Monday, November 28, 2011

Health update and Chris.topher retreat

Thanks so much for all the health  advice and prayers.  I have been using the neti pot and it has been great and trying to rest as much as possible with a very,  very active 7 month old that wants to start crawling any minute and also was sick.

The 3 of us now have a diagnosis ( 4 doctor appointments  Friday and Saturday and 100´s of dollars later in medicines ) and are being treated for what they found

Josemaria has laringitis and pharyngitis (not sure of the name in English) but something like inflammation of the whole throat which explain some of his screams during 2 whole nights.

   Luckily it did not go to the lungs and his only outwards symptoms area runny nose,  that  he seems to cry at the drop of a hat and needs me to hold him a lot, but still smiles all the time and is very,  very active. Babies are really remarkable. It seems he will begin to crawl real soon, so I will need to  prepare the house for this.  

My DH has a  sinus infection that will need to be treated with antibiotics for one week and anti. inflamatories for 2 months.  He had a nose operation about 3 years ago due to sinus issues and is always extremely sensitive to colds.   He has had allergies all his life and after the operation his issues really got better and this is the very first time they came back in years.  The doctor is taking an aggressive approach so it does not develop into something else.

Me: sinus infection from a very,  very bad infection  and I had a very bad reaction to the antibiotic which basically destroyed my stomach and gave me many of the symptoms. 

   My throat had been hurting like crazy which I thought part of the infection,  but no.  It was the stomach acid from the bad reaction to the antibiotic, as well as the inflammation of the lip and the extreme fatigue. 

I had used the antiobiotic before and no problems, but last week after 3 shots of antibiotic the doctor switched me to this oral one  and all went down hill from there. In  3 days I was much sicker.

 So to get rid of the infection which the doctor believes is a different one from the first one almost 4 weeks ago I need to get shots of antibiotics, also an antiflammatory (my backside is all bruised by now, but I am already feeling much,  much better) and medicine to fix my stomach .

 It seems I got out of one cold that was very bad and was very weak and then caught another which is the same one that now my husband and Josemaria have.   The major issue was by bad reaction to the medicine.  

We expect to make a full recovery, but I know it will take some weeks for me to feel 100% since it was so bad this time. 

Regarding  Napro this is the very first cycle I did not use HCG injections in 2 years. I was so tired of medicines that I did not have it in me to use them.  Also the expense on top of all our medicines and doctors. I am now on P+ 13. which I  normally do not reach without help (I have luteal defect nr 3)  I only had some VL a couple of days ago,  but no PMS, no painful breasts, nothing and my period is not in sight.

 On HCG the last cycles I have had very painful PMS and my breasts start to hurt almost right after P+5.  I also have not been doing cycle reviews since Josemaria came.  I will need to make a decision soon on my next steps with this.   Do we keep with the full program? search as actively as when I got pregnant? Slowly leave most medicines and only focus on adoption and my thyroid and adrenal fatigue?  I do not know. 

Now on the exciting part:

I did not mention it here before, but my DH and I have been invited to a four day course on the Theology of the Body with Chris.topher We-st himself for this weekend.  I did not know if we could go due to the expense and also due to our health issues of the last month, but I am praying hard that all sorts itself out. 

 Now we have an 80% chance of attending, me starting  Thursday night and my DH would arrive Friday evening due to meetings. Josemaria is also invited =)  It really all depends from our health.  

 Its a private course for only 20 couples all working for different pro-life causes.  All were chosen due to their work.  

The amazing bishop that has been supporting Napro here  from the beginning ´suggested us to the organizers and we received an invitation about one month ago,  but then I got sick and did not have it in me to even consider going. 

I am now  trying to catch up (I have several books by West that I bought in Omaha at the amazing Catholic bookstore there famous among bloggers,  but loaned  them all and would like to take them to get signed and also so I can at least read the most important parts), get our health in order so we can go and all the logistics of traveling with a small baby for the very first time to a city 3 hours away .

 I will go alone with Josemaria  the first day and a half if we are all better by Wednesday.   The doctor said to wait until then to make a final decision. My first trip with the baby all on my own (actually his very first trip)-  I will probably travel with another couple in their car since I really am afraid to drive 3 hours with such a small baby on a highway.

I am really looking forward to this.  My DH  and I  have been through so much in the last 4 years (his mother´s death from cancer, my dads cancer, several deaths, our IF, several major health crisis for both of us, major job issues and  a devastating miscarriage)   I really feel we need the time to focus on us.  We really,  really need it and God has provided the perfect vehicle for this. 

If you can spare a prayer so we can go,  specially that the medicines do their work and we are all healthy by Wednesday.  I promise to write a summary on the experience. 

Thanks!! happy Advent season!!!!



  1. Praying that you all recover quickly and that you are able to make the trip!

  2. ooo...the possibilities for the weekend are exciting! Praying for a speedy recovery for all.

  3. What a great opportunity! I'll be praying for a quick recovery for you all, so that your decision is clear.

  4. Praying for healing for all of you!

  5. So glad your health is starting to get better! I will pray that you are healed soon and can go on that amazing trip!

  6. Praying for you all to feel better and have a safe trip. Enjoy yourself there!

  7. Praying that your health continues to improve! Sounds like an amazing opportunity this weekend! I hope you are able to get everything worked out so you can attend.