Saturday, May 7, 2011

I graduated!!! I am a practitioner!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Yesterday I received the long awaited letter from PPVI. The one that I have been hoping to receive one day after 1.5 years!

It was the letter stating that I approved the exam to become a practitioner of Fertilty.Care!!!!!

I can only thank God that this day had come.

The journey has been 100% inspired by these bloggers and members of the Catholic Yahoo group. Via them I learned about Napro, about what a practitioner did, what Fertility.Care was, that a Catholic had options etc.

My very special inspiration since the very beginning have been: TCIE (she was a practitioner and reading her journey was my inspiration) , JBTC, AYWH, Little Joann and later a big one has been Simone from with her dedidcation to spreading the word about Napro (I am sorry I do not know how to link to your blogs!)

6 hospital stays later (between DH and I), one miscarriage, a deep depression, anger at God, in a language that is not my own, with no medical resources and no other practitioners to help, but with the help of this amazing community, the prayers of so many and for sure the protection of our Lady of Guadalupe the day has come!!

I am the first in Mexico and Latin America after some 10 years of nobody graduating (2 Mexican doctors had graduated some 15 years before as practitioners and medical consultants), but now we have a list of 3 practitioners in training, 8 doctors interested, many more practitioners, etc. Its just a question of telling the world that this exists. I am sure that its just a question of telling people that many will see in their hearts the truth.

The contrast when reading the blogs and catholic IF group journey´s and what I could find online here was so strak as night and day.

I had joined the Mexican infert.ilty. association online group which was filled with IVF, ICSI, donation of sperm, the works. Only one section was dedicated to adoption and nothing else. The members called their embryos my little eskimos.

The only doctor that specialized in IF and was Catholic was 83! I felt so utterly alone that I spent many many nights crying myself to sleep.

Then I googled the words "cath.olic infer.tilty" and spending many nights awake found the most amazing women and couples ever. I kept hearing a word that I did not understand: Napro.

And my journey began to understand what this was. This was over 2.5 years ago.

One day in summer of 2009 I sent an email to the catholic IF group asking if I should study this . That I felt a calling, but did not know what to do and was scared and the response was overwhelming! yes yes yes!

And without even knowing where Omaha was (I had to look at a map!)I called the institute 3 weeks before the course was about to start and they said yes come and I was on my way.

I will blog more about this journey but I wanted to thank you all for this. That you all made this possible with your example, support, advice and prayers.

¡Muchas gracias!


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great day! Praise the Lord!!! I will say some prayers of Thanksgiving for you this weekend!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! This is so amazing. You have brought hope for so many people in Mexico. God bless you for all your good work..

  3. Congratulations! Such an incredible journey! :)

  4. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations! Mexico is so blessed to have you working there. It's amazing what God is doing through you. Praise the Lord!!!

  5. Wonderful! :) :) Congratulations! :)

  6. congratulations! It will be an amazing ride!

  7. felicitaciones!!!!! This is a big step for you and a big one for napro!!!!! We need to keep spreading the word.!!!!!!
    I knew you would pass your exam. I was waiting to hear. =)Thanks for the nice compliment above.

  8. great news!!! Congrats and God Bless you!!

  9. Awesome news! Congratulations!! : )

  10. Great News! Well-deserved! I am so happy for you!!

  11. Thank God we have a FCP near home!!

  12. very happy Our Mother is certaintly asking for the gift of hope for this land!

  13. Congratulations :) I am so happy for you. Well done for all the hard work you do, may God Bless you abundantly xxx

  14. CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you!!!! I hope I can join you in a year or so. :-D That is so neat you were inspired by the online community - same here.

  15. Congratulations E!!!!!!!!!! What great news, and what a wonderful difference you are going to be able to make for so many women who had very few options (it sounds like) before you. Great news!!!!