Wednesday, November 30, 2011

International Novena to the Immaculate Conception and our Lady of Guadalupe

I am  sorry for organizing this so late,   but after praying about it here in  Mexico we decided  to start an international  Novena to the Immaculate Conception (Dec 8th) and we will continue it 4 more days  in prayer  until the Feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Dec 12th) .

We will use this one:

People from different countries will participate with us in this Novena praying for each others intentions and hopefully we can have also others join us.    

Many historians and theologians state a very strong correlation between both feast days ( and many here believe its a very special Marian time full of graces. 

 Guadalupe is the only apparition where she left her own image imprinted  and one of the three most important Marian appariations in the world together with Fatima and Lourdes and her iconography is very much related to the Immaculate conception.  

Lets pray  very,  very specially for  those that are waiting since these times are sooo hard.  I know it from experience.  Maybe the hardest of the year. 

If you need prayers send them our way and we will include you here.   I will print the list.  We are also asking a contemplative convent to join us.

 We will also deliver all the intentions at the Basilica of Guadalupe  here in Mexico after the feast day.  (its imposible to go to the Basilica the very same day since its soooo packed.   Millions, some say up to 3 or 4 million go there during these days) But I promise to deliver them all afterwards right at Her feet.

I am leaving tomorrow early for my retreat with Christ.opher  (thanks so much for the  prayers baby and mother are doing well enough to go), but I promise to  connect and put the  intentions here.



  1. Please pray for us to be able to adopt a baby soon. We have been waiting so long. It seems so much more difficult the second time around. Thank you so much and I will pray that you have a good retreat with Christopher West.

  2. I am happily joining you!!

    Have fun on your retreat!

  3. Thanks for posting the novena. I'll join you in prayer. Would you add us to your intentions? Prayers that we would conceive and for discernment of God's will for our family would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you learn any insights from Christopher West on infertility in relation to TOTB, please share them when you're back from your retreat. I know he and his wife had difficulty conceiving at least once during their marriage, so he might have personal insights as well.

    Hope the retreat goes well! I'll be praying for you.

  4. I'll be praying with you ... and especially for those still waiting and suffering from IF.
    Our intentions are a short wait for our adoption and prayers for patience during the wait.
    I'll be looking forward to the update on the retreat! So glad you are feeling good enough to go. :-)

  5. Could you please pray for us to Our Dear Lady of Guadalupe that we may be blessed with a child in our lives. Thanks for sharing the Novena!