Sunday, October 31, 2010

New beginnings

Here I am awake at 6:30 a.m on a Sunday. Had not done this in a very long time, yet I am suprisingly refreshed. My times are all switched due to my travels and also to the daylights saving time change that just took place today here in Mexico.

Its a good time for an "Autum/Winter" cleaning in every respect and I have Monday and Tuesday off and unexpectedly open of all activities.

Medical testing, back to the diet, puting my space in order and starting the next step with our agency are all new beginings this week. Also we are starting a new novena with some friends to Our Lady Who Unties Knots whose image is above.

Today is CD 1 and I to not feel bad about it. We did not really try this cycle since I was too afraid after my miscarriage. I wanted to wait another month to heal emotionally also to check that my cycles were back to normal, which they were in part just some changes to my chart.

Also I have not done the testing for blood clotting issues, nor my thyroid. I pushed the doctors so hard for answers and then was petrified of strarting the tests!

Why? I am not sure. Maybe after spending 4 days in the hospital with the complications I had with the miscarriage and last week a flu (all my office had it!) I was done with doctors or too afraid to find something else wrong.

Yet this week I will start with everything. I will have the time to put things in order and somewhere deep within my soul and body I know right now it the time.

The Novena is a great way to start and its so powerful. I love the image of our Lady who unties Knots!! A ribbon full of knots on one side and then slowly with the angels she unties them. A very clear image.

I will ask for all bloggers and my catholic If yahoo group and also for my specific intentions: Faith, clear signals on how to continue our quest for a family, that the job situation of my DH becomes secure and my health.

I will also be starting a whole new diet. I am after Brasil (I ate everything in sight as the food is delicious!) and on top of my miscarriage diet mess back to 70 kilos (154 pounds!!!!) Ughhh.

I need to lose some 20 pounts to be at my ideal weight.... wow!

I am not overweight according to the charts, but the BMI put me in the very upper of normal and I am only a kilo away from overweight. I feel bloated, my clothes do not fit and in general this is not the body to be a mom either through adoption or biologically.

I will try to do a detox first using the "you are what you eat" book (which I loved) and see how it goes, if not I will go back to the nutritionist I was seeing when I got pregnant. I just crave right now healthy food as I feel so bloated.

On the adoption front. The agency sent an email very late Friday and we were suprised by the date. We will start the adoption course in a week!!!! Novembere 8th. wow!

Its 3 months long, every Monday from 7 to 10 p.m. and very intensive. Its a requisite towards adoption where they teach you everything from the issues that we will face, how to handle many aspects of the adoption, the importance of genetics to how to educate in all age brackets, etc.

We will be together with another 11 couples and this will become our support group in the coming months of wait. According to our friends who recently adopted once you are in the course it takes from 7 months to a year to get a placement. My God!

After we finish the course we will have the visit by the psychologist and the social worker and if everything goes OK we will be approved... and then is only waiting. Not 100% sure we will pass everything but we are one step nearer.

Since we are somewhat of a difficult case for the agency as we do not look Mexican it can work for or against us in terms of time.

My DH and I look mainly European and are a minority in Mexico. I am pale blond and my DH is very tall and pale. In Mexico they still try for the children to look as much possible as the adoptive families and all adoptions are closed, so we will see how this plays.

today is a very nice day outside so I will go out now with DH and FIl for breakfast and then midday Mass. A great way to start new beginnings.


  1. I'm so happy to hear that you sound so positive about a new start. I will pray for your faith and clarity:)

  2. Yay! I'm thrilled for you to be starting the adoption process formally. I can't wait to follow your story and see where God is leading you! That novena sounds powerful.

  3. Praying for you as you officially get started with your adoption journey! So interesting how Mexico handles placements!