John Paul ll. I would be so thrilled to receive a rosary and anything else you might have touched to the relics! Thank you so much!

    You're in my thoughts and prayers!

    Maria N. in Mass.

  6. I sent an email request too, did you get my email? Thank you for this offer!! Blessings to your family.

  7. I would love one too! I'm going to send you and email! Thanks for the offer!

  8. I received the package today, my heart was just so thankful for your prayers and generous spirit! Blessings to your family! Wondering how you all are doing! Praying as always!