Thursday, May 19, 2011

the unlikeliest intro session of my life...

Tonight I leave for Brasil. I will be working in Sao Paolo and Rio the next 9 days which will be very, very hectic. Me and my team are responsible for a 250 person sales meeting south of Rio de Janeiro. 27 nationalities and counting will be there. I am quite tired from the last days and have been working on this for months now and together with bringing Creig.thon i have had very interesting days to say the least. .

I have not been to Brasil for at least 5 months and in the last 2 years perhaps 3 times tops. I used to travel far more before, but since getting married I scaled quite a bit.

Well as I am packing I receive an email stating only on the title Dr. H.... . I open it and its a girl from Brasil refered to me by Dr. H. She wants to speak to me about Napro. She is from Rio. Rio and Sao Paolo are one hour flight away, some 6 to 7 hours by car.

I tell her I will be in Sao Paolo the next 3 days and then a few hours away from Rio de Janeiro in a resort.

She answers me right back. She is leaving tomorrow morning for Sao Paolo. I write back that I will be there until Sunday, these are the exact days she will be there.

I tell here where I will be staying.

She writes back:
I will stay at your hotel in case you have time to meet. I need to take this opportunity

I ask her should I bring anything and if she wants only to learn more about CrMS or Napro. She answers: I want to chart and I am a doctor. Bring anything you can think of so we bring this to Brasil.

I am speechless. This is the most amazing opportunity ever.

So Saturday I will do the first intro session of my life abroad. A 9 hour flight away from me (Brasil is farther away from Mexico than Europe) in English since my Portuguese is not good enough and she speaks no Spanish. Never in a millon years could I have imagined it.

I see God´s hand so clearly in this. I almost never travel to Brasil and she will be in another city from her own city the same days and is able to stay at the very same hotel.

She wrote to me just in time for me to take the needed materials with me.

she just wrote to me:
This is the mercy of the Lord! I will have the opportunity to share with you my moments waiting for making the willing of God in my life! And you are the angel he is bringing in his wings to help me! Thanks to the Lord! And also to you who is opened to help me! Have a safe and pleasant flight!

She is the angel actually, she is the one that is showing me so very, very clearly that all of this is in God´s hands.


  1. Yay! That's sooooo exciting and the timing is simply amazing- truly God's perfect timing. Have fun and enjoy your first intro session! You are changing the world of Napro!!

  2. I am in awe of how God is at work in your life! He clearly wants to spread NaPro and it's so wonderful!

  3. Gee wiz. Your life is a book. St. E in the making

  4. Amazing how this worked out! Wow!!

  5. I love reading your blog updates. They are so inspiring. God is good!

  6. such great news, E!

  7. awesome! God speed! I have a client from Brasil (they live local). I am going to share this with them.

  8. This has me speechless!!! SPEECHLESS!! (Not an easy feat!)

    I still remember that email (not so long ago) asking what we all thought about you going through the training program for CrMS... wasn't that, like, last week??!

    LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE!!! With the help of Almighty God, of course - you are such a powerful tool!


  9. Oh, how wonderful!!! Let us know how it goes!