Saturday, March 10, 2012

What Chinese Medicine really thinks about IVF

A few months ago I met an amazing doctor who has been helping heal my body after my  miscarriage and  2 back to back D&C´s in late 2010 and today we had an amazing conversation on what Chinese medicine really thought about IVF.

I know very little about him personally only that he is a western trained neurologist who decided to leave everything and study in China for several years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) , that his office is packed for the next months  (he is packed with some of the richest people in Mexico, yet does not charge a lot for this consults and has so many people in his waiting list that he no longer accepts new patients)  and that he thinks that  IVF is no real medicine.  

 Since my miscarriage over a year ago I had lost all trust in my body and the next months only confirmed that it was badly broken: my  ovulation had moved into CD 20 or much later,  I had limited mucus cycles (in several cycles I was  not even sure when I ovulated ) and  I struggled with tail end brown bleeding for several months (a sign of infection/ inflammation).  All that I did to try to heal it did not work.   For example  the brown bleeding  kept coming back with a vengance even after many rounds of antibiotics  (In the end  my digestion was destroyed and I developed Candida).  

After a friend recommended this doctor very highly to me I decided to see him  to try to gain more health in general  and  after several months of seeing him regularily to fight colds and stress  in November of we discussed that I wanted to go back to TTC.   He said he wanted to solve certain things first and in January really start in earnest.  I had to focus during November and December  on my nutrition, lose some weight and check that the TEBB did not return.  

 Well since February I have had three TTC appoinments which  have been amazing  and today  in the 3rd one we had an eye opening conversation.  

The 3 appointments have had amazing results on my body.   On February 12th  I blogged that    I had not seen a lot of CM for over a year,  but the very next day after my first TTC session  I saw 10 K L and for the next SIX days more of the same,  somedays even all day.  I felt like  15 years old!   During the session I felt very strong energy moving through my body  and actually could feel my ovaries reacting.  It was surreal. 

Then a couple of weeks ago I went for my second TTC appointment and he only said  to expect changes.   I had no idea what he meant, but  this cycle   completely unexpectedly CM made its appereance  on CD 9, when most of the last year it did until CD 17 and the very last cycle my ovulation was on CD 25.     Today he told me that he had wanted to move it earlier since in TCM ovulation around CD 14 and 15 is ideal and that he was very happy this was happening.  I was left speechless.  

 Today in my last appointment  I told him that my  CM has been going  very strong for 3 days now, which is amazing in this infertile 40 year old body.   

Well I commented this to him and told him that even if I did not get pregnant I was happy to be doing this for my body and told him how sad I was seeing so many people being pushed into IVF when this did nothing to heal people.  

 I do not know his religion, nor his views on many things, but he said that IVF was complete nonsense in the Eastern view and began to tell me why.  He said that  true practitioners of Chinese medicine do not believe in IVF and if they say that they do then they are no really practicing Chinese Medicine. 

 IVF went against the core principles of TCM; 

In the Eastern view Nature is all about balance.  Sickness is when we lose this balance and infertility is such a state.  The imbalance can be brought by many things.      For example he told me a lot of IF is because we have filled  our water and animals with hormones   and also we live apart from nature in big crowded cities.  Both things are completly counter nature and break havoc on the delicate balance of energies in the body. 

He explained to me that IVF in term of true  Chinese Medicine is complete nonsense and that he could not understand why some people used accupuncture  to try to have better results in IVF.  

That they actually were incompatible.    That IVF actually brought imbalance in body that clearly was unhealthy and that it could bring dire consequences for the woman on the long term.   This went against all that TCM believed.   

Then he said  in  TCM you cannot not interrupt a natural process such as conception.  Its a natural process in which man has no say.  

He said:   Nature should select the best egg and the best sperm, our bodies were designed for this and when a man in a lab takes this role , there is no way for him to know which one is the best one. 

 He said this will bring tons and tons of issues in the children born from IVF, victims of a system that was designed for money, not true medicine.  

He mentioned that we are only seeing the inmediate results  for example children born from IVF have more than double the birth defects than children born from the sexual union, but we could also expect dire consequences in the later generations.  We are experimenting with life, with nature and you can only expect catastrophe when you do this. 

He then mentioned bees as an example of how nature works.  Chinese medicine compares human conception to the conception of bees.    When mating  the queen moves farther and farther away from the  other bees (not sure of the name in English of the bees that will mate with her) in an effort to test them and that only the best one fertilizes her.  Well its the same way with humans. 

 The strongest sperm are the ones that reach the egg, but in IVF this is completly forced.  Both egg and sperm are not chosen by nature, but by man creating havoc in the delicate balace of life. 

And then he said:    Imagine this. You have this baby and you implant it in a clearly unhealthy body. This should be banned.  

Its so unfair to both mother and child. 

He then said: Doctors have forgotten that first you start with a diagnosis, then you cure and then conception occurrs.  Doing it the other way around is not medicine,   its actually non medicine.  

The way to do it is by bringing balance for the body, curing it.   

I left my appointment with a smile.  All of this, even coming from a non Christian/ Catholic system, makes so much common sense. 

Even if I do not get pregnant again I am so glad to have met him.  A non Napro doctor that believes in the very same things as Napro.  

Diagnosing, curing and then if all is all right conception will ocurr.  True medicine.  


  1. Yes, Brilliant! And I am glad to report that my acupuncturist did not believe in IVF or even the pill for its effects on the body.

  2. Wonderful!! I tried TCM at the start of our IF journey and my naturopath also uses it. IVF is so unnatural, I wish more people understood that!

  3. Thank you for sharing, his message is so simple to explain to others without involving theology. Just the basics - the truth made simple.

  4. True medicine, indeed! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Makes me want to make an appt with my practitioner. Haven't seen her in a year. Hmmm.... the Holy Spirit is working through you girl!! Amazing stuff.

  6. So well said! Thank you for sharing. This makes we want to learn more about TCM.... hmmm. I think I'll have to look into it.

  7. AMAZING! I 100% agree with his beliefs too.
    And I'm THRILLED about your great CM!!!!!