Thursday, September 6, 2012

Counting the blessings

I will not lie.

The next weeks (until end of October) will be very challenging professionally, so challenging that I have been sleeping badly and having a constant headache.  I have tried to do all kinds of things to worry less, but I know what is ahead.     Lets say the pace we will be asked to keep since the human resources for my team are still not in place is not healthy and I am preparing for the worst.  

In trying to prepare myself   for the weeks ahead in last days I have decided to count my blessings and slow down as much as I can so at least I can keep up with the the pace.

Looking at the bright side of things there are 3 things that stand out of the last weeks, which all are amazing, but when you are in the midst of running from one place to the other sometimes you fail to notice.

In order not to forget them I will write them there and put them also in a place where I can see them each day:

The top 3 unique  blessings  of the last days are:
  • Finished a new round of 21days antibiotics,  plus antifungal medicines given to me by Dr.  B from Ireland.  He considers this combination works much better than alone.   I think this greatly contributed to me feeling really bad the last weeks.  But guess what?  No more TEEBB!!!! I truly hope it stays away, but for now I will count it as a great,  great blessing. 
  • During this time of crisis at work DH has also  been a true blessing.  Taking extra good care of Josema, doing all the adoption paperwork, buying groceries (you can notice he has done the shopping as we have more than 9 varieties of granola, tons of different fruits fit for a family of 8, etc!) and doing a lot of the family errands.   Most of the time I do not have to  even ask him, he just goes and does it which is amazing.   He even does things I had completely forgotten and most of all he is the prayer warrior of our family.    And most errands he has done  many times better than I have been able in the last months!
  • A few weeks ago our adoption agency won a grant by my company that they had applied a long time ago for.  I reached out to my boss asking him for advice  for them  in implementing the grant and out of the blue he  offered to teach them the ins and outs of online marketing.  This way the agency could help more women in distress.  The agency leaders from both the local and national offices  (some 9 people including the founder) spent 4 hours in our offices a couple of days ago.  It was  inspiring, humbling, etc.   I could not believe it was taking place and saw this as  such a unique gift.   Having such an amazing boss is a blessing and being able to help women and babies through our work the most amazing thing ever.  I will never be able to repay our agency for  the enormous  gift is our son is, but if through my work I can I will more than gladly do it.   I have been asked to join their marketing and communications national committee and although I know its a lot to do now and probably will not be able to join all their meetings,  I also know that I am in a unique position to help them through what I am learning each day  and God will provide a way if he wants me to help.   

What are your blessings?


  1. Love this! My blessings today are Claire being extra good yesterday while I wasn't feeling well, and DH being extra helpful. Plus all of the people who are praying for Claire's upcoming surgery.

  2. Awesome :)

    My upcoming blessing is that someone close to you will soon be traveling up here to learn the u/s series - and I am so excited to be a part of NaPro growing in Mexico!!

  3. I love your blessings and your uplifting attitude, despite the upcoming stress in your life!
    My blessings continue to be my husband and son and the joy they bring to my life. And the cool fall weather (no more 100+ degree days!)