Friday, March 23, 2012

The Pope is in Mexico!! we can bring your intentions to the Papal Mass!!!

The Pope arrived today in the afternoon to León, Guanajuato,   a city in the very center  of  Mexico, for his first Papal visit.  

Leon is part of a large geographical area where religious persecution  against  Catholics was most fierce in the 1930`s.  Its a land of  true martyrs.

Near Leon is a monument to Christ the King on top of a mountain (very similar to the very famous one in Rio de Janeiro) which is the geographical center of Mexico and  very near there the Pope will give a Mass on Sunday.  This is where Mexico was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

A very dear friend of mine will be attending the  Sunday Mass, she also has suffered the pain of IF and is now the amazing mother to two beautiful children via adoption.    She has been working with me tirelessly to bring Napro to this Land of Guadalupe.

Due to his health the Pope cannot come to Mexico City (we have a very high altitude), so they chose this very special place for his visit.

My friend is offering to bring all intentions to this Papal Mass.     So please feel free to send her your intentions.  I will not be able to attend the Mass, but she will be there representing us.

Intentions for adoption, for children, for peace, any intention.

Here is her blog:

 and this is her email:   begrobayo @

If you can be united in prayer with us we would also welcome it very much.

The Pope will come to a country which is waging a war.

A war against the drug cartels which in thousands of innocent people have been displaced and murdered.

Our current president, who is my personal hero and is very  prolife, had the guts to face these cartels that had been growing for several years as the consumption of drugs in the USA and other countries has increased and drug money from Colombia moved here.   Its really not only a problem from Mexico, but its an extremely complicated issue where the demand for illegal drugs is a the heart of it.  

Its a  war that has killed over 31, 000 civilians in the last 5 years and the Pope will pray for my country in this very special place where the Church was terribly persecuted.


  1. Are you back in Mexico?????

    Yes, it is awesome that he is going to Guanayato. Sorry for the misspelling here!!!!

    My intention: please ask the Pope to help me lose weight. I know this sounds shallow...but, it has MAJOR problem for me to my great shock and really is going to determine if I can continue to try to have more children as a age my way to 45 years old!!!

    And, please pray for all my friends who are suffering from unemployment.

    Thanks, dear. BTW, I went to a Chinese Accupunturist a real no-nonsense guy...major trained not a feel good kind of Chinse doctor...but a busy busy man who is all work and no play. On your example. Anyways, wouldn't you know with ONE treatment he helped me to get rid of a cough I have had my ENTIRE pregnancy that I really did not want to take antibiotics for. The next day the cough was GONE AND I also felt energy for the FIRST time (forget pregnancy fatigue) I am talking about having just the ability to get up and go on a SHORT WALK! He only used a FEW needles because of the pregnancy and a VERY light massage on my legs. BUT, SOMETHING gave. And, I DEFINATELY benefited from the treatment. I can't wait til I give birth and then I can go 2 times a week.

    Anyways, I would have never gone without your inspiration.

  2. Please bring my intention that we will finally conceive!!!! Thank you so much for your offer.

    I continue to pray for you and I am so hopeful for you now that you have a new plan!