Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Please storm heavens for JBTC

Hi! Today at noon central time our dear JBTC will have a D&C.  We are uniting
in prayer for her, baby B, the doctor and
her family.  Since its at noon we will pray the Angelus.
Knowing full well from experience that a miscarriage and  all medical tests and procedures are so so difficult for any woman all prayers are welcome.
JBTC: we are holding u in prayer.
 St John the Baptist please pray for us,  Our Lady of Guadalupe guard your daughter and baby under your mantle!


  1. Praying so much right here in Minnesota for our dear friend.

  2. A Rosary offered for this brave and faithful marriage!

  3. Prayers to her and her family!

  4. Also in Minnesota praying! Dear Jesus, hold her and her family!

  5. Thank you my dear friend, thank you. I love you and am so grateful for your steadfast faith and your friendship.