Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The nicest gift on a very hard day

Today May 10th is Mother´s day in Mexico. Its always celebrated on this date, instead of the 2nd Sunday of May.

We are a very Mother centric culture. Today practically the city stops to celebrate mothers. The cementeries are filled with visitors, large families gather around the grandmother, restaurant´s packed to capacity, etc. Its really huge and a day that a woman like me dreads.

This is my very first Mother´s day in which I can say I am a mother, but to most of the world I am still childless.

Most close people to us that know we lost a baby do not know how to behave around me today. Most remain silent. Its a hard topic to bring up.

I never met my baby, but I know in my heart he is with us. Our angel Miguel, named after st. Michael.

Today I got the very best Mother´s gift from the most unexpected person.

We have a cleaning lady that comes three times a week to our house. She is around 35, a mother of 2, a devout Catholic (she is always decorating my house with the stamps and statues she finds and always placing them in the most important places of the house. For example the one sent to us by JBTC is sitting today on the fireplace with flowers), loves plants and nature.

My orchids after she came to us have always been blooming. She talks to them, sings and worries when they are sad. One day she took some tomato seeds and planted them in a large pot. We have now tons of tomatoes in our garden.

She did not get to study after 7th grade, she comes from an area of the country that is very poor, very indian and very close to the earth and the seasons. Women there get pregnant very young or start working without fininshing their studies.

She had to start working at 15. She works extremely hard so she can give her 2 children the chance she did not get. She slowly has become part of our family.

Today she arrives and I tell her I had forgotten to tell her she had half a day off so she can celebrate Mother´s day with her 2 children.

I am home trying not to get sick from the flu. My DH is quite sick and also I dread going out today.

She smiles at me and asks me if she can give me hug.

She says she wants to congratulate me on Mother´s day.

She comes over and my eyes water. She hugs me, she is barely 4 feet 9 and I am 5 feet 7. We make quite a picture.

She tells me : Happy mother´s day to you Señora. She remembers.

She tells me that I am a mother with an angel in heaven so I need to celebrate.

No need to say more. I remind her my baby´s name is Miguel , she smiles and says of course. An angel.


  1. So sweet. God bless both of you.

    May little Miguel watch over you from the arms of his heavenly mother.

  2. That is so sweet that she remembered! Praying for you on this difficult day.

  3. How beautiful! Just a reminder that God is always supporting us in a variety of ways. God Bless!

  4. Such a precious gift... Happy Mother's Day, E!! May you feel the abiding love of your precious son in a special way this day, as his prayers for you rise like incense before the throne of our Heavenly Father. May you be blessed!

  5. (Tears) How special! Prayers for you today.

  6. How sweet of her! What a special gift on this hard day!

  7. What a sweet woman! God bless her. And you.

  8. I have big tears in my eyes with thanksgiving for your gift! Sending you hugs across the miles!

  9. You ARE a mother! One who has to be more corageous because she can´t hold her child... if we don´t see it with faith eyes, it could be very sad... ...but definetely you have a gift that you cannot reject... ...you are a mother that because of that pain is more like Mary, our model of absolut love. And God knows why, you will know some day why. Don´t allow yourself to take apart to darkness and forget how deeply are you in Mary´s precious and holy heart. Love my friend, you are brightful! And celebrate! Hope is here because you are awaiting constantly to life...

  10. I'm crying...that was so sweet. You are a mother to a beautiful child in heaven. Happy Mother's Day! (((Hugs)))

  11. What a sweetheart! Happy Mother's Day to you! :)

  12. Happy Mother's Day, Miguel's Mommy!