Friday, November 25, 2011

when the whole family is sick advice needed and napro questions

I have been sick almost 4  weeks now.  I have never  in my whole been sick so long with adecuate treatment,  got better., then I got sick again, Josemaria got sick and now my DH.  

I am offering all of this up for all of those still waiting or pregnant.  It really has been a difficult time.

I am at my wits end and would love to read about any advice you can give to break this cycle  and to feel better.  Old wives tales, practical advice from mothers of young children, etc

I know that I have been under a lot of stress (my dad starting radiotherapy for cancer, me going back to work in a  month, my DH with lots and lots of work and not being able to help,  work and childcare decisions), yet I have been trying to take it easy  and have  followed doctors advice perfectly to no avail.

 I really think this is something else.  Like a super bug.

It stared a month ago when  I was sick for one whole week with a cold  and took the natural approach. Rest, water, lemonade, chicken soup, wore a mask around the house, washed hands like crazy, and etc.   Went to acupuncture and used magnets (a type of alternative medicine to fight virus and bacteria) Well I just got sicker and everything that normally works did not and I had to go the the western doctor which after my years of IF I do not like doing anymore.

Well she said I had a  nasty infection  with sinus inflammation and gave me a 10 day antibiotic dose. pain medicine and to take it easy which I did.  I hated it since I had started to have cabin fever,  but knew I had the responsability of a 7 month baby and my DH just started a new job with very long hours.    I even spent a couple of days with my parents who helped with the baby so I could rest. which I did.  

Then I got better and for 4 days felt fine.  Then again same symptoms with a vengance.   Pain in the sinus area, mucus,  dry coughing, a general state of extreme fatigue.

I called the doctor in panic and she gave me  injections of very very strong medicine for 3 days and more antibiotics for 7 days.. 

Josemaria started also at the very same time with his first cold ever.  I almost lost it.

 Screaming at night from not being able to breath, the doctor gave him some medicine for the symptoms and  told  to just let his system fight it and keep a very close eye on him.   It seemed to work perfectly  and he was better each day until yesterday when I did not like his cough anymore.  So today I am taking him after my appointment with the ear, throat and  nose doctor to his pediatrician.

And last night.  I could not sleep from the throat pain and today I wake up not feeling my lips.  They were extremely big!!!   So I called the doctor again who wants to see me in a couple of hours.  It seems I have developed an allergy to the antibiotic.

And last night.  My DH started with a sniffles, throat pain and fatigue .

 I really tried my hardest not to spread it around, yet it seems I have failed and have now a sick baby and DH.   I  also called the magnets. It has worked very well each time so I will give it another try.

This is what we have done so far:
  • Changed toothbrushes and the ones that we use we put in sodium bicarbonate for at least 2 hours not to get reinfected again,
  • Put all the bed clothes and the dishes  in the sanitary cycle of the washing machines. 
  • Put lysol in all the areas where we spend time (beds, living room around josemaria´s toys)
  • I have sterilized all the things that I can that are used by  Josemaria.
  • Changed  pijamas each night
  • Taken out the pillows into the sun
  • DH and I are taking high doses of Vitamin C
  • I have started to take tons of green tea, chicken soup and ginger
Anything else that you can advice?  any advice to make things better for a sick baby?

And some Napro questions:

I have heard from one of Dr. H patients that he has begun recomending tran.sfer fa.ctor plus.  anybody out here has used it?  the research is very very interesting and it helps with the inmune system which we really need here.

Then I have read about somehing puriens for men that he also recommends? anybody has used it?

Any other new protocols out there?

Thanks for any advice.  All is welcome!


  1. So sorry you have been so sick & it's not going away. It can help to always run a humidifier at night or vaporizer (with the door to the room closed). This will help him breathe better (you also). It will help loosen his congestion. Will pray the rosary for you & family today. xoxo

  2. Geez, as a nurse I can not recommend a dang thing, you have done 2 round of antibiotics and still feel like crap! And now... allergic reaction to it! It sounds like all three of you just keep giving each other the bug over and over. I guess that next step would be (down the line) would see an Infectious Disease (ID) MD to see if they can run more tests to target the bug. Prayers to you and your family!

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have any advice for you, other than to not be too hard on yourself. You did everything in your power to keep from passing this bug on - sometimes there's just no stopping them. I'll be praying for you and your family to heal from this quickly.

  4. Oh my gosh, you poor thing! You must be miserable!! I wish I had advice but you are doing everything I can think of. I will pray!

  5. So so sorry. Have you ever tried a neti pot? I resisted for a long time. I have chronic sinus issues and have a long histor of sinus infections. Haven't had one since I've been using the neti pot. My ear, nose and throat doctor always told me to steam my face with a towel over my head above a pot of boiling water. Try to inhale the steam as much as you can take it. When I'm sick, I do this for 5 minutes every hour and then do the neti pot. I also take this Wellness Formula ( herb concoction that really helps me. Hopefully you find relief. you are in my prayers!

  6. No advice ... It sounds like you are doing everything right! You have good instincts it sounds terrible ... this sickness. I'll pray for your family's health!

  7. Are you sure you don't have mono? Have you ever had it? It tends to linger on and on unless you rest. Although a typical symptom is a really sore throat at the beginning, not everyone has that. The fatigue is a really big part of it, though. It's a virus and antibiotics don't really do anything. If it is mono, it takes 2 weeks to resolve if you are able to rest, which I know is extremely difficult with a little baby and work. The mucus and cough, though, don't quite sound like mono, but I thought maybe it would be something to think about.

  8. Prayers for you! You must be miserable.

    You are doing all the natural remedies I usually do too. The only thing I can suggest is 1.try seeing a Homeopath if you can. and 2.Eat lots of garlic. Garlic is a natural broad spectrum antibiotic. I roast a whole head (at 400 F for about 1-1.5 hours) until it is soft. then I peel it and spread it on crackers or bread. Roasting it makes it nice and sweet. I also use Vi.cks Vap.o Rub for congestion (Not sure if they have it in Mexico.)

    I heard that putting your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide was supposed to kill germs. I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works or not, but just a thought.

  9. As for the NaPro questions, sorry, no news here.

    Oh, I thought of more after I posted.

    1. I take hot water with lemon and raw honey when I am feeling sick. It soothes the throat and is good for illness or allergies. Lemon is antiseptic and honey is anti-microbial and anti-fungal. I use raw honey, so I get a small dose of the local pollen allowing my body to build up resistance-reducing seasonal allergies.

    2. I also use a product called " Bal.m" that is good for sinus problems. It is meant as a muscular rub. But you can rub a very small amount under your nose and breath it in. I always put some olive oil on with it or else it will burn. The herbs in there are all aromatics that are good for sinus problems (which it sounds like you have).

    3. With all the stress in your life right now, you are probably very run down, which is why it is hitting you so hard. Just continue to rest and by rest I mean being horizontal in bed or on the sofa. Sleep as much as you can. Your body does the most healing while sleeping.

  10. swallowing smashed garlic cloves is a natural "anitbiotic" also getting hold of some oil of thieves, it's a great anti viral, anti biotic. You can take it orally (mixed in something) and rub it (diluted with a carrier oil) on Josemaria's chest and bottom of his feet.