Sunday, August 26, 2012

My private blog


As  I blogged about a few days ago I have a need to blog about some things that I do not feel comfortable sharing in such an open space.

I have decided to have this blog stay up with our adoption and infertility struggles and any post I feel can help or that I can share a wider audience.    I thank all of those that wrote to me publicly  and privately about wanting to follow and I have made my blog available to you.

  I also know that being one of the few members outside of the USA gives people tremendous hope and makes them  feel less alone so I am hesitant to go private entirely.

How long I will need, be able to do both I have no idea. .

In my private blog I will share the things I have been keeping for a long time now, part because I do not feel I can share with people that live in Mexico because with the details they will  know for sure who I am talking about, but also because its sharing other peoples struggles that have become my own and I do not feel that I can share in a more public  out of respect for them,  but with only a few people, all of whom are part of this community or longtime readers.  

 I hope people can understand this.

I have received many emails and comments and I truly feel that this community is  a God sent gift in my life. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you want to  follow write to me at  (Schatzie is my nickname form childhood which means little treasure in German.  Sew told me it was a dogs name and since then I always smile when I have to write it!)

The name of my private blog is:

My Peace be with you


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