Friday, October 15, 2010

Hope in media!

Yesterday night I was invited to a private screening of the most amazing movie I have seen in the last years. A movie that gave me tremendous hope.

The surprising subject, a documentary of the day to day life of a priest.

Its called: "The last summit"

It speaks about celibacy, prayer, donation of oneself to others, the Eucharist, death, etc. in a very fun and surprising way.

It captures you from the very beginning and it speaks no only to the believers, but also to the non-believers.

Cardinal Ca├▒izares has said: Its a movie that speaks clearly about God and it does not make any excuses. =)

It has been a huge and completly unexpected success in a Spain that is traditionaly Catholic, but is facing perhaps the worst moment for the Church in the last 70 years. Just right now it has one of the worst abortion laws in the world.

Media are virulently anti-Catholic and now are speaking well about the movie! and people are going in droves. Its going soon to the USA so please , please when it near you please see it!

The first 5 minutes of the movie have been downloaded more than a 1,000,000 times in just a few months.

Here is the link (work in progress) in English:

The 3rd clip is the first 5 minutes of the movie with subtitles.
Clip nr 2 is very very moving. Hard to watch, but amazing.

In Spain it has been screening 4 months without any formal publicity and last night the director said that they have received requests from over 100 countries and had just been to the US to work on its public release . They were here in Mexico also to negotiate its opening.

Its about the life of Pablo, a 42 year old priest that had died while climbing the highest peak in Spain in February of 2009.

The director of the movie had met Pablo just 12 days before when he had gone to a conference dictated by him. He did not want to go and was very much suprised by this priest. Later he learned that Pablo had died.

The director had liked the priest and had thought to honor him by providing his friends and family with a video of the conference. Yet God had other plans.

They ended up doing a movie with a ton of testimonials on the holiness of this priest. A movie that has rocked Spain and has shed a new light on the Church.

It has moved me to the core and made me question how good a christian I am. I am sure it will do the same to many people.

God is so good!


  1. Thank you for sharing!!! I hope we get it here!!! :)

  2. Sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it!

  3. I bookmarked the I want to see the film!!!

  4. I've never heard of it! I cannot wait to learn more!! WOW!!!!! Thank you!!!