Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Down, need to wait another year

I have been trying to keep my spirits up, but some news yesterday brought me down, really down.

Yesterday I got the news that we will not have a Napro doctor here for another full year. This was completly unexpected and it really made me question if this idea of bringing Napro here is a crazy pursuit.

I need to be patient, but i am very bad at it. It will be in God´s time, but in the meantime?

Mexico has now: 3 practitioners in training (another one in stand still due to her pregnancy) and no doctors. This is the status to this day for Catholic IF patients in a country that has a population of over 90 million Catholics.

One of the largest Catholic nations in the world. The country where Our Lady of Guadalupe chose to give her message.

It has been one set back after another for 1.5 years now. My confessor tells me its completly normal as this is a fight against the culture of death, but on a human level its so very hard. To be patient. To hope that one day we can have this option here.

A couple of doctors have promised to help in the meantime, but translating everything, working long distance with PPVI, convincing people to do this instead of IVF without the support of doctors its incredibly difficult.

Mexico is 90% Catholic (more than a 90 million!) and we will not have Napro for another year. It will be 2.5 full years until we have one doctor and its not even sure.

About a year and a half ago we started to try to convince doctors to go and study. We did not invite many as it was extremely important to really get the very best in the beginning.

Out of the 5 we discussed this with one stood out and this same one decided to do it. We were so very happy, we even went to the Basilica to give thanks. the other 4 did not have the time or money to do it. We took it as a sign that they were not ready.

A year ago we had been recommended an amazing, young, very bright doctor and we tried to convince him for a few months to go to PPVI to study. He was in another city and one of my clients and later future practitioner intern even went to his office and sat outside until he would receive her. I am still amazed at her guts.

After an intense prayer campaign he decided to go and study and he was for many months our only hope. He attended training in October and was extremely happy and I started to send him patients. He later asked me not to do it until he fully graduated so he had all the knowledge needed to treat them fully using Napro.

It was a set back, but I held hope that in April we would have the very first doctor. I had a waiting list to meet him of over 10 patients willing to travel to see him.

Well..... due to personal issues and his own doctoral degree (he is doing his doctorate at the same time) he has decided to postpone everything.

So he will not be certified in Napro this year, but we have to wait another full year.

I can fully understand his reasons, still its not easy to work my head around that we will not have a doctor to help anytime soon.

He will go back in October and restart his Napro training. This means that only until April 2012 we will have a Napro doctor here if all goes well.

And I cannot feel but very sad as I read more and more advertisments on IVF. When I see good Catholic people with no information doing ICSI or doing donor IUI´s, etc.

When basically nobody knows there is an option. A very successful one.

This in the country of our Lady of Guadalupe.

Mexico is changing rapidly and the Church is not keeping up.

Abortion has become legal since April 2007 via US and UN moneys and only in Mexico city over 3000 abortions have taken place legally in governement hospitals. Plus 18,000 just at one of the clinics since the legalization.

Most states have insured that their consititutions have legal recourses to defend life, yet some have given way to abortion laws in the last months. Its so very sad to see.

Alongside abortion is IVF. Both have grown a thousand times since the legalization. Once you let evil in it will be so very hard to close the doord.

IVF is rampant and not only among the rich as it was a few years ago. Now it has gone mainstream.

If abortion is legal what excuse is there to say no to IVF? they are sides to the same coin.

Just in my adoption group, all faithfull Catholics, most have done IUI and about half IVF. "hey its not a life. Its an embryo".... =(

None had heard about other options, most did not know the Church´s position and most have been incredibly hurt spiritually, emotionally and pysically due to IVF.

And we will not have napro here for another year. Yikes.

Our Lady of Guadalupe we need your help. Please.


  1. Ugh! How frustrating on so many levels. I guess that means you have a great opportunity to continue to teach about your church's stance on IVF and continue to promoto NaPro. Prayers for the people of Mexico.

  2. I understand your frustration and I will keep praying!! Do not lose heart...the work you are doing is so crucial!

  3. Awe sweet one I hate to hear this. What a let down! Us Napro fighters sometimes feel as if we are fighting and up hill battle. It's so hard in this IVF world to fight for what is truly right. Hang in there. You are doing God's work. Our Lady is working through you in ways you might not see but that are beneficial! Look at how far you have come. Don't let this setback bring you too down:) Hugs

  4. ;( I know it doesn't seem to make sense...somehow this is in God's hands, God's timing.

  5. I am so sorry. I pray more doctors will be able to train.

  6. I'm, sorry E- so much good that can be done and God is making all of Mexico wait! He must have BIG plans when the time is right!

  7. So sorry. We need to fight this culture of death. Even in a Catholic country!! Prayers for Mexico.

  8. You are like a light of hope in a lot of darkness.... Soon the light will spread like a flame! Hope is what we have in all of this!

  9. I could not believe this when I read your post! Gosh is the dang devil working OT in Mexico! I agree with the ladies, in Gods time..and you are such an inspiration~ You are/will be bearing many fruits from all your work! God Bless You.