Friday, December 7, 2012

So so tired of IF....and doctors

Today I am fed up.  Completely and absolutely tired of IF, doctors and medical exams, having to battle the medical establishment, not having Napro here,  etc.

Its been a long 5 years of battles trying to be true to my faith while curing my body and they seem not to be over.

Dead tired.

Today I went to the hospital to get the results of my annual medical exam.

Since I had been under the care of Dr H and my local gynecologist I had not done one in years.  Still  I had not been feeling myself for a while and decided it was time to do it and my local doctor had recommended one a few months ago.   I was sleeping well, eating healthy, yet could not shake the feeling that something was off.

This exam part of the compensation of my company and they offer a full medical exam a year at a top hospital  to every employee.  So last week I went since I had not done one in at least 5 years and during one full morning was checked for everything imaginable:  X-rays, U/S, blood work, urine and stool samples, mamography,  pap,   nutrition, heart rates, etc.   It was intensive to say they least since it was 7 hours of tests.   I wanted to do it since I  want to be as healthy as possible for JM.

After 1 week they make you come back to receive the analysis by the doctors and with their recommendations.  

So I went today.  I had a feeling I would not receive good news since they had sent my preliminary progesterone exam which was on p+8 40 and the only time it was this high was when I was pregnant.  

Plus I had been feeling off for several weeks, tired, without energy, with very bad digestion.  

 While I did not expect to be pregnant (after 5 year you learn) it was a rollercoaster  5 days until AF arrived and  also my cramps were bad for many days, something that I had not had in many months.

Well the results are:

  1.  Hypoglycemia for which the doctor recommended going to the endocrinologist.  I have a history of low sugar and low blood pressure, but its seems to have increased in the intensity.   He also said it could be that I had not eaten for the tests.  So.... what to do now? He said I could try to cure it via eating often for the next month and seeing what happens. Maybe this will be the route I will take. 
  2. Amoebas in the stool sample for which they recommend medicines (they could also be the cause of my tiredness of the last month).  They need to be treated since amobeas can cause all kinds of bad things.  And the medicines to treat them are nasty. 
  3. Then my liver has some very  high proteins which are a result of years of medicines so they recommendation was to take as little medicines as possible, but then he told me to treat  the amobeas with medicines?????  I told him it did not make sense and he said, well you cannot leave amobeas in your gut like this and  its  better  to harm your liver??????.
  4. Then high percentage of fat vs muscle and while my BMI is normal, this is not healthy as well as my cardivascular recovery was low.  The summary go do excercise and lose weight, but if you feel like !"·Q·%·$%? how in the world?? and with my sugar cravings due to the hipoglucemia?
  • Then and this is the very frustrating  IF part.... 
  1. No explanation for the high progesterone other than it could be the result of a cyst.  Then he goes over to the page where an hemorragic cyst was seen in the U/S,  borderline in size, so I need to do now an U/S to see it if has been resolved or I had a LUFs cycle or something like this.   The doctor that was doing the U/S told me right then and there she was seeing it and that it did not seem normal.   The doctor in the end cannot say the cyst caused the high progesterone, but told me to go to my gynecologist ASAP.   This is the last thing an IF person needs
  2. Endometrial polyps when just 4 months ago I had a very expensive hysteroscopy done where 2 doctors, TWO, did not see a thing. One of them Napro. Well the report says many....  This made me shiver since I ended up in the hospital with a D&C  2 years ago to the date thinking it was a miscarriage with extremely heavy bleeding, but  all was due to polyps. (I have a previous history of them and Dr H and my local doctor though it was a possible cause of my IF). The recommendation is to monitor them often due to this risk.   

So here we are... I called my Napro doctor friend here (who is not a gynecologist, but a general doctor) and she said:

  • Have an U/S now to see if the cyst is still there, then  we will discuss next steps. 
  • Do an U/S series this cycle to see how you are ovulating
  • For the polyps I would say the lab made a mistake, still I would double check with a gynecologist and then consult Gianna or Omaha for the high progesterone if it continues. 

So... here I am.

My local Catholic gynecologist has retired a few months ago and none of the doctors he left in his practice understands Napro or are as Catholic as he was,  my local napro doctor is no gyngecologist and is just starting with Napro so she is still learning and still co consults everything, then PPVI is overwhelmed and working long distance with them is such a pain  (plus translating everything into English not being a doctor)......

Now I have to seek answers from many different doctors  and the most frustrating part,  my body continues to tell me it has not been cured  in the gynecological part after traveling  thousands of miles for treatment, visiting and consulting with several doctors trying not to do anything against my faith.

Maybe I am having a very bad day,  but today it seems it has not been even worth it.


  1. Oh wow, praying for you! You are echoing how I felt earlier this year after our miscarriage. I have found a lot of help with my diet. If you want the info. you can email me. For hypoglycemia it is not just eating often, you need protein and less sugar. I had such bad hypoglycemia this year my husband had to make food for me every 2hrs. while at my Creighton training and we got him an emergency cell phone for work just in case I passed out while he was at work. You are in my prayers!

  2. Praying for you on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. I hope you find a good local doctor who can understand you and that you will be healed.

  3. That is extremely frustrating and I don't blame you for being fed up!

    In the meantime, can't hurt to start some milk thistle for your liver. Try to find it as a liquid herb, even more gentle that way.

  4. I can understand your frustration since I, too, traveled very far and spent a lot of $$$ just to continue to have more questions.

    Continued prayers!!!!

  5. I also had a high result on a liver test (can't remember exactly which was high) but my primary care doctor just told me to eat healthy and that it was, like you, probably from all the medication. It scared me though! You will be in my prayers as you work through all of this!

  6. Oh, my goodness, girl... I SO feel for you right now! Funny, too, because my boss just suggested that the company send me for an "executive" physical and described everything you just had done. Don't know if I should do it... I'm already burned out just knowing what I already know. :(

    Take care and know that I think of you often. I will be praying...

  7. Yes, this is very frustrating.

    I have struggled with hypoglycemia since I was a child. What helped me was incorporating some of the Weston A Price foundation diet principles. I increased fat and protein and decreased sugar. I rarely crave sugar anymore. I would be happy to talk to you more about the changes I've made that have worked-email me.

    Also, there are herbal liver cleanses you can do (after treatment for the amoebas).

    My prayers are with you! Repairing ill-health is a long and winding road.

  8. That is so overwhelming. I would not want to see any doctor after all that, but I suppose that wouldn't be healthy either. May you be led to healing, and God grant you strength and good health.

  9. So much! Praying for answers to all your health questions - such very confusing recommendations from the doctors!