Friday, March 25, 2011

Why can´t my life be boring?

One thing that mother has always said that her eldest daughter´s life is never boring and she is so right: I seem to always get involved in many things at once and even in things I do not know I am involved..

I spend several weeks in balance, where things are normal and then PUFF! all explodes at once.

Go figure =)

Only until today I am able to write about the second of my last weeks pilgrimages and all that has happned since. So many things I cannot even wrap my head around them

The 2 pilgrimages last week were amazing in more ways than one. I feel so very blessed.

The second unplanned one was beyond incredible.

The stay at the hacienda. Stunning. No other words can describe this.

Beautiful to the point of breathtaking, filled with history (built in the 1670´s), peaceful, full of friendly, real people.

The basilica of San Juan de los Lagos. The devotion I saw was something that left me speechless. I come from a very Catholic country, very expresive and I can say I have never seen something like this. Packed with people traveling hundreds of miles by bycicle, by foot, to pay homage to this Virgin. I was so moved. Their faith made my faith seem like nothing in comparison. They realy inspired me.

I was able to put mass intentions for all bloggers and the ones that sent me special ones right in front of Her. Again I was so moved to be part of a universal church.

The only thing comparable to the faith I saw there have have been the World Youth days I have been (Denver and Cologne) to or Feast days in the Basilica of Guadalupe. Nothing else has come close.

My DH granfather came from a city nearby and we decided to visit it to honor him and also since we knew it was beautiful. Right in the middle of cristero area (the area where tons of martirs came from during the religious persecution) the area of the country with the most saints, vocations, the works.

Well. We went to the main church in the birth city of my DH grandpa and we were lucky to find a Sunday mass right when we were going in. Also amazing, moving. The church packed to capacity, more than 700 persons and this was only one of the many, many masses a day. wow. Filled with families, children, young men, etc. Gave me so much hope.

then after the mass. there was a blessing with the Blessed sacrament and then a group that does Eucharistic adoration took a cloth and coverded the Blessed Sacrament and the priest as they went up and down the main area of the church. I do not know how this is called in English, but it was out of this world. I felt so priviledged to be there. People kneeling down, praying, incense.

Then something happened that made my day even more. My DH boss, a numerary from the Opus dei, had told my DH to pray to a Mexican saint that we did not know in order to find work. A martir. Saint Toribio Romo.

A very young priest that had died martired for his faith in this area during the worst days of the religious persecution. We had not idea who he was and had almost forgoten about him when in the back part of the church we find a very large photograph of him and his name. He is worshiped right in this church. In my DH grandfathers church. Afterwards we found his image everywhere. Everywhere.

Wow. This was his Church and region where he is very much admired and we had no idea. GOD INCIDENCES again!

And he is the saint for work and migrant workers. So we have started to pray to him and my DH grandfather for my DH´s job. My DH has begun carrying his picture together with a stamp for ST. Joseph to be a good husband and worker with him everywhere.

Then later on Monday we came back then to reality after what was a slice of heaven.

To say that this week has been crazy is to lie. It has been more than this.

At my job my boss has asked me to take even more responsabilities since a few persons from the team will be leaving and one of the remaining members is not doing well.

My boss is in panic about an upcoming event in Rio de Janeiro that my team is organizing and his stress is being passed to all of us. HE calls me at all times of the day, cancels appointments, etc. He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown and I can only watch. I have to try to calm him down several times a day.

Then in the middle of this I am offered my very same position, but in the USA with my company. Right out of the blue. With a very good chance to get it if I want it.

To move to the USA ASAP.

I have no idea what this means for my family, my adoption process, etc. Its so very much to ponder. Everybody tells me to apply and that I cannot lose a thing.

If I get it and then cancel it for personal reasons then at least my work will be seen in global which can be very good in the long term. Yet I feel so uneasy. It comes at a terrible personal time, with our adoption and TTC process, plus Napro here.

My boss almost died when he found out that I was being called for this. So his stress increased 10 fold and you can only imagine what this is doing to all of us.

Then at the very, very same time I get some 20 different letters regarding in Me.xico the very same week. Some asking for help from several cities here, some willing to help and some that worried me very, very much.

I cannot go into detail, but several investors are interested in building a clinic here. Which would be THE most amazing news ever, BUT several people and me have found out not very good things to put it mildly about them from very reliable people.

They are seeing the enourmous potential for this here which I agree with them is amazing, but their intentions are not virtous and could greatly damage everything here. .

I discussed this with my priest who knows them and several high ranking officials of the Church and CAtholic associations.

All have told me I must do something, BUT I feel this incredible burden in my heart from seeing this and I do not know how to go about it.

Is it really my responsability? how should I manage this? We are now certain that this would damage everything. Its not a rumor and it greatly saddens me.

At the same time I was told by a very holy priest: When the Bad is around very, very clearly it means that the work you are doing is very, very good. Its in direct correlation. Wow! I truly hate it!

Please can you pray for light? and strenght?

And this in addition that this is our very first TTC cycle again after my miscarriage.

And that adoption agency is planning tons of activities in the coming weeks, plus they asked me to help them with a talk in the middle of next week.

And did I mention that this Saturday we have: one birthday party , 2 weddings, 2 baby showers and a family reunion?

Of course we canceled most things,. but my DH is very close friends to the 2 grooms in the weddings and decided that we needed to go to both on the very same day.

Since he never ever asks for anything with such force I decided to accept even if I know this is crazy.

The weddings are in different cities!! and with very, very different wedding attire!!.

The first one in another Hacienda in a very warm city 2 hours away from Mexico city, quite informal, at 11:30 a.m tomorrow so we leave in a few hours to get to the hotel and spend the afternoon with the groom and then tomorrow in the afternoon around 5 p.m we come back so we can get to the other wedding which is at 7:30 p.m. Black tie. At the Four Sea.sons. Extremely elegant.

I think I will have to get dressed for this second one in a gas station.

Really this week has been crazy.


  1. Oh my goodness, I got tired just reading that!! I am praying for guidance for much is going on around you but I know it means God has amazing things planned.

  2. Wow! It's true, your life is anything but boring! God really moves you around!

    I will pray for the many many decisions that are placed in front of you and for God's will to be fulfilled.

    And I'll pray for you as you change into formal attire at a gas station! Too funny!

  3. You are SO busy!!

    This was my favorite part: "When the Bad is around very, very clearly it means that the work you are doing is very, very good." I have witnessed this so many times in life!! Keep up the good work!!

  4. WOW. This is an action packed post! First, thanks for the prayer intentions! You are so sweet. I guess the only thing to do is pray, pray, pray and try to stay as calm as possible to hear His guidance (in between the dress changes at the gas stations).

    PS-Move to Philadelphia!!!

  5. Oh my goodness-your plate is most definitely full! I'll be praying for you, specifically that God will lead you exactly where you need to be.

  6. No- you have to move to Chicago- sorry Rose!!! :)

    I hope you have a GREAT time tomorrow!!! All this is keeping you young! Just think of it that way (that may not have helped-sorry!)

    Praying for you dear one!