Friday, June 1, 2012

For Greater Glory; updated

Today launches an amazing movie:  For Greater Glory

I wrote about it when it launched here in México here:  Go and see this

This is what wrote today: A highest recommendation

Do not miss this remarkable salute to the little known heroes of the Cristeros rebellion, an opportunity not only to educate your family about past religious persecution and the heroes who fought for religious liberty in Mexico, but a spellbinding experience to inspire your own reaction to similar threats in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
And Foxnews:

For Greater Glory” takes its cues from a bygone era of Technicolor Golden Age epics and delivers a sprawling political drama steeped in old-fashioned Hollywood romanticism. During the 1920s, Mexico was thrust into civil war when President Plutarco Calles (Rubén Blades) outlawed Catholicism, banned religious activity, confiscated all church property and exiled clergy. Priests and nuns that protested were arrested or publicly executed and hung on display from roadside posts. Rebel factions formed by schoolboys to farmers to artisans rose up and thus started the Cristero War. Andy Garcia gives an excellent performance as the legendary General Gorostieta, a militaristic mastermind hired to lead the directionless rebels against Calles. In pure movie fashion, one man becomes a symbol, uniting a country in its struggle for civil liberty and religious freedom. But Gorostieta’s story is an interesting one: He’s an atheist who joins the cause out of boredom – and a little prodding from his wife (Eva Longoria) -- but he quickly finds worth and value when he’s introduced to a young boy, José Luis Sanchez.
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Note:   José Luis Sánchez  has been  beatified by Pope Benedict Beatification of Mexican martyr

A film produced by a very famous Mexican  business man that had a conversion and promised to God to make great Catholic movies, movies with content and a heart.  We need to support these persons so we can continue to communicate The Truth!
In Mexico it was a smash and broke many records.

Its a movie that  talks about priests and lay persons giving up their lives for Christ at a time of vicious persecution. Where hundreds of persons, even thousands were murdered for their faith including many priests, children and nuns. Modern day saints and martys, a lot of them cannonized by JPII and BVI

I think a lot of Catholics in the USA should see it as your faith is being so attacked.

If this were not enough reason to see it you can get a glimpse of Eduardo Verastegui.  A Mexican actor that had a conversion also and that has dedicated this life to the Culture of Life and  is building  el manto de Guadalupe (the mantle of Guadalupe)  one of the largest crisis pregnancy centers in the USA  right in front of one of the biggest abortion mills in the country.

He is also  the producer and actor of Bella.   so if the story and supporting good movies are not reason enough, you can go and see a hunk!!!!!

If you can go and see it!!!


  1. It hasn't opened up here yet. I can't wait!

  2. I'm going this evening, I can't wait!

  3. The latest edition of the Knights of Columbus magazine features an article about this movie the producers and actors and someback ground.
    What a story. What martyrs!

    I would love to see this movie. ANd, would love it even more if I could see it in Mexico!

    Praying and thinking about you!!!

  4. Love E.V. and Bella! If its not in theaters (we don't live in the biggest city), I'll see it when it hits DVD ... I'm always excited to see a great movie!

  5. I saw the movie and am learning a bit about my own family history.