Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visit to the naturopath and a few reminders on the basics

I went to a naturopath for my cold yesterday and it was a very enlightening visit.

I still had a lot of coughing, headaches and general tiredness, yet I refused to take allopathic medicines on top of all my IF ones.

I am truly sick of all the pills. And the thought after my 3 hospital stays of going back to doctors makes me sweat.

I will do it for IF, but I need to find alternatives for the other things.

I come from two cultures that believe a lot on natural medicine: the Mexican one which still uses curanderos (healers) and plants to cure all sorts of things and the German one which belives a lot in homeopathy and alternative medicines. My family in Germany hardly uses medicines and uses diet, baths and homeopahty to cure everything.

Also a few years ago I was also in China and was diagnosed in minutes from a thyroid condition using TCM and have used it in the past succesfully for many things, so I truly belive that allopathic medicine does not have all the answers.

Rest and water were doing their work, but I still wanted to see how he would manage this since I need a doctor that does not give pills at the start of any illness.

His story is quite interesting. He is from the USA, was an engineer for some 28 years and hated it during all this time, and after the death of this wife from cancer decided to embark on the natural healing path 12 years ago.

He seemed so at peace, so calm and happy that I really liked him from the get go.

He asked me to answer a brief questionnaire and then asked me to strech on a massage table while he did muscle testing on one arm.

Well... without me telling him anything he tested me by using kinesology and not surprisingly my thyroid and adrenals came out very, very low. My uterus, ovaries, and the rest of my body came out OK with the exception of my sinuses and digestion.

He also told me that my digestion was weak (very true in the last months) and then proceeded to test me for food sensitivities by testing again my arm and using vials of the substances and I was so surprised when the told me the exact, exact same things as my blood tests. Very, very expensive ones.

My arm lost its strenght completly when he used the vials of milk and wheat and did not with the other substances.

Wheat and milk (not yoghurt, nor cheese) are the main culprits of my inflammation and have been confirmed by three diff medical systems: the chinese, the western and now kinesiology. None of them knew about the others and all came to the same exact conclusion.

I have other minor sensitivities, but they can be corrected when the major ones are.

He gave me the exact same suggestions as Ran.dine lewis....

mmmmmh! maybe somebody is trying to tell me something....

Enzimes, focus on digestion, magnesium at night as well as the day, diet, slow excercise, elimination of inflammation culprits...

He emphasized again what I already knew: by correcting the digestion you make your body far more effective in everything. My body was struggling taming the inflammation from my sensitivies and I was putting a lot of burden on it and this plus stress in the end did not help my thyroid and adrenals.

From all the books on this I have read sensitivies, lack of nutrients and digestive issues go hand in hand with the above conditions.

So I need to be off again completly from wheat to the degree as if I were celiac so I desintoxicate (did not mention here, but a few months ago I used an ave.eno product and got the reddest face imaginable, well I went to the dermagologist who concluded that the wheat in the product had given me the red face! I had not seen the effects in my digestion since they are subtle, but they were clear in my skin) and also milk.

Have started again since yesterday and will see how it goes. Last time I did it perfectly I lost a ton of weight and also felt great so there must be truth to all of this.

He was very straight forward with me which I liked. No fancy gimmicks.

I tend to overdo things, so having a few basic instructions makes sense. Focus on the very basics again, just like when I got pregnant. No amount of pills can heal as well as good food, rest and excercise.

He said to slow down, focus on very, very healthy eating, take the right supplements and not take the foods that give me inflammation. Just this and he said I would notice wonders and come and see him in 4 weeks.

For my cold he just said to start the diet immediately since milk and wheat in sensible people are linked to excess mucus production and can make matters much worse.

He used some kinesiology and tapping movements to strenghten my sinuses and surprisingly a few hours later my sinus headache was completly gone as well as my runny nose. I have not idea if it was a placebo effecto or not, but it worked.

For relaxation he upped my magnesium dosage and told me this would help with sleep and a general state of calm during the day.

So I am back on the "diet" wagon, will start focusing on my stress and see where this all takes me.

I am truly hopeful that this will be the key for my general state.


  1. Whoa, he sounds amazing! I would love to go see a doctor like that someday!

  2. He does sound good! I really am learning so much for you and the bloggers about how the digestive tract can really wreck havoc on all parts of your body. As a nurse, we really compartmentalize at times...(ex:broken bone- fix broken bone)...Starting Napro for the last 13 months really has opened up my eyes to alot.

    I hope you feel better good luck in the "wagon" again!! My book R. lewis is coming from amazon today- cant wait!!

  3. This man sounds GREAT!!!

    I hope you do well with the diet and that you are back to tip top shape in no time!!!

    YAY! for alternative treatments!

  4. Sounds like a great doctor! Hope you can get your diet in order so you feel better!

  5. Sounds like some good advice! I have thought of seeing a naturopath myself, I hope you have great results :)