Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gifts of blogging and many other things

So many things have been happening in my life that I am having a hard time putting everything in here. So I will do quick (or not so quick) takes, not sure how many!

1) Met my very first blogger in real life!!!!! I am so happy. I was blessed to meet with Matchingmoonheads here in Mexico City. We met last Thursday for the very first time at my church. She attended an intro session in Spanish for the CrMS and then stayed for Mass and Adoration. Then on Saturday my DH and I met with her and her DH for lunch and then a visit to a painter. She is such an amazing woman and the story for her coming to the Church is also a wonderful one! Meeting her and her DH gave my DH and I a lot of hope, that we are not the only ones struggling with maintaining ourselves faithful to the Church. I feel very blessed to have met her, something that being here so far away from most bloggers I thought would never happen.

2) Received yesterday the most amazing gift from my prayer buddy. Completely unexpected! I received from Jeremiah a beautiful willow tree Christmas ornament of the holy family, a hearfelt letter and a Christmas Card. I was so excited and had a smile all day! Thank you from the botton of my heart!

3) The adoption course continues and has been amazing. So much to reflect and learn. We have discussed in the last 2 weeks how to manage all aspects of communicating our adoption plans to our families, friends etc and then to the child. Another session was about the biological mothers and all aspects about them. Both have sessions have opened our hearts even more towards adoption. Yet I still have fears if I will be able to be a good mother. Something to work a lot on in the next months.

I have started to tell my family more about the adoption process. My parents were incredibly supportive and very relieved that all is very professional and that we are not in risk of getting our heart broken (there is always the risk, but here you only find out about the baby when all legalities have been sorted through as most adoptions are closed). My mother offered the crib from my nice and nephew and told me that she will teach me how to knit. =)

We still have to start telling a lot of people and it will be a process, but with such a reception from my parents I feel hopeful that the rest will at least be positive.

4) I have received 2 gifts from friends for our future babies. Completly unexpected and so very thoughtful. They both know that we are in the adoption process and have given us both gifts to make more real our wait.

Both are adoptive mothers: The very first one is a blank book so I can write all things related to the coming of our baby in our lives and our friends and family can write letters to the baby about our longing for him/ her. This was by : It was such an amazing gift!

The other one is by a dear friend that just adopted a few months ago: a baby carrier called baby k´tan. It so we can hold the baby close to us and help with attachment.

I was so very moved by the gifts that I have still tears in my eyes when I think of them.

5) I will be traveling to Dallas for work this week and next and I have made the decision to start to buy certain things for the baby. Something inside of me tells me this will make more real that most likely a baby will be in our lives in a year or less.

I did not want to do it before at all and hid everything that I had been given with my pregnancy after my miscarriage, but I think the time has come. We need it to give us hope. Its a huge risk in case something happens that our hearts will be broken, but I need to trust in God.

My sister has promised to send her books on child and baby rearing also.

6) Healthwise doing better, not yet at 100% but much better. A lot of inflammation still, some signs of depression and I need to lose some 12 pounds or more and have not been able for the longest time. PPVI has started me on Syn.throid since all my T4 Thyroid measurements continue to be low, I hope this helps with my weight loss. My cycles after the last D&C have normalized and for the very first time in 3 months my ovulation was very clear and had great CM. This is such a relief after months of the most horrible cycles ever.

7) After all the drama from the last 3 months I have made an appointment for a phone consult with Dr. H. It will be today at 4:20 p.m- I am very nervous and I have a long list of questions for him. So very, very long! how can I help heal my thyroid and tiredness? will I be on thyroid medication my whole life? how can I help prevent polyps in the future? any ways to prevent miscarriages in the remote case we get pregnant? etc etc

8) I continue with therapy. Had my second session yesterday. It is so very clear that I need it. I continue to go back to the horrible things that have happened in the last years and specially the last months and I need to break this cycle of negativity that does not help anybody. My excercise for this week is to question all my thoughts: are they real or just a negative take on things?

9) I read "Happy" on vacation., Its a book o positive psychology by a Harvard professor. Its great and gave me tons of ideas on how to get out of this negative cycle. I an doing a lot of the excercies right now.

10) I have been given the date for my exam so I can become a certified CrMS practitioner. It will be Feb 19th! I am very nervous and excited at the sametime. Will need to study very, very hard in the next weeks since I have lost a lot of the practice with my health crisis. If I pass I can open the very first Fert.ility.Care center here! Please pray!

I am swamped with calls from all over Mexico right now and I have a waiting list which is an incredible sign from God yet I need to focus also on my marriage and own health process so I am asking for those that can wait until mid Feb

11)Meetings with donors and bishop. Also in Feb we will have the meetings with the donors and bishop. At the very same time my job has gotten consistently more complex- We are starting to prepare everything for a 3 day sales meeting with 200 participants from 10 countries in Rio de Janeiro Brasil. I head the efforts together with a small team. So I am very nervous since all seems to be happening at the very same time!

Still a lot more going on, but I already wrote far more than expected. For the brave ones that read through all of this thanks!! And please pray that I can survive all that is going on at the same time!


  1. So many good things are happening! I feel like more wonderful things are ahead for you my friend. I am happy that you are continuing to heal physically and emotionally. And so jealous that you got to meet MM!!

  2. I read the WHOLE thing :)

    I won't ever stop praying for you!!! Good, no GREAT things are ahead for you and DH.

    I just KNOW it!

  3. GL with your exam!! I'm so jealous moonheads got to meet you (and vice versa) - I still wish I could have taken a side-trip to M.C. while I was in Cancun :)

    Lots of wonderful things happening for you, E, and I can think of no one more deserving. I am smiling ear to ear after reading this.