Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayers needed for Mexico and Brazil

There is so much to write about the last weeks.   I actually wrote a long post about my lack of hope about many things,  one of them Napro here.

Well God showed me today that its His project and He will open the doors when he sees fit. As he has done countless times, but I seem always to forget.

The story is that a  small group of amazing women from Mexico had been thinking for some time to go to Omaha to become practitioners, yet all of them lacked the funds.  Amazing, amazing women.  

One an entrpeneur and  a  top student  in Mexico with a honors degree from a top MBA,  another a youth leader for Latin America that has defended life in front of the UN, then a mother of four that specializes in family counseling.

Really the cream of the crop in all aspects.

Well,  all willing and able to go, but no money.    Hands that are urgently needed here.    

The bishop  that has been our main help here had a meeting some days ago with a donor that had offered to help us, but the meeting was canceled last minute.   Once again.

We have planned for this meeting many times during the last year and it always is moved or canceled.   And again we had hope and it faded.

There was no way we could get money fast and with so much work at the office and my son I could not focus on this as I normally could have.

On Sunday, Father Pio´s feast day, for some reason I decided to write last minute to a woman that the bishop had introduced  us to  many months ago.  

A mother of 5 that in silence has backed up many,  many pro-life causes.    When I presented Napro to her she go the from the get go and has always been interested.   Actually loved it.

I somehow remembered she has a deep devotion to him  (even naming her last son Pio)  and decided to put it in his hands.  I actually asked him to deliver the message to her and open her heart to Napro.

Well she always answers very fast  so I grew discouraged when I did not hear from her Monday, nor Tuesday.  And time was running out.   Yesterday PPVI actually wrote that if the practitioners did not confirm yesterday they would give their spaces to others.  

Well today while I was in a meeting I see her name in my inbox.  She wants to meet Wednesday and discuss how to bring Napro here.  I am almost sure she will help, at least in part.  If we can only get them to the first part, then we can look for the rest of the money somehow.

But Wednesday it too late.  The course starts Saturday of next week.  

But it does not stop here.   I have a client in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that I have blogged about HERE.

A medical doctor who is one of the most amazing women I have ever met

We have a follow up tonight after not hearing from her for many,  many months and she tells me she wants to go to become a practitioner,   she feels this yearning, but they did not accept her as one since this years class is packed,  but told her that she could go as a doctor.

Since she is an eye doctor she had never considered this, but somehow sees this as a sign and she decided to go.   She actually got vacations from her medical practice.

But again no money. Zero.

The  recently  faced an adoption that went wrong and ended up spending all their money on lawyers. Yet she feels this yearning.

Well she had been praying a novena to Father Pio that ended Sunday.   The same day I sent the email.

She had asked Fr. Pio for a sign.   And then I tell her the story of my prayer also Sunday and then I receive another mail from the donor telling me to move up the meeting to this Monday.


And  so we agree  we  will ask this donor Monday also for money for her.  The doctor wants to  bring Napro to Brazil and I am sure the donor will be interested in this

The country with the largest Catholic population in the world. And zero moral options  in cases of IF.

Please,  please we need all the prayers we can get.

So Omaha still accepts all of them  and that we get the funds Monday.   Five days before the start of the course.   Its truly and totally crazy,  but  4 amazing women are willing to do it.

I think Fr. Pio wants to help and who am I to tell him no?   =)

Padre Pio Please help!
Lady of Guadalupe, please pray.
Our Lady of Aparecida from Brazil,  please pray.


  1. Praying for funds for these amazing women! And For St. Pio to provide a miracle!

  2. :) Your account is so inspiring, God's timing is imminent, count with my prayers.

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