Saturday, February 5, 2011

Of thyroids, adrenals, colds and limits

Today two posts really hit home. They were by TCIE and Jerusalmen my destiny! Both talk about doing too many things.

Just like me.

I am now home nursing a cold and really thinking things over. A cold that my body fought for a few days, but the battle has been won by the bug.

So right now what I need to do it rest and take it easy so I can win the battle. I do not want to take more medicines (my IF ones are enough!!!!) so I am going into a more natural cure mode: tons of water, rest and homeophatic remedies.

Normally my colds come at times of high stress or when I have been neglecting my health and I have been doing both.

Also in the last weeks the symptoms of hypothyroidsm have made a come back. With a vengance.

So my body is saying, screaming something is not quite right. That I need to make changes and fast.

I am very bad at putting limits, at concentrating at one thing at the time and at taking care of myself.

I am like the crabs in the story where they are put in a pot and they do not notice that the temperature is slowly rising until they are cooked.

I am exactly like a crab.

My Marthaness is my biggest spiritual weakness.

Tiredness, mild depression, being out of it. I know these hypo symptoms, because I lived with them for years before they were diagnosed. They were my personal H.ell.

Napro and Dr. H saved my life.

I do not wish them on anybody. Plus adrenal fatigue... A nightmare. It was not a life to be lived.

I have tasted health and I now crave it with all my being.

A comeback of sympotoms that was to be expected. My miscarriage and three hospital stays in three months really took a toll on my spirit and body, and I have been doing too many things at once after this. Yes, I went on vacation with my DH and a God sent retreat last week, but clearly I need to take care of myself during the rest of the time also.

Many of the books on hypothyroid and also adrenal fatigue explain the link between high stress and lifestyle and the symptoms. The books have really hit home that I need to manage the root causes rather than only the symptoms by getting the T3 and HC at the right doses.

Yet its so very difficult to say no to all these things which are good. I truly do not know how.

My full time job...

My practitioner program and practice...

Our calling to promote Napro so this exists here.

Our adoption process and the requests from the agency to support them in many of their activities.

YET right now its clear I need to focus on another job first and foremost: My health, so I can be a good wife, mother and worker for God.

My own health management both for hypo/adrenal and IF. My true job right now is to get back to healthy.

When I got pregnant my body was at its peak. I was meditating/praying, excercising, doing acupuncture, taking the medicines in the right order. Doing the program by lewis as well as Napro. It took many hours of my week, but it was great.

I was in balance and healthy. I have tasted health and once you taste it going back to hypo and adrenal fatigue is the worst nightmare ever. .

As promised by Ran.dine I got pregnant by doing these things, yet health on its own was its own miracle.

Yet now, a pregnancy would not be the main reason to do it. I need to do it so I can function and to be a good mother however God chooses. I am really at peace either way..

And I know deep within myself that here is no way I can take care of a baby in this condition.

I was really at the very best emotionally, physically and even spiritually and the cherry on the cake was my pregnancy.

I know that this path really works for balance, not only doing the western traditional medical stuff.

So..I am spending today resting and meditating on what God wants. Getting back on the health wagon and seeing which are the things that I can do right now and which not. Yet its so hard for this Martha.

Today I need to be Mary and put things in order.


  1. Just a beautiful post...

    We IFers are over achievers. I look forward to hear about how you are going to be taking care of your health and spirit.

    God Bless you dear one.

  2. Good for you for realizing that you need to put your spiritual and physical health first :) I know it's easier said than done, so I'll be praying that you're successful!

  3. Ah, that balance is so hard to find. I hope you can find it again and that you recover from this cold soon :)

  4. Does balance can be created? Or we need to understand where is balance? Maybe is listening and patience which is needed before planning and doing... ...I am on my own way each day on finding that balance... ...What about understanding cycles of life, not only the one we have on our bodies, but also those of others, husband, nature...? I am fully convinced that even markets have rithms that we do not listen... Lots of prayers my friend!

  5. I pray you stay on track in getting your health back together and becoming more of a Mary, E :)


  6. Your post really made me think- I agree how key balance is...I think we all can go back and reflect on a "time" in our lives when things were "balanced" and "just right". Those times for me is when I put God first and stopped focusing on "my needs".

    I got the book you suggested, R. Lewis..looking forward to it arriving this week.

    I will be praying for you!!

  7. "Tiredness, mild depression, being out of it. I know these hypo symptoms, because I lived with them for years before they were diagnosed. They were my personal H.ell." Oh my gosh, I almost burst into tears reading this. I know know know I NEED to get my thyroid checked... yes, personal hell it is. I hope you can find that balance again and feel better!

  8. I'm so, so sorry you have to feel so rotten and yet be so busy to feel like you can do anything about it!!!

    My cold is pretty much cleared up after 5 days- I hope you get back to health soon!!!

    Just remember, you are God's most beloved daughter!!! Pryaers for you, dear friend!

  9. You seem to be on the right track with your thoughts. Realizing this makes the rest of the path a bit easier. This post makes me want to refocus. Redirect my thoughts. So thank you...I'm going to start tonight with a specific prayer about this.

  10. I strongly believe that hypothyroidism can be overlooked but it is easy to treat with natural thyroid supplements .

  11. So, so true. You are so wise!

    I am trying to get myself healthier for the "long-run" as well, but I just hope that my constant go, go, go is not working against me.

    Gotta slow down sometimes :)