Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off to meeting or so I thought (upadated)


I thought I was leaving today to Salt Lake City, but it was not to be.  I am really , really trying to make lemonade out of lemons and try to focus on the days ahead .  I do not know why,  but every time I try to do something for Napro like this, I end up having trials.  I do not want to think that its the bad guy testing me, but today I really really thought it was him making fun of me. 

This morning I left home with enough time to reach the airport  but I had with a broken heart. 

 I left a crying baby that yesterday was having a very  hard time with teething (his only really bad day so far) and so I was full of stress on my way there.  Luckily when I called again Josema was doing great and my parents had arrived to pick him up and he was all smiles.  

 I  was so worried today that I called my mom very early  even thinking of cancelling the trip, but in her wisdom she said she would take care of him as well as I could and she had three times the experience with teething that I had so not to worry.   In my last call Josema was laughing and playing with my dad so I know he is in the best ever hands and also know that Josema does wonders for my parents.  They really rejuvenate with him around.   

Well  I was all stress with all of this when on the way to the airport a truck carrying tiles had an accident and they closed 4 lanes out of 5  so what normally is a 45 minute ride took over 2 hours plus.  Almost 3.   The taxi ride was horrible,  hot and the driver not very nice.   

Well  I lost my flight to Salt Lake city by 10 minutes.   

And the odissey began.  

 I was travelling to Las Vegas first and then SLC.   The first part of the trip with miles and the rest with money.  I had been able to save hundreds of dollars by doing this and was very happy about it.... but when you lose a flight its the worst ever scenario.  

So I had to deal with 2 airlines, one of which with terrible service (Del.ta) with a phone line that never answered in 3 hours and a very bad internet connection so I could not do anything online.  Really horrible.   So I had to stand in line for 45 minutes to try to fix it at one of the counters and then 2 times at the other airline.  

After THREE hours I finally found a solution.  The first  one was to buy a new ticket, but it was 1,300 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!  A non negotiable thing for us right now.  

  In the end  I will fly  to Las Vegas at 8 p.m tonight , arrive there at 10 p.m and spend the night at an airport hotel and  leave 6:30 a.m to SLC.  How I will wake up I do not know.  

I will arrive at 8:50 am in time to attend the meetings.     This means that  I am spending my whole day at the airport today. It simply was more time to go back home and then come back again after all was sorted out.    

Luckily I met with my friend B a couple of hours ago  and she helped me out with the last part of the problems with the flights  and then on our way to lunch I met with a former boss and was on his way to SLC.    He is Mormon and by far the best ever boss.  

He is very very nice and he took my mind of all of this and he ended up inviting B and me to lunch.  A light on a dark day. 

So I am off to the airport spa.  I have a whole afternoon in front of me, almost no battery and did not bring enough to read and I will reach my destination in more than 18 hours.  

 I do not care how much it will cost  cost (I do, but will close my eyes when the check comes ) and have a massage, do manicure and drink a very nice whiskey  (my flight is business so I have access to the business lounge) and try to make lemonade out of lemons.  

I just pray that the rest of the trip is better and not a signal of things to come.   

My post today:

I am leaving in a few hours to my first FC.CA meeting in Salt Lake City.   Meeting with many practitioners, Napro doctors and friends of the system is very,  very exciting.  Its my first time and its very exciting since it all came together at the very last minute.

 Any bloggers attending?   Please let me know or look for a crazy Mexican woman!   hehehe.  .  I will be there with my dear friend B who has been working also tirelessly to bring this here and would LOVE to meet  any bloggers.  I know of only one coming, but I hope more will be there.    (I am totally and absolutely  bummed TCIE will not be there!!!!)

The last days have been hectic.   Both my job and all related to Napro have been moving and shaking like crazy.  Seems God wants to bring it Napro here NOW and also use my job to help.

Yesterday I received a very important call. Basically a very important person here wants to help bring Napro to Mexico ASAP  (this person told me it was clear the Holy Spirit was at work and that she had to help in any way she could)  and a couple of  weeks ago we received also another very important call about it.

I cannot blog about it in detail, but please,  please keep us in your prayers.

 Its what I have been praying for the last 3 years of my life.  It could be major for so many people struggling with IF and miscarriage.

On the other hand my job has many options to help non.profits and there is a strong chance that our adoption agency can get some support to help pregnant women in distress.  I cannot participate in the process, but I can pray.    Could you please keep it in your prayer list?  Also could be major.

So off we go.

Salt Lake city here we come!!!!!


  1. Safe travels & praying for Na.Pro in Mexico.

  2. I don't get to go this year! Next year. :) Have fun!

  3. Have fun! I lived in SLC for 8 years. The Gateway Mall is a great place to go walk around, and they just finished the new City Creek Center (another Mall). It has a retractable roof! Fancy!

    If you're feeling adventerous go take a tour of temple square (Mormon). Its quite something to see (and hear)! There's a great statue of Jesus in one of the visitors centers. Mormon or not, its beautiful!

    The Cathedral of the Madeleine is only a few blocks down South Temple. It's beautiful! It's where my husband and I were baptized. They have daily mass.

    Lots to do! Have fun!!!

    If you need any details, please e-mail :)

  4. I will be there for the Q and A on Saturday. Maybe one other Saturday session. Since I'm not a FCP, but I am "local," I wanted to attend and meet/hear Dr. Hilgers.

  5. Safe journey!!!! I will pray for your intentions!!!!!

  6. Oh, that sounds TERRIBLE! I hope the massage, manicure & whiskey helped! :-)