Monday, December 17, 2012

Healing questions

I have a million posts on my mind. On adoption, Advent (which is huge in my part German family), on IF, on conversion, but today I want to ask for advice on an seemingly  non important topic.


Yep, but not only to lose weight, but to feel better, to be a better mother, etc and if God wills improve my fertility (I got pregnant the month I had been on a perfect diet and felt amazing).

In Chinese medicine you cannot get your fertility back on track or your health in general if your do not heal from the gut.  Great digestion is the basis for health and after all my poor digestive system has been through I need to give it the attention it so badly needs.

It has been a lot on my mind  each day for the last 2 months where I have felt so bad  and the doctors have confirmed I need to heal it.   Amobeas, candida, inflammation, low sugar, etc

I eat pretty healthy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

Normally for breakfast is a protein shake with some almonds and fruit and a bunch of greens  (its much better than it sounds).

Then problem starts.

I also drink a few minutes afterwards either coffee with a horrible creamer or an energy drink with vitamins.  I need it to wake up.

I later arrive at the office.

During the morning I do really well.  Eat some almonds, drink green tea and tons of water.

Then lunch I have a huge salad bar to eat from and I fill up a plate with salad and some nuts, there is always soup which I eat almost every day (when its not cream based), then some vegetables and some protein such as beef or chicken or shrimp.   (I cannot stomach the white fish they also serve). In Mexico lunch is the main meal of the day and I make the most of it.  There is many times cheese in the salad or in some of the vegetarian dishes and while most of the time I can stay away there are times I cannot resist.

Then I need to have my coffee with creamer.

and more trouble starts.

My office is filled with candy.  FILLED!  they also have many healthy options,  but temptation is always  there.  There is even a refigerator filled with Hagen Dazs ice cream.

While I can stay away from the ice cream with ease and I only have dessert once a week I need some sugar in the afternoon.  So I tend to go to the candy corner and have some candy and while I am getting better at having each day less and less its still not in control.  

Then I leave to get home and there I normally have for dinner some beans with chile, a tortilla with some  mushrooms or whatever was for lunch.  Mostly home cooked vegetarian Mexican food.

Well it has been working so far in terms that my energy is better, but I need to get off the coffee,  the creamer, the energy drink, the sugar in the afternoon and also manage my portions so I can lose weight.

Well last week the doctor ordered for me to take medicine for my amobeas and I felt instantly better (after 2 days where I felt like dying) and slowly I have been feeling better with also the candida medications, both of which I truly needed.   The functional medicine doctor also ordered for me to stay away from milk, the creamer, any wheat or gluten and told me to go on a healing journey for my gut.  

And to lose 8 kilos (about 16 pounds!)  Arghhh!

So I am open to any sites, books, diets you  can recommend to heal my gut and also as a added value lose weight.


  1. I am coming back to re-visit this post tomorrow... want to read it more thoroughly and give you some real suggestions based on your symptoms.

  2. TCIE taught me most of my eating for PCOS... but something my husband and I started was tracking what we eat on an app called myfitnesspal. It has helped us take a realistic look at what we eat. There is a lot more conviction in logging food we should not eat. This app is great. It takes all your goals and helps you follow them. DH lost almost 10lbs after a few weeks. For me I don't need to lose any weight but I need to keep control of my sweet tooth. I will eat less temptations if I have to log it.

  3. Hi! I wandered over here from Brenda L's blog, as healing the gut is on my brain a lot these days. I have a boy with autism who is eating foods on the GAPS diet. It stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome, and the major focus is on healing and sealing the gut. It's not an easy diet, but I can say that it is possible! I am a homeschooling mom of four young, busy boys, and I've been able to keep our boy with autism on this diet for 4.5 months now. Learn more at I don't know if this is for you or not, but when I read your words, "heal the gut," I knew I had to comment. Prayers for you!

  4. PS I even have a recipe for making your own coffee creamer that is really tasty and good for you! (Pumpkin spice - it has pumpkin (I use babyfood sqaush), eggs, coconut oil and pumpkin pie spice).

  5. Praying for you as you embark on your new diet. It'll be tough, but so worth it!

  6. The Candida Cleanse by Ann Boroch is a book you can get on She is my naturopath and has helped me greatly, I would love to tell you more about it but there is too much to type out. Long story short she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her 20s and healed herself through natural medicine. She also believes that everyone's gut needs to be healed before they TTC. She has treated me for hypoglycemia amongst other things and now I am not having bad hypoglycemic reactions. I think she takes long distance clients too but it is pricey. You could get the book and do it on your own. My friend has the book maybe I could ask her if you could borrow it? I could mail it to you, let me know if you want to borrow it. The detox phase is tough at first but after 2weeks you start to feel better and it was so worth it for me to do it. Warning: she will take corn away for the detox phase especially if you have hypoglycemia. She is big on staying away from GMOs and corn is a huge GMO food plus it turns into sugar in your body. She is also not a fan of antibiotics because they make the gut problem worse, I know some of NaPros protocols call for antibiotics so it hard to stay away from them. I will pray for you as you figure out how to best heal your body!

  7. Diet is so very hard to control ... unless you have a personal chef. :-D An office full of candy would be very hard to resist! I have a sweet tooth myself.
    I have tried to start eating the Paleo meal plan (I'm not sure that that heals the gut, but it limits sugar, red meat & you eat good veggies (not corn, potatoes or peas)). I have made a few meals on it and it isn't bad ... it is just hard around the holidays with all the sweets out ... and the meals with family.
    I will pray for you with finding out & implementing the best diet for your body!