Sunday, January 9, 2011

UPDATED *** When I most needed it... Godincidences again

I just returned from vacations with my DH. Amazing ones not only on the purely vacation side (rest, great food, amazing contact with nature, culture), but also ones filled with messages from God.


In all my excitement I forgot to mention 2 things:

One: the very very first of the Godincidences. Coincidences where the hand of God is so very very clear.

Without me knowing the town where the hotel is is called San Rafael in the state of Veracruz.

Named in honor of St Raphael. This is how the decided to name our last baby, in honor of the Archangel. So we ended up spending a week in a place named after our baby 3 weeks after losing him. Raphael means God has healed and indeed He has started the process.

Two: this area of Mexico has a tradition of traditional healers for many, many hundred years steming from the indians before the Spanish arrived that have a lot of knowledge of plants. They use plants and animals to cure everything, not magic or anything. People go to them for the basics or even cancer. They go back to the very basics of nature to heal, plants, water, teas, etc.

When the hotel personnel knew that we were there after a hospital stay (did not say why) they told us to visit two local people. I did not have anything to lose so we visited two who were recommended by the locals who said the exact same thing. Exactly.

One recieves people from all over the country, busses full of people go to see him. He helps most people without asking for anything. In most cases he does not even accept money other than for the cost of plants and when people are poor not even this. He is a botanist.

Without knowing anything about me or my problem (i did not tell them anything) one told me that I was suffering from my head, too many thoughts and plans (how did he know???) and that I also was suffering from my uterus and proceeded to tell me exactly where. I was and I am still bleeding as it heals from the second D&C. What???????

He proceeded to give me some plants and concoctions and told me that I would be well and that we would have a baby. I had of course many doubts, but on the way out we asked all the people around and all had miraculous stories to tell. Even the hotel manager later told us an incredible story. I asked the botanist if it would hurt my western medicines.

He said no. That he will heal and strenghten my uterus and the rest is up to my western doctor. So I have started to take a horrible concoction and guess what: My bleeding after 20 days has subsided and almost stoped. I have nothing more to lose so I will try this while I decide my Western next steps.

All of your prayers and my prayer buddy have worked miracles.

Calls and chance encounters that have given me peace and hope....

When I most needed it.

With a heart broken in a million pieces and a body that continues to bleed 20 days after my D&C.

When I was about to give up on everything, including my work as a practitioner and my promotion of Napro here, and when I was very mad at God.

Mad because of all that had happened in 2010. Four hospital stays for me, 2 for my DH, many, many many challenges with the start of Napro here, issues with both of our jobs and above all about our 2 miscarriages. It was a year I would love to forget.

So we took the monks advice, the advice I was given by my spiritual advisor to go on a romantic trip. The best advice ever. So we chose a part of Mexico that we had never visited and decided to go to a very small hotel, among mango trees and in a banana plantation near the sea that promised to be the most relaxing place ever. I still have no idea how I found it.

It is a 9 bedroom hotel that looks like it was built in the French Provence only that instead of lavender fields it has mango and banana plantations around it.

Our room and the main house are original and fully restored from the 1880´s.

Online it explained a little about it and it just clicked that we needed to go there. My DH had studied in France his master and loves anything French so it sounded like we could mix the best of Europe and Mexico in one place, and indeed it was.

We left very early on Monday after the distaster of Christmas completly worn out.

We arrived at this magic place. Amazingly beautiful. A true gift and I have no idea how we found it online since is basically unknown.

the place and the food were perfect and we started our adventure by taking a 2 person bike among the banana plantations. Beautiful.

But then something happened that looked like if would ruin our perfect getaway.

The hotel supposedly only caters to adults and to our surprise Monday late afternoon after a wonderful silent lunch we see a very large family composed of granparents, three marriages and 5 children and a baby, something that suposedly is prohibited. They had taken over more than half of the hotel!!!

The children then started to play right ball screaming in front of our window and I was woken up from an afternoon nap. Babies crying, children screaming and mothers runing around. Wow. Where was the peace and tranquility? then they took over the small pool and the dinning room. A hotel for 18 persons with at least 12 running around does not make for a very relaxing place.

So I decided to speak to the manager but she had left for 3 days to another city. The hotel staff was doing its best to try to fix this, but did not have the permission to make decisions without the manager.

I was very mad for a moment. We had traveled over 5 hours to get to this place so we could have quiet and this happens!!!

what next God???????

But then something happened. For some reason I decided to relax and try to make the best of it. Something in my heart said life gives you lemons and you need to make lemonade. So for the first time in weeks even among the chaos I relaxed.

I would have the surprise of my life days latter with this same family and I now understand why they needed to be there.

The next days to try to find some quiet we decided to spend the day in another hotel by the beach (by the same owner) and had the most amazing time there ,on other days we visited local small towns, took a swamp tour and saw wildlife untouched by man and were welcomed everywhere by the most amazing people. The food was absolutely delicious and even the weather was amazing. Sunny with breeze.

During this time I received 2 of the most amazing calls of my life. Calls I had been praying for a long time.

This in a place with very, very bad mobile coverage so it miracolous that I even got them.

The first one was from one of my very first clients. A couple that had been fighting with If for 5 years. They had gone to the very best doctors in Mexico and had even traveled to the USA 2 years ago for a third opinion. There they had told them their only option was IVF with a male donor.

They had sat in this doctors office in Houston with the means to do it and she had said no and came back to Mexico with no options. I truly admired her since his family had been puting a lot of pressure on them.

So they began charting and it became clear that what they had been told in the USA was not correct. It was very obvious. So they decided to trust me (without me even having a baby) and went to PPVI for a full evaluation and had just begun treatment.

She is now pregnant 2 months afterwards. I have no words.

During these days I was the very first person she called when she was late. Such a privilege.

Then she called me when the blood test was positive. Tears.

and then she texted me when the doctor made the confirmation.

All has been worth it just for this little baby.

Then the next day later. A friend that was in the process of IVF, she had been shopping around for clinics for months. My DH and I had invited them many times for dinner to discuss adoption and Napro. Prayed that they would not do it.

After many months she had finally accepted to to my local catholic doctor and fell in love with him. Decided to give him time and start the adoption process.

On Thursday she sends me a message. Urgent

They have been accepted for adoption by her local adoption agency (

All went so fast that in less than a month all has been sorted out and they can become parents any minute.

She called to tell me and to say thanks.

They will not be doing IVF any more.

but this is not all.

So we were ultra happy about the news. But I felt a certain sadness. Where were our children? When could I hold my own?

I did not have the strenght to even think about our adoption.


On Thursday we decide to stay at the hotel even with all the children. We try to relax by the pool, but it was almost impossible.

And then a voice calls the name of my DH.

He goes and talks to a woman I had not seen before. They talk for a very, very long time.

Later I was in the kitchen speaking to the cooks about a certain amazing chile sauce they had just made when this lady comes up to me and says hi. She is the one my DH knows.

They had just been in a course together with my DH boss. My DH knew her from months before.

She has just arrived to meet the rest of her family (4 of the children are hers) since she had to work until Wednesday.

We begin speaking and she is so nice.

I ask her where she works. She tells me and I almost faint.

She is the director of our adoption agency.

We had had the interview with the President, but she is the director. She has just taken this position some weeks ago.

This is why my DH did not know that she worked there.


This is the person together with the President who will make the decision if we are accepted as adoptive parents and also choose the baby that is for us among the ones that they have in their nursery (just now they have 25 babies waiting for adoption).

Such a clear signal that God is with us. Such a Godincidence.

But it does not stop here.

She has been told about me.... weeks ago...

That there is this crazy girl that can give talks to some adoptive parents to be on alternatives to IVF. She asks if we can meet. ME???????

My God.

but there is more.

We talk and we know tons of people in commmon. She also knows my DH cousin, a gynecologist that lives in a city 4 hours away from Mexico City. She speaks very very highly of him.

And we find out a complete surprise for us. My DH cousin is a gynecologist, a very renowed one in this city and Catholic. That we knew.

But we find out that he is completly pro-life and does not gives contraception. My DH did not know. Knew that he was a practicing Catholic, but this no. She tells us that he would be a great candidate for Napro. He gives time to this agency saving lives and giving talks.

Right under our noses and we came all the way here to find out?

AND.... we learn that his wife is one of the most important members of the national board of our adoption agency. What???

Sometimes God where you least expect it give you hope and strenght to continue, even in the middle of nowhere among banana and mango trees.

Love Godincidences.


  1. Uh, wow. Wow, wow, wow. I am so happy for you... what a truly blessed time.

  2. Holy cow girl! That's amazing! Praying that the fruits of this vacation are MANY!!!

  3. wow what a beautiful story... Sometimes it is so hard to be patient while we try to figure out God's plan for us. Instead we have to trust Him. I have tears in my eyes becuase I know that you have been through so much and I can feel that this will be the turning point for you.

  4. The hand of God is all over your life. And, I know it feels like eternity, but your blessing is coming soon--I am 1000% sure.

  5. Just amazing- I am in awe. I just know GREAT things are going to happen!

  6. WOW....awesome story!! God is sooo good!!

  7. Woman, I have chills all over. And, they kept multiplying as I read on and on. This really is an amazing post. When it rains, it pours:):) Love our Lord:)

    Oh and the little hotel in town sounds awesome. I can picture it now. Do you have any pics you can post?