Monday, May 7, 2012

On the waiting list again

Today I called our adoption agency to be put on the waiting list to adopt once more. This means that in as little as a year (most probably 1.5  to 2   ) we could be parents again.

 Its so exciting and more so after being yesterday to the Basilica of Guadalupe to give Her thanks for our son.   I still remember being there many times begging, pleading, crying to Our Lady asking for Her help and intercession so we could be parents.  And there we were several years later with our son in our arms thanks clearly to Her.

The law  here states that you can adopt again when the baby is 2 years of age and Josemaria just turned 1 and we can get on the waiting list for the  paperwork and then take during the next year all the courses needed for this.  Once he is 2 the agency can grant us the permission to adopt again and  then its only time to wait for the baby destined for us.  (the agency assigns babies using prayer and physical characteristics. In our case almost like a miracle Josemaria truly looks like my DH and specially my father in law.  We have a picture from him as a baby and you cannot tell them apart)

Our agency is Catholic and they are extremely worried about what they are seeing in the couples coming to them so they  have implemented many new courses for first time and second time parents.  Just for example in our class one couple had 18 frozen embryos and she spoke of them as little eskimos.

Rampant use of IVF, no idea about what it entails, lack of basic religious preparation and much more , so they  are very concerned about the families where they are placing the children.  Although the criteria to be accepted by  the government  is very strict it does not ask for any of this,  so the agency has taken matters into their own hands making these courses mandatory.

We not only need to attend a 3 day  weekend intensive course for repeat adoptions (how to handle siblings, the challenges of telling the baby about its history, etc) even after taking 12 sessions over 4 months on adoption last year and reading many,  many books, but they have also made mandatory bioethics (yep, so people understand  what not to do and can start explaining to others what IVF and such really mean) and cathecism.   From what I understand its over 4 or 5 months of once a week  courses at night lasting over 3 to 4 hours each.    

Its very exciting to be on the path towards adoption again, yet  somewhat overwhelming.  Courses, paperwork, the wait....

We know that its the most wonderful thing we have ever  been through and Josemaria is worth all of this and more,    but all the paperwork that we will need to have and also all the new courses that we need to take will be a lot with now a baby and work,  plus FertilityCare (and my own medical treatment since we want to leave this door open as our hearts still tell us to do).  

I am starting to prepare myself mentally and focus on the end result, that we could be parents once more.  

The wait has also extended due to a very,  very sad reality.  Normally it was a year from the time you  received the paper work to the time you were assigned a baby, but now is has extended to 1.5 to 2  years.  Fewer  mothers and babies are arriving at our agency, yet the waiting list for IF couples grows each day.     Many beds are not being used.

This is because abortion is now available legally in Mexico city (the 5 year anniversary has passed recently and over 70 K abortions have taken place here).  Most states are still closed to abortion, yet is slowly making its way into the main cities.      US  private clinics funded by PP and Mary Stoopes and the such have had a field day here and continue to expand.  More and more babies are dying and less are coming to be saved to our agency.

It makes me sick to the stomach and every time I think about it I need to go and hug Josemaria tightly. We need to start praying for our future son or daughter now so she/him can be saved from this.  


  1. Oh hon...I am praying that the devil of abortion stays away far far away so your precious little sibling to your beautiful JoseMaria can arrive SOON.
    And, I commend you on your dedication to fulfill all the requirements of placement. UGH! It is painful for me to see such good parents have to jump through so many hoops...but, I hope it does help the not so good parents improve or be weeded out!

    I have a feeling that things are going to move fast for you once you are on that list!!!!

    And, you are also juggling keeping NAPRO and conception with your, we could very well see TWO more babies sooner than we all can imagine.

    Because blessings are waiting to be poured out on your household. I have no doubt of this, seriously NO DOUBT.

    I see little olives around your kitchen table.

    God Bless You. You are my heroine!

  2. Im so excited for you on the adoption front! Time has passed so quickly!!! I'm excited to be with you on your journey for baby #2!!!

  3. So exciting that you are beginning the process for a second adoption! So sad about the abortion factor. :( :( I will pray! I agree with Little JoAnn, blessings are coming!

  4. I am so excited that you're starting the process for baby #2! I will definitely step up my prayers for you!!!

  5. I think abortion is one of the reason why there are so few children available to adopt here in the US. So sad to hear about it spreading.

    You are so lucky to have a Catholic agency that teaches about why IVF is wrong. Best of wishes on your adoption journey.

  6. Praying for your new baby, that he/she is protected from abortion and that God will lead them straight to your arms!

  7. I hope the second adoption process goes very smoothly! Praying for you!!

  8. So exciting that you have started the process for #2. I'm sorry to hear hat abortion is affecting the number of children who are available for adoption, but it's awesome about your agency explaining why not to do IVF.

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  9. Dear "A Martha trying to be Mary"

    It looks like God might be closing the door on my husband and I being able to become biological parents (I'm 45 and no cycle now for almost three months), but I am going to keep praying for you (and offering up all my sufferings) to help you and your hubby to be blessed with more children! You can count on my prayers! I love the Blessed Mother and the rosary just like you! May God Bless you and your family! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs to you!