Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A caring doctor and results

I am home now after a stress filled afternoon.

As I blogged today I was to have a hysteroscopy at the recommendation of the doctor a the Gia.nna center.  Since my miscarriage and 2 back to back D&C´s I have had intermittent tail end brown bleeding and even after many courses of antibiotics it keeps returning. They suspected adhesions, an issue with the endometrium or  infections.  This is the only thing in my chart which is not perfect and they thought a possible cause of our lack of pregnancies.  

I was very  anxious about going back to the same hospital where I had all my complications and about the possible pain of the procedure.   I did my best not to think about it the whole day.  

I was very,  very blessed that my local Napro doctor and friend picked me from my office and drove me to the hospital and even waited for one hour talking with me to distract me until the pain medicine went into effect. She stayed with me during the procedure, took my hand, prayed  and actually told the doctor exactly what she wanted to see and to be extra carful.  She was my angel.   Compassionate, caring, humble, a true gift to Napro. 

The procedure found everything normal in my uterus. It was more painful than I expected (like very,  very bad cramps for several minutes and I almost ended up crying) and it has to do a lot with my retroverted uterus.

The procedure found  no polyps, no inflammation,  no adhesions, etc.  Actually the doctor said  it looked beautiful.  They took a biopsy and we will have the result in a week, but we expect it to come back normal since Napro considers that most of them come back normal since doctors do not give it enough time to give the exact data.  Most probably I will go on Biaxin again now that we have ruled out the other possible causes.     I do not look forward to this, but its the only way it has gone away.  

I now have my full file for and PPVI.   I have decided to send it  them both  and have their input and opinion and   I also  hope to have sometime to speak to other doctors at the FertilityCare meeting in Utah next week.  Lets see what happens.   

Thanks for all the prayers today in a very anxiety filled day.  They truly held me. 


  1. I'm not sure if I've ever commented before, but I'm a reader of your blog. I'm glad the test went well. I, too, suffer from both premenstrual spotting and TEBB. I took Biaxin this last cycle on days 1-10 and had no TEBB and then no premenstrual spotting. What part of your cycle will you be taking it. The whole connection between infection and infertility intrigues me. It's just something my dr is starting to recognize.

  2. I am so glad that it all went well! You were in my thoughts yesterday.

    My dh and I are starting a 21-day course of Flagyl this cycle. I have minimal TEBB, but PPVI thinks that it still could be a factor. All my cultures came back negative after my surgery, so hopefully this will do the trick.

    Continued prayers for you!

  3. So glad that everything went well. And what a compassionate NaPro doctor! God bless her!

  4. Glad everything went well. So nice of your Napro doc to go too, what a great lady! Praying for answers for you!

  5. This is huge!!! This post had God allllll over it!!!!

  6. Awww, Man!! You're going to the AAFCP meeting??? Now I'm SUPER bummed that I'm missing it :( :( :(

    Maybe we'll catch up next year in New Orleans??

  7. You're going to the AAFCP meeting next week? I will be there too! I would love to meet you!