Monday, July 9, 2012

A new plan, thanks God!

I just hung up with the cen. ter.  Back in April by a series of Godincidences I had ended up having an appointment with them without even planning and today also with no planning I had an appointment with them that gave me enormous peace.

 I feel truly that God is with us giving us signs not to give up in our quest to build our family and feel peace which I had not felt about this in a long time.

By a miracle I was able to talk to them today.   I actually sent the translation of my test results  Friday afternoon and today I received an email that we could talk today  midday.  I was speechless since when I looked at their calendar  they did not have appointments until the end of the month.    I was bummed when I saw this and it made things almost impossible for me since it meant having to struggle to bring any medicines from the USA in the next months . 

This call today  means  I will be able to bring my medicines from the USA the very next week when I return from the FCCA meeting (the meeting where all practitioners and doctors meet) in Utha this week. 

The doctor was caring, took a lot of time to explains things to me and was open to my questions.   We had a brief discussion on Thyroid and maybe in the future I will go on Armour which she prefers to T3 (which Dr, H prefers).   I am very open to trying new things.  I have been on the same things forever and I am dead tired for them  and seeing no results.  

So the game plan is very different from what I have normally been doing.   I am actually very surprised since everything seemed so normal, yet she thinks my case its a question of several little things off rather than one big one.

The end message from her:  There as just subtle things that off from the hormonal point of view, nothing big and I seem to be ovulating fine and your DH is now considered to be normal. Your  charts and hormones continue to be very good despite your age  and if we adjust and correct those little things you could  conceive again.   I have hope for you and would tell you to stop otherwise or contain my enthusiasm, but I think you have at least a couple of good years to continue trying and there is good reason to hope.

I felt an enormous peace from this knowing that it had been a very good idea to fight for answers and to have the peace of mind that I had done everything I could.  

In summary the plan in case anybody can have ideas from it:

TSH on P+7 is 4,  higher than they like to see  (which is 2) and while she does not share Dr, H viewpoint on T3 she agreed to keep me on T3.   but adding T4 25 mcg.  I will need to do P+7 TSH each month to see where we are.

Low vitamin D:  She will put me on prescription vitamin d 50,000 IU for 3 months and then I will go on 2,000 IU a day.  

My P+7 estrogen and progesterone are too high from a fertility perspective so she wants me to lower my HCG to 1,000 IU P+3, P+5 and P+7.

Then my estrogen pre peak curve  is a little bit on the low side and she also thinks that my U/S is on the limit of normal (I have a beautiful follicle that grows to perfect size,  but when it decreases it does to the limit, so she cannot be sure it breaks fully or in the manner they like)   So to accomplish both making my estrogen higher and having a better follicle that breaks she wants me on Clomid 1/2 tablet days 3, 4 and 5 of each cycle.  I will also need to do U/S each month to see the rupture.  

I feel a lot of peace from this call.  I know I have done all possible and now its up to God.


  1. I'm so sorry I don't comment more but i have been keeping up with your news!

    I will be praying very hard for you and your husband that this new plan will mean the growth of your beautiful family. It's possible!! So hopeful for you!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful plan!! I especially like the Vit D protocol.
    Best of luck with it!

  3. That is such wonderful news! It sounds so promising!!

  4. Great that you got to talk with them today. Do you know what is the link with low Vitamin D & infertility is? I am on 10,000 a day right now.

  5. Having too-high post-peak estrogen and progesterone really messed me up. I am now a big believer in these small tweaks to get things "just right" :) Praying these adjustments do it for you!

  6. How wonderful to have a new plan and a doctor that believes in your ability to conceive. I know that my doctor has helped me keep going when I wanted to give up!

  7. This is SO exciting!!! Hope is ALIVE!!! :-)
    I love new plans ... they always energize me beyond belief!