Monday, June 18, 2012

Prayers and advice needed: UPDATED


Thanks for all the prayers.   They really lifted us up  in a very difficult day.  

She did the pregnancy test today at the hospital and it came out negative, still  the doctor here thinks she is not out of the woods yet due to her rising levels of progesterone  and has asked her to test again in a week since it might have been too early. The only other possibility is a lab mistake or the change in labs since it was Sunday and her usual one was closed.   Yet the doctor does not want to risk it.  

She put her on very high doses of vaginal progesterone to  help her in the case she were truly pregnant and from what I understand told her to  take it easy   for the next week until she has to test again.  

 I am very happy the doctor reacted so well and quickly really caring for the patient and possible baby, she is the only Napro doctor nearby and a real blessing.    Even if it seems too much , she is really being extra careful in case there was a life involved and this is the way it should be, but very few doctors even care. 

i will keep you all posted as we learn more.   It will be a difficult week I am sure for them.  

A very, very close family member was doing this month her complete month  Napro BW  series for IF.

 It took me 3 years to convince them to do it and they finally decided to start charting 3 months ago and this cycle they started with the testing.

   They had a devastating miscarriage more than a year ago and no pregnancies since.  Their suffering reminds me so much of mine and I see in their eyes how tired and anxious they are for answers.

Her charts tell us that the problem most probably is progesterone since she has in every single cycle premenstrual bleeding.  She also has problems with calcium and vitamin d which make her a candidate to osteoporosis.

Well the BW was going fine until last night, some low hormones that  we expected and her progesterone went up on P+7 as its normal on this day  to 14, but then it went slightly down on P+9 to 11 and we expected to see a big dip on P+11... but it did not happen.   Actually it went up to 18.    

When progesterone goes up in the luteal phase normally it means pregnancy.

A few days ago she reported to me some unsusual bleeding that I had seen only in pregnancy, but I did not want to ger her hopes up . They had used a couple of fertile days this cycle until the doctor told them not to continue  due to the possibility of a miscarriage. . 

Well   last night we went into emergency mode.

 They called me in panic knowing that the progesterone could mean pregnancy, yet as always  she had started her normal premenstrual bleeding on P+11.   Very,  very slight,  but there.

The panic was there.    She knew what this all could mean.

A possible baby and also the very high risk of miscarriage.

I called the doctor right away that ordered a blood pregnancy test today. In a few hours we will know.  She did not sleep.

If there is a baby its in grave danger of being miscarried.  A long awaited baby by them and my family.

This added to the fact that we do not have PIO progesterone in Mexico,  we only have artificial progesterone available and only very few natural options with very low levels, mostly to manage menopause.  And of course most of  Napro medicines are not available here, only the big commercial ones.

And the Napro doctor who is amazing , is brand new to Napro, and has never used any miscarriage protocols. She spent last night reading about her options.

  We will need a miracle in case there is a baby.

Any practical advice that we could give this amazing woman?  I know baby aspirin is one, as well as rest and a ton of water, but anything else?

Can you please please pray?

St. Gianna please help!
Virgin of Guadalupe please help!
Sacred Heart of Jesus please help!


  1. praying right now with tears in my eyes!

  2. Little JoAnn left these in the comments on my blog when we thought my friend was having a miscarriage early on:

    Prednisone 10-20 mg a day
    Progesterone 200 mg 2 times a day (vaginal) and 200 mg a day oral
    Keep feet elevated and lie on left side for
    1 hour at a time 3 times a day
    Calcium with Vitamin D
    Vitamin E

    Little Joan is an expert in this area ;)

  3. Any news? I was praying earlier for your friend and remembering that someone from PPVI told me to drink lots of water when I spotted early on in my pg with Joseph. Something about dehydration can happen quickly and cause weird contration type bleeding. Dr. Hilgers also had me lay in bed for the first few days.