Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can you spare a quick prayer for DH and my father?


Can you please spare a quick prayer for my father and DH?

My father is going to be having a biopsy of the prostate in an hour since they found some blood levels elevated some months ago. This is the second one since the doctor considered that the first one was partial and did not give enough information. My father had a very bad reaction to this first one and so my mom and all of us are worried about this new and more invasive one.

The 1st one came our all clear and the probabilites are in my father favour that the new one will be OK, but this new one has some more dangers of infection and pain. My father is 72 so this is no small deal.

On the other hand DH is about to have a very important job interview in the next hours and we need all the prayers we can get!! If you can help with a quick prayer to St Joseph? (DH has been praying to him forever for a good job!)

They called him in to meet for the 4th time with the director at a very important educational institute here in Mexico and he just left for the interview.

This is the final interview after 6 months of waiting to get in for an interview and 3 months of interviews (plus 3 years after he lost his corporate job).

They basically have told him he is in, but the big question right now if it will be part time (and how many hours per week) or full time.

This of course makes a very, very big difference for us specially with the coming adoption.

If its partial it means that he would be a teacher at the MBA level and would have asigned some clasess every month. Well paid, but.... his income would be highly variable and he would need to take on many, many classes for him to have a good salary. Highly unlikely at this early stage. Basically in this insititue they wait years after hiring you to give you a full load of classes and until then most teachers combine several jobs. Not something that we would be looking forward to.

Basically it would cover DH and some house expenses and he would need to stay at the current very badly paid job.

If he is asked to come fully on board it would mean: he would be assigned a coordination role at this institute, plus classes. It would mean a steady income (not very well paid, but OK) and with the classes it would become a good income. One that could support us and then my income would become savings and investment so I can leave my full time job and move to a partial time one in one or 2 years. A dream come true!

On the adoption front last minute news: Adoptions in our group have restarted yesterday after 1 month or more of no placements!!!! complelty unexpectedly until we found out through FB!

A beautiful baby boy has been placed with an amazing couple, both very young, she lost her ovaries due to cysts and other issues about 2 years ago. We had met them both at our marriage preparation course 4 years ago and then met again in our course. They are completly prolife and also said no to IVF knowing full well they might have been able to get pregnant this way, yet stood strong and they have now been blessed with a baby. We are extremely happy for them!

An interesting thing is that our group has only been blessed with boys so far. Five in total for 5 couples from a few days old to 10 months old! So we are now 5 couples still waiting and 3 that need to restart or wait even longer for different reasons (mostly counseling for grief). Basically we are half way through with placements now!! wow!

DH and my feeling is that we will be dead last in the placement process. I do not know why, but both of us have this feeling and we are OK with this as long as God wants it this way, just hopefully it will not be 6 months from now! .


  1. Yes, prayers coming!!! St. Joseph has been hearing from me about my DH's job situation as well, so I will add your DH to my prayers! I will also pray for your Dad!

  2. Prayers for you on both these situations. How very exciting the adoptions are starting up again! And I'm hoping you're not last. :)

  3. Praying! Someone in your group has to be last and I'm glad you and your DH are at peace if it turns out to be you.