Thursday, October 27, 2011

St. Jude making appearences

My mother in law was born on October 28th, St. Jude`s feast day and due to this my DH family and him have a very big devotion to him.

Even his "black sheep" brother who says he is agnostic (we all laugh at this !) had me buy 2 stamps of St Jude: one for the room of his newborn son and one which he carries at all times in his wallet. A big secret, but one that shows how important he is to DH family.

St. Jude is extremely popular in Mexico and many churches will be packed tomorrow. One in particular receives thousands upon thousands of visitors around the 28th of each month and the streets around it colapse. Tomorrow maybe it will receive over 100 thousand visitors or more.

Still I did not now a lot about him for many years, nor felt particularily close. In my family the main devotions were to St. Anthony and the Sacred Heart and little was spoken about st. Jude.

But time and time again I have seen the many miracles he has performed and he is slowly becoming one of the saints that is most important to my new family with my DH.

Well in the last weeks for some reason St. Jude has been making his appearance in our lives, all approaching his feast day.

My father in law is very happy about this and my DH thinks his mother is sending signals. Maybe all of this sound crazy, but so many things at once and all related to him. I like to think of it as signals or little caresses from him and my mother in law.

The first one was the day before Josemaria`s baptism when we visited the church where he was going to be baptized and my DH had been mentioning that he was sad his mother had never met her grandson. That she would have loved him.

We had been discussing this the night before when I went the following morning into the church and right there surprisingly I see a statue of St. Jude.

This was a surprise since there are no statues in this church which was part of an Hacienda of the late 1800`s. Its a very plain church and this was the very first time I had seen it. The only other image there is the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Right there in the middle of the little church. Dressed in green stood St. Jude.

At the very same time the parish priest came in and I asked him why the statue was there and he said: " there was a wedding here last week and the couple brought the statue and then forgot it. I do not know why its still here and not in the rectory" He then began to take it back to backroom when I tell him to wait, if he could leave it until the next day. And he said yes, of course.

Had I not bee there at this very moment St. Jude would have disappeared.

And so St. Jude was present at the front of the church ., without us even planning it at my sons baptism. `

Later that same week my DH was eagerly awaiting the call of when he would start his first day of work. His first full time work after 2 years of waiting . A job that we think its a perfect fit for him. He waited and waited for the call. Then he got it, but the start date moved several times and it seemed it could be until middle November. He was growing discouraged.

He started to pray to ST. Jude.

And then a couple of days ago he get`s the final call for an urgent meeting. Could he start on Friday the 28th, St. Jude`s feast day? with much better conditions than expected?

Start on a Friday? why not wait until Monday or even better the 1st of the month? It seems there is a course that his boss wants him to attend as well as a crucial meeting and so everything moved to this Friday.

We took it as a sign. 2 years of waiting for a good job, one that would be a good fit for him and the start date is his mom`s birthday, St. Jude`s day?????

Then yesterday I receive a call. The call for the 4th interview from the amazing company. Classified as one of the top 5 in the world to work for, on in the league of Ap. ple. I have never ever been called for so many interviews for a job, nor asked for so much information. And I was not looking at all. They found my profile on linke.din.

Supposedly the call to let me know if the interviews would continue and how I had done was on Monday, but it never happened and I thought I was out of the race. The decision had been made.

Well on Wednesday they told me that they have very good news and they want me to talk to the head of Marketing for Latin America tomorrow October 28th for the final interview. If I pass this interview I am practically going to be offered the position.

A dream job from a professional perspective., ( Note: one I am not sure I could accept in the case I were selected now being the new mother of Josemaria. I would need the same conditions as my current job working from home, flexible hours, long vacation time, etc. which I have earned after 12 years with my European company and I am not sure they would give them to me for this position and this is absolutely a must for me now)

I have been hating my job for the last 3 years, but I wanted some stability in our IF battle and needed the insurance. Also in case we were to adopt. I know it will be incredibly hard to go back to work there in January, but at the same time this is the only option that has so many benefits for my family for the time being.

I have been thinking a lot about what to do. A few years ago I would have said yes inmediately to this new job, but now I am not sure and how to go about things if I were to be offered this.

One important aspect is that I need to work for the time being for financial reasons until DH job stabilizes and he reaches a point where he can fully support us, has full insurance, etc specially if we would like to adopt a couple of times more and for me to continue with my Napro treatment which is extremely expensive to do long distance.

I can quit and we can live for some time from our savings and his salary, but I know this would put at risk future adoptions.

This stability in his new job can take from a few months to a couple of years (I think a couple of years is most probable)

My practitioner practice is doing OK and I always have more requests than I can handle., but I have been giving a lot of my time for free to promote this and most of our money and the few hundred dollars I have earned has gone to trying to bring Napro here. So living from this for the time being is not an option.

So all of this has been running through my mind and I have spent several sleepless nights over it , but when I found that the final interview would take place tomorrow on St. Jude`s day I felt a lot of peace since I think he is interceeding over all of this also.

I am asking him to guide me in this job process and to let me know with no uncertain terms what is best for my family on the long term or that I can negotiate what is best for my family.

We are also asking him that finally my DH has found the right job for him and one where he can develop his many talents.

With so many signs I am sure St. Jude has been with us and he will right there interceeding for us as well as my mother in law.

On my son`s baptism, on my DH first day on his dream job and for the final interview for the most important job ever I have been offered.


  1. St Jude is such an amazing intercessor! He's definitely looking out for you!

  2. This is wonderful!! I am so grateful for the saints. St. Jude does a lot of work. :)

  3. Wow! St. Jude has been amazing.

    I'm so happy for your husband to start work because I sure know how it feels to be without a job.

    Would love to see more pictures of Josemaria.

  4. Wow! St. Jude has interceded immensely for your family! I have no doubt that he will guide you in the right job decision.
    I'll be praying as well!