Monday, December 3, 2012

A vist to our son´s past

Today JM visited the nursery where he lived the first months of his life. It was an amazing experience.

As part of our second adoption process we had an interview with our agency founder that included both my DH and I and also bringing JM so she could see us interact.

As we entered the building some of the office workers got up to say hi and tell us how happy they were to see him again.  It was such an amazing welcome.  My mothers heart just melted.

I know they have hosted hundreds of babies, yet somehow I felt JM was special for them.

Then we went into the office of the director and she mentioned how handsome our son was and started playing with him.  I was beaming.  This was the woman that  during prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament had made the final decision that  he was our son.

But what almost got me to tears was a vist to the nursery.

Outside her office is a big patio and on one side of the patio is a huge window overlooking the nursery.   It was filled with babies, maybe some 15 most very tiny just born or at the most 3 months of age.

Due to the time of day  I was able to see the nursery in full working more.   I held JM in my arms  so he could look in and to see if he recognized it.  This is an important part of his history and I want him to we a aware of it.

This is where he lived the first 3 months and 3 weeks of his life.  He was born at a highly specialized  women´s hospital in Mexico City and then transferred to our agency nursery during the wait period until his parental rights were finalized.  In his case it took somewhat longer than normal since it was a very difficult decision for his biological mother  and she canceled the final hearings several times.

The nursery is beautiful, full of light,  with classical music playing on the background,  very modern, with a play area,  a kitchen, etc.  Truly state of the art, yet homey.

JM was signaling and smiling  looking through the window when a woman came to say hi.  She recognized him and was blowing him kisses and telling him sweet words in Spanish.

 She was one of the volunteers that comes every morning to hold the waiting babies in her arms, rock them to sleep, play  and sing to  them and in general offer the love these babies need.

An amazing woman that loved my son for these months while he waited.  

There are several nurses each turn, but our agency is very famous for these women that volunteer most part of the day in doing the more motherly things.    Such a crucial thing for these babies while they wait.

Then another woman, now a  nurse,  comes to the window and looks lovingly at JM.  She also recognizes him and cannot keep her eyes from him.  She is also very excited to see him.

We knew he had been a favorite there, but this blows my mind. More than a year later and they still remember him and I see the love they had for him in their eyes.

They held him when he was crying, rocked him to sleep, kissed him good night, and so many other things mothers do.

Later we see the mom in the hall and she tells us how wonderful its for her  to see him again. That she loved him so very,  very much.    I see her love for him so clearly.

I have no words, how can I say what this means to me, his mother, that did not get to hold him these very precious months?  When he came to us we could see clearly how loved and well taken care he had been.  Our pediatrician even said that he could not believe how healthy and social  he was.

How can every repay these amazing women that come to hold and take care of  babies that they know so badly need it  and then give them to their forever families without even meeting them, without even a word of thanks?

This is true love.   Whoever said the prolife movement does not care about what happens to the  women and babies has no idea of what its truly like.  No idea.

I am forever thankful to these saints on earth.  There is no way to repay them,  no way.


  1. God bless all those wonderful women that took care of JM and all of the babies waiting for adoption!!!!

  2. I think it would be a privilege to hold and rock these babies as a volunteer.

  3. This brings me to tears! What wonderful women! And what a very special trip!
    As Lena said, it would be a privilege to be able to volunteer at a nursery like this.