Friday, August 3, 2012

Prayer warriors needed for baby and mother

I cannot even contain the tears.

 A dear client and friend of mine just received the most devastating news a woman can receive after years and years of IF.

 She is 20 weeks pregnant after 6 plus years of infertility. They were misdiagnosed for years, pushed countless times to do ivf  which she refused and last year they finally got pregnant to miscarry at 7 weeks after a lap in Omaha.

She trusted Napro completely from the very beinning with no system here,  nor any success cases she knew of.  Only that she felt it was the Truth.

 They went back to PPIV late last year  and had an ovarian wedge resection and got pregnant this March.

They were fearful,  but finally announced it to the world a few weeks ago. They are a couple that have long inspired me and in times of darkness have recharged me to keep working to help bring this here.
Today very early O receive an email from her. The baby has been diagnosed with a devastating birth defect. Its called bilateral renal agenesis.  This means the baby has no kidneys, there is low amniotic fluid and its lungs will not develop. He will  mostly die a few hours after birth.

They have been sent from doctor to doctor and the only doctor that has confirmed the diagnosis asked her to induce. This means abortion and she is refusing.

We are scrambling now to have a bioethicist look at the case, waiting for advice from dr H, calling all prolife doctors we know to have a second opinion. With such limited local resources this is three times worse.

There is no support system for cases like this and most doctors will push her to do the unthinkable.

Its at times like this that is so clear that we are so alone here and we need to continue to fight to bring this here.

We need all the  prayers we can get  for this baby (He is called Francisco after St. Francis of Assis and his father), for his brave mother fighting a horrible culture of death, that we find the help that we need for them.

Please if you can spare a prayer it is really needed at this time.


  1. I will be starting a novena tomorrow, I will now say it for her and this child.

  2. praying right now. this is sending chills down my spine.

  3. Praying now. I will include Francisco in my intentions when I start my novena to St. Maximillan Kolbe on Sunday.
    This is terrible! I will keep them in my prayers.

  4. Praying. My heart goes out to this mother (and father).

  5. Heartbreaking! Praying for that family!!

  6. Praying! I'm starting a novena to St Rita on Monday and I will ask for her intercession!

  7. Praying! Please connect her with Be Not Afriad- the Catholic support ministry for parents carrying to term with poor prenatal diagnosis. Online at

    I have been there and lost a baby to stillbirth after years of infertility treatments. It is terrible. Please know of our prayers.

  8. Just reading this now. Praying! I am so sorry.

  9. I am praying for Francisco and his parents!!!