Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where to go from here

My last results of my Napro testing have arrived.    After a month full of testing only a couple of  things seem  off, but maybe the key for why we have not conceived again.   I really do not know.  

Need to wait for the doctors to let me know next steps, but nothing clearly stands out from this testing.  I will spend the next days translating my studies and send to Gianna in the coming days. Maybe they will see something to address that me as a normal person cannot see.

Yet I feel:    Arghhhhh!

I thought we would find something specific to address.  Something to focus on, a red flag.

My chart looks amazing
My blood work on P+7 is great
Estradiol is almost from a book
U/S found normal follicles.
My DH increased numbers
etc etc.

So my plan is to address  for now,  until they give me directions,  these couple of  things  that I understand are not perfect and really, really focus on general health.  I have not been doing a good job about it.  There seems nowhere else to go from here,  but this.  

When I got pregnant I kept a diary for fertility.  I found one in an Ame. rican Bookstore here in Mexico city.  Its normally used for IVF cycles, but I used to record my feelings, my exercise, my diet and to keep myself accountable.

I put into practice a lot of the stuff I was told to do by Rand.ine lewis from the Infertilty Cure (I was to one of her retreats)¡ I went to a functional nutritionist, read all my books again and devised a health plan for myself on what made sense to me.  

 I am no sure the connection since I also was doing Napro and TCM also,   but I got pregnant on the 3 rd month of using the journal and doing all the health recommendations.  

So I will go back to it and record all of this.    It cannot hurt and if I do not get pregnant Josemaria will have a much healthier mother which would be also great.  

My only medical findings:


  • FSH day 5: increased from 7.5 to 9.  Nine is  still OK, but not perfect.     IVF clinics would still take me as a patient.   Napro does not consider it important only,  from what I understand,  if its way higher.  For this I will read the book Inconceivable which is very encouraging.   
  • Low vitamin D  (actually very low).   Which we need to address since its a crucial component for health.  It prevents cancer, helps with hormones, fights depression etc.  They have in the last years discovered it to be a major vitamin.    So the plan is: more sun (only using sunblock in face and neck)  and start vitamin supplements , 2000 IU a day.   I will still have an appointment with the nutritionist.  

General health. Reading my fertilty journal  again I am not doing most of the stuff I was doing then. Here is a summary of where I am  in case it help anybody and what I will focus on:

  • I have started to drink caffeine since starting my new job, and have not really focused on my  diet. So first step:  stop the caffeine!!!  
  • I need to lose 8 kilos ( 17 pounds ) to be in a perfect, perfect weight, but the doctor has said that by losing 8 pounds I would be in healthy range.   My body mass index shows high percentage of fat which is normal with thyroid issues (plus my lack of exercise) and it would be great to lose it.  So nutritionist here I come
  • I have a disaster with all my supplements.   I need to go over them again with a functional medicine nutritionist.   So many books and so many different viewpoints.  This confirms that I need to go to the nutritionist and the only that I really found to be compatible with Napro are the functional medicine ones.   They are simply amazing since they look at the person as a whole and also see infertility as a disease to be treated.  The nutritionist was open to explore with me the recommendations by dr. H (fish oil, pycnogenol etc) and also the ones by the book Fertil.ty cycles and nutr.ition.  She put me on an anti inflammatory diet and tons of natural supplements. I lost a lot of weight, tons of inflammation , etc.  It was amazing.  
  • Stress has been high.  My work is very demanding and also I have had several very difficult charting cases, plus other stuff going on.  I need to  relax. I have several tapes on this from Randi.ne Lew.is, and other authors.  While not  all Christian I will focus on the aspects I knew were not contrary to my faith and the rest I  will not do 
  • Exercise:  I have not exercised in the last 3 months with all the travel,  childcare duties and work. and this does not help with the weight, nor with the stress.  When we conceived I was doing NIA (a type of free form dance which I love) , also breathing work and Chi Kung (slow movements with breathing that according to TCM help move the body energy

I will post more once Gianna answers and I meet with the nutritionist in case it helps any older women.  


  1. I hope the Gianna Center will have some great ideas. I wish there was a scanner that would beep over the problem area or deficiency. It would help SO much!!M
    I am also guilty of poor diet and exercise and also high stress. I need to get myself in gear to correct these problems in my own life. You are not alone!

  2. Praying for answers and healing for you!!

  3. I hope and pray that you find your answers soon!

  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers! When you see the nutritionist, I would love to hear her recommendations! I feel very discouraged. I am forty five now and haven't had a cycle in almost two months. I am not sure what I can do. I am still doing the Creighton charting though, but we are not seeing a Napro doctor anymore. We stopped seeing him when my husband told him we weren't interested in fertility anymore. Not true - I am still praying and hoping for a miracle! Praying for you too!