Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The gift from Mary

One year ago today our lives changed forever.

We became parents the day of the Assumption.  What a joyous occasion!

My DH had and I had gotten engaged 5 years before on a night of Adoration   starting the 15th of August that ended the next day.

 My DH gave me the engagement ring in front of the Blessed Sacrament and we prayed together as an engaged couple that night for the very first time.  We celebrated with a contemplative convent that was praying also there and had the blessing by the priest that later married us consecrating us to Her.

I like to think that our family was founded under Her mantle.

We could have  never imagined the road it would take us to become parents, but I do not regret it one little bit.  We did all according to our what our faith told us to do  and we did all in our hands to be parents.

Maybe the only thing I would do differently is open my  heart to adoption much sooner.

All I can say is that I love this little boy with all my heart and soul.

Many times I forget I did not give birth to him and I cannot imagine a more perfect son.

He is perfect in every sense and I really feel adoption has many unique gifts and blessings like no other vocation.

Here is he on the 16th of August 2011,  the day we met him.

And tomorrow  16th of August of  2012 we start the proceedings for our second adoption.

Tomorrow of all days our agency called a meeting for all parents starting second adoptions.  We will go to the exact place where he lived the first 3 months of his life to start the road to another abby and celebrate one year later that we met him that very same day.

I hope that I do not cry tomorrow when we go there.

So many signs of Her presence in our lives and this is why he is called José María.

I am sure all of this is a gift from Her, specially due to my DH strong faith..

A man that can pray like no other with a very,  very deep devotion to the Rosary.   A Carmelite  with profund prayer that reaches out to Mary truly like a Mother.

There is no way all of this is a coincidence.

Here is he on the day of his baptism:   Our gift from Mary

If anybody is considering adoption and can do it (I am well aware that not everybody can and my heart  breaks and I always pray for you)  please consider that Mary will be by your side.

She is our Mother and wants nothing more than see children with the families God always intended for them

 There is no more beautiful gift than adoption.


  1. As a child who was adopted, I will say: I concur! Adoption is awesome. Such a wonderful reflection my dear. You are such an amazing witness and I love that what you wrote here.

  2. Congratulations for this anniversary, celebrating with a new process to a new delivery! Beautiful! Adoption is just a circumstance of a birth to life. Your son is such a blessing! And you both are the most plentiful blessing in his life also. Praying praying praying for you. B

  3. Congratulations on this Anniversary! And for starting the proceedings for adoption #2! I will pray and ask for Mary's intercession in growing your family.
    I wish I had opened my heart to adoption much sooner, too. :-)

  4. This post brings tears to my eyes. So beautiful!! Praise God for these wonderful gifts, especially the gift of the Blessed Mother.

  5. The Assumption is an extremely meaningful day for us, too. Except... It's all pretty horrific things, always that happen to us during the days of our Consecration to Mary. Perhaps some day I can share, but it's interesting how God works so very differently in lives through these holy feasts...

  6. Beautiful post, beautiful baby. Do you have any updated pictures of Josemaria?

  7. What a wonderful day to celebrate!!!!

  8. What a great post! He is getting so big and is darling!
    (We got engaged in adoration as well.)