Monday, October 1, 2012

Answered prayers and one very, very happy day

We just received  the most  amazing news,  a dream of mine for years and years .. and no I am not pregnant, nor are we having a second child via adoption.

But I feel another baby has been born today.   One from the heart.

Today day of St Therese of Lisieux  we got the support of an amazing woman who wants to bring Napro here.

Funds that we have needed for years and years, but in addition we have her prayers and emotional support.  A person that is fully committed to this.  Fully.

Right when I was about to quit for good.   I imagine God laughing now!

Several amazing persons now will be able to travel in a few days to  PPVI to become practitioners  (we just  need to have them accept them as they are full now and we are very very late)   so please the prayers coming!  And a doctor from Brasil will be able to go!!!! Brasil the country with the largest Catholic population in the world.     I cannot believe it!!

but not only this. ....   we got the  money to produce brochures, internet sites and all the client materials in Spanish. My dream for the last almost 4 years  has come true.  

The need  for this is huge.   Hispanics in the USA, people in Latin America and Spain that for years have had only  had materials with mistakes in language and form.   A  mess.

But now they will be able to have materials in correct Spanish for the very first time! With nice branding ( a pet peeve of mine!). with great content etc

I am now sitting in a restaurant with my friend B.  almost crying tears of joy.    In utter shock.

We need now to call the amazing bishop here and PPVI and begin to work like crazy to bring these people to Omaha and begin all the work for the materials.

I cannot believe it!!!  Napro will  now truly come to the land of Guadalupe and a lot has to do with this blogging community!!!



  1. Thankyou Teresita! Thankyou Saint Pio! We needed so much this!!

  2. Amazing news, rejoicing with you!

  3. Wow!!! Is Dra Karen back yet, to hear this news?!

  4. Wonderful! Continued prayers for God's work to be done and for these new practitioner interns! God is so good!

  5. WONDERFUL!! Thank you St Therese!

  6. Que bendicion! Sigue contando con las oraciones. Dios bendiga esta labor! Te mando carinos.