Saturday, May 21, 2011

UPDATE!!!!Prayers please!!!! =)


I am now in Rio de, well 1.5 hours south of it ready to start my meeting which I have been planning for 4 months now,. yet my heart is somewhere else. Its thinking about how God moves things and lives when the time is right!

My meeting with the bishop has moved to Friday right before I leave for Mex.ico since he had more time that day . I will probably have 2 hours with him at his office. I spoke with him today. Such as nice man! He was very, very interested!

I am simply in love with bishops!!!

And I have more Bras.ilian intro sessions (4!) lined up that day. Not sure I will be able to make them. The need is inmense.... its simply amazing.

The bis.hop is a pediat.rician, studied medicine in Sp.ain so he speaks Spanish (Portuguese and Spanish are very much related and Portuguese speakers normally can understand Spanish speakers but normally not the other way around and my Portuguese is at the level of a young child. I can order food, find a bathroom etc, but no way do a CrMS presentation and more in front of a doctor and Bishop! )

So God is so good! He even fixed the language issue. Today as I was walking on the beach towards my meetings I could only say: Thank you, thank you....

Please keep praying! I really need them! I have no materials here other than the intro session and I am swamped with my normal work, yet I want to really make the best of this opportunity that God has placed as a miracle basically from nowhere.

I cannot even believe it and the more I think about it the more unlikely it seems: I come for work only to Br.asil and end up meeting with the Bishop heading the Li. fe commision of the Episcopal Comi.sion of all of Lat.inAme.rica.

The body that regulates ALL bishops/ countries of the region and he heads the life commision. Something like the USBCC. but from all countries and he writes all the time against IVF and not only this, heads all catho.lic doctors in this country.

Even with plans it would have not turned out so right.

I just hope I do not make a fo.ol of my.self. I will start praying to my guardian angel to help me... =)

If you would have told me how this buiness trip would have turned out to be I would have told you you had been kidding me.

It was not possible for so many events to turn out so right.

Well, when God decides something its possible, he just moves things around to make it possible...

Today I met the most amazing brasilian couple ever. Faithful, searching for God, she a doctor with a Phd in research, him a man looking for God....

They are looking for answers to their IF.... and want to be faithful in a country where does not exist..... so difficult. I know their pain and struggles so well....

After 3 hours of non stop talk she tells me:

"She wants to become a NaPro doctor and a practitioner, the first ever in South America and in Brasil, the largest Catholic country in the world".

I cry as I write this.....It was such as priviledge meeting them...

Totally unplanned.....

Totally in God´s plans....

I have no words.... God is doing everything to bring to my dear Latinamerica the wonders of Napro which is so greatly needed by the "Continent of Hope" as JPII called Latin America, the most Catholic region in the world....

but this is not all....

she tells me she wants me to introduce me to a bishop, a friend of hers...

the bisho.p auxliary of de Jane.iro.

my God...

he is a doctor....

not only this.....

I google him.....

he is the head of the section of li.fe a of the bishops of Latin America.... the top bishop in all of latin america in terms of life and bioethics.... the one that would be the very best contact in the whole of the Church for

just a few minuest ago he writes to me....can we meet urgently tomorrow when you are in Rio?

I have tears in my eyes...

I need to move heaven and earth to move him with my work,.... but I know God is asking this.....

Tomorrow I will present to him... in Rio....

We did not plan it at all....

God is so good....

I could never in a million years asked for this priviledge...

I am scared... this is huge.....

Can you please pray for me? I am sitting right now in a hotel in Sao Pao.lo asking God what he wants from me. and preparing for perhaps the most important meeting of my life..

I have so many emotions. I am crying, smiling, thinking how to make this work....

My computer is brand new and does not have my old presentations.... I have no, no info here... yet I must trust that if God is arranging this is because he wants something...

I need just to say yes... I know it...

Its just my humanity makes me scared...

Can you please pray?


  1. Yes, I will pray. I will say a Divine Mercy Chaplet for you and also ask St. Gianna for her intercession. One of St. Gianna's miracles for her sainthood came from Brazil. I know she has a soft spot for that country. Praise the Lord for orchestrating these meetings!!!!! Keep us posted and let us know how it goes!

  2. wow that is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! You are leading the movement in Latin America. You will be great and win them all over. Buena Suerte!!!

  3. thank you JBTC!!! Yes, you are right St. Gianna, one of her miracles is here. Will ask for her intercesion as well as our Lady of Aparecida, the Patron Virgin of Brasil and Our Lady of Guadalupe of America. I am so very grateful for your prayers! All prayers are welcome. I so scared! Say hi to Diego and Lady from me!

  4. Simone: I sent her your blog! she will be reviewing it!! you are famous now in BRasil!

  5. Things are moving like crazy!! I can't believe what I've been reading on your blog! It's a front row seat to all the action! ;)

  6. Yes, will definitely pray.

  7. Oh, my goodness! I am speechless!! (and for those who know me IRL, that is almost unheard of) ; )

    You have the promise of my prayers! As you said so well, this is God's plan... As Cardinal Burke would say, we will "trust in Divine Providence!" He will guide you... through this meeting and ALL that lies ahead!!

  8. Praying, too! God does give you courage!

  9. Definitely will keep you in my prayers! I am in awe of all of this.

  10. Praying!!!! God is using as His instrument!!! Best of luck!!!!

  11. The star of Bethelem is there, firmly attached to the universe, even though sometimes we cannot see it.

    Let´s ask for hope! Dont`t forget: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you...

    God bless our nations so needed of faith!

  12. Wow! God is definitely guiding you to spread NaPro. Praying for you..

  13. I promise to continue praying, this is so WONDERFUL, E! I am so excited to watch this play out!

  14. This is beyond amazing. You have my prayers, as always.

  15. Wow! This is no accident! Keep us posted!

  16. I am absolutely stunned!! I cannot believe it all is happening! Keep us posted, and I will be praying,praying,praying!

  17. Praying, praying, praying. Not sure what time it will be for you, but tonight for my holy hour, I will pray a rosary for you. I can see God's hand so clearly in what you do!

  18. Napro is going to spread like wildfire...praying!

  19. Praise God, such an answer to prayer! Praying for you, and thank you for your courage and perseverance.