Friday, November 5, 2010


A long time ago I had a boyfriend that taught me the word: Diosidencias (Godincidences in English instead of coincidences).

He always used this word to signify that anything that happens in life is not just part of a random plan, but the plan of God.

He also used it constantly when there was something that was a clear sign from God. Things were just not coincidences.

He has already died (he died from leukemia a few years after we had broken up, at 32 and is one of the persons in Heaven I pray to. I loved him deeply , but it was clear that we were not meant to be.), but I remember him everytime something that is a clear sign from God happens.

Godincidences. Love, love the word.

Very clear Godincidences, very unexpected have happened in the last days. They have given me great comfort in days when Faith has been weak as well as my thyroid symptoms are back with a vengance. I do not know which is worse, not knowing what normal is, or knowing it and then have the symptoms come back. Sigh!

My body and spirit are broken...yikes!!!

We had the very, very important interview with the adoption agency founder a couple of weeks ago and we just signed for the adoption course that starts next week. Wow. By no means is it 100% sure tht we are accepted, but its great sign.

Since the interview the signs from God have not stopped...

When we met her I was very surprised by how similar she was to my deceased MIL. We had heard the worst terror stories about her, yet my DH fell in love with her.

So this week I returned from my trip and had on Tuesday an Creighton system intro session with a couple sent by the Napro doctor in Mexico. I do not know him, yet I had recruited him. haha! everybody kept saying he was the one, but he lives in another city and we kept contact over the months via phone or email.

So I sit down with this amazing couple who comes from another city and after we finish the intro session she tells me that her mother is the right arm of the director of our adoption agency.

What????? She helped found it 30 years ago and continues to be one of the most important persons in the whole country for this agency.... (I have her permision to write this here)

Then proceeds to tell me that the doctor that I had been speaking to for months is actually the doctor in that part of the country that helps to prevent abortions in the girls sent by the agency.... He talks to them and convinces them not to abort..

He actually treats some of the women at one of the shelters of this agency....What???? Had no idea.

then.... yesterday night.

I studied a course for women leaders a couple of years ago at an Opus Dei university and I am invited to the launch of a new book on women´s leadership and ethics.

I arrive late due to traffic and I sit on of of the sides of the auditorium. I look around and see the back of a woman that reminds me of someone.

I then think: its the founder of our agency!!!!

Then in the Q&A session a person right in front of me asks a long question and the director looks back and sees me. The question included a very long commentary... She smiles at me recognizing me.

Wow!!! I have known who she is for years and years, yet have never seen her anywhere. She is a person that you know when she is a room, yet I am sure I have never been in the same room as her.

Then a dear dear girlfriend calls me... She has had lunch with her recently!!!!!!! My friend is helping me with trying to promote Napro here and has been invited to lunch by her!!!

to see how to expand the agency!!!


and last.... the presentation of the books ends , but the founder of the agency has walked out early. Still I am happy she has seen me and remembers me.

I say hi to one of the directors are the university with whom I went on a spiritual retreat a few years ago. The first thing she asks me (as usual!) is if I have babies or if I am pregnant. I tell her no, that we are struggling. I tell her about Napro and that we are also working towards adoption. She tells me she is on the board of our agency!!!!!



  1. WHOA!!! This is amazing!!! God is so good, and you are right that nothing happens accidentally, but it is all gifted providentially!!

    How funny that just after I posted my latest post (about God's providence!) I come here and see this! :)

  2. HOLY SPIRIT!!!! If that isn't GOD working in your life, then I don't know what is! This gives me chills, friend! Oh and I am so taking the title of this blog and using it from now on...Amen!

  3. Woo wee!!!! That is amazing!

    I love that word!!! Godincidences! From now on that is what I'm using too!

    So happy you have had some things to lift your spirits lately!

  4. Godincidences, that should be in the dictionary along with a snippet of this little gem of a story, how wonderful - thanks for sharing such good news!

  5. WOW! This is absolutely AMAZING! God is so GOOD!