Saturday, May 5, 2012

An amazing movie you must see and an offer

Two quick takes first and then the review of the movie you MUST see.  

1st: A last minute offer:

 Tomorrow my DH and I will go in a pilgrimage to the Basilica of Guadalupe with our parish.  We just made the decision early today.   The priests of have been allowed to celebrate mass at the High Altar of the Basilica right under the image of Our Lady on a Sunday of Easter in the month of Mary.  This is such a gift.
We can put all of your intentions in this mass at the altar.  Please put them in the comments section or send them via email:
I have on the top of my mind these:

  • Jelly belly so they finally conceive. 
  • TCIE: as promised every time I go there you are in the main intentions and more so after your last post and the call by Leila to pray
  • In thanks for JoAnn and baby Joseph.  
  • For the continued success of the Catholic Infertility Companion book
  • For the start of the Spanish IF online group and many other resources in Spanish.  

 But I can include as many as needed and light as promised a candle for each one.


The winner of the Catholic Infertility Companion  book  as chosen in the draw by my son Josemaria is:

Lucky as Sunshine  Please send me your info and I will make sure it gets to you!

Now for what had me up all  night with a smile.....

An Amazing movie you MUST see!  One that portrays Catholics living their faith!  that shows the lives and stories of  20 h century Martyrs in the large screen with top talent, with  wide distribution   (20th Century Fox) and whose main theme is religious freedom.  I still cannot believe it.  

Last night my DH and I this amazing movie:   For greater glory   AMAZING.

See the clip here: For greater glory

Here is the official page in English:

Here is an article about it:

Knights of Columbus: For greater glory

Its already out here in Mexico with great success  (nr 1 at the box office) and it will come June 1st to the USA.    All Catholics there should see it. Specially at this time where your religious  liberties are at stake, it will inspire you and while arms are not the best option, it really has a message to stand up for your faith.

Here is an American blogger saying why:

Why every American Catholic should see it

And what Carl Anderson from the Knights of Columbus had to say:

After seeing an advanced screening of the movie, Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson said, “For Greater Glory is a powerful film that provides a compelling account of a forgotten era of our continent’s history. In celebrating the centrality of religious freedom and man’s need for God, it tells a story of enduring relevance, and is ‘must-see’ viewing for all who care about faith and liberty today.”

The movie recounts the story of a horrid time for the Catholic faith in the 20th century.  After many attempts at controlling the Church here  in Mexico the bishops made the decision to shut all religious ceremonies in protest. ALL.

In protest against the government thousands of men, women and children decided to fight in a war called the Cristero war.  (its stems from their war cry: ¡Viva Cristo Rey!, Long live Christ the King!)

Some of them did is peacefully, some by protesting and others by going to war.  

My grandmother remembered these times and told me about them.  She had to have her 1st communion in hiding.  Many priests were killed and many had to hide in houses, basements and the mountains for months or years.   My DH`s grandfather was born in one of the most important cities for the Cristeros and up until his death was an extremely religious man that could not even speak of what he had seen.

Its also the time of the 1st large emigration of Mexicans to the USA, most fleeing from religious persecution here.

Really see it if you can.    It portrays the lives of  several   men and children  martyrs  and some are  have even been signaled as blessed like the child portrayed in the movie  Blessed José Sanchez del Rio  and some   others even saints.  Most famous is Miguel Pro, SJ a Jesuit that gave his life for  his faith.

JPII and Pope Benedict have given many speeches about these brave people.

And Pope Benedict just a few weeks ago celebrated Mass right where the Cristeros fought and not only this,  it was  only a few kilometers from the Christ the King monument built in remembrance of this war.

The movie is also amazing due to the combined efforts the USA and Mexico.   It has big name  cast   with Hollywood stars such as Andy Garcia (from what I have read a practicing  Catholic, father of 4, married for over 20 plus years) Eva Longoria and as a martyr priest: Peter O´Toole as well as Eduardo Verastegui from Bella  fame who has after his conversion become an outspoken speaker for his faith .

The producers are a mix: Pablo  José  Barroso, a very successful   Mexican businessman that as part of a conversion has decided to start producing movies with a message and Dean Anderson from the Knights of Columbus.

Really see it if you can.    Few movies have stirred my soul like this one and its not only because I am Mexican, but as a Catholic that daily sees our faith attacked it inspired me once more.


  1. I was just reading about this movie in the Knights of Columbus magazine this morning! Wow, I have to see this. And, we are so close to the border of Mexico here in Arizona. So hard to believe how much persecution occurred right next door….

  2. Could you please include my intentions? In thanksgiving for our miracle baby, and also for a safe and healthy birth.

    Thanks for sharing the info about the movie!! I haven't heard of it but now I know I MUST see it! I'm going to pass this info on to my family as well, they will be interested.

  3. Please pray that my husband and I can overcome infection (and all of the complications from my first surgery) and, if it is God's will, conceive a baby! May God bless you for doing this for all of us!!

  4. I should have also asked if you could add the intention that our insurance company have a change of heart and cover my medical treatment in Omaha (and New York City).

  5. I can't wait to see this movie. My ancestors left Mexico due to religious persecution.

    Leila, I sometimes read the Knights of Columbus magazine too.

  6. I feel like I always take advantage of your offers for prayers but could you please add these intentions: complete healing of both ears for Joseph (thanksgiving for special sugery, a new baby, the orphans, and Matthew & Mitchell's special intentions!
    Please know that your intentios are being prayed for with our family as well.

  7. Thank you for bringing my intentions to mass! I am so grateful!

    I can't wait until the movie comes to Canada. I looked quickly through an article in the Knights of Columbus magazine and it looks good!

  8. I have heard about it and I can't wait to see it. One of my Mexican friends tells me that his great uncle was dragged through streets behind a cart horse and died for being a Cristero. Such a horrible time, but I think many religious fruits came out of this. Sometimes I fear that a similar thing will happen in the US, especially with all the political opposition we face.