Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Updates on health and adoption

Many things continue to happen in our lives....

I will just update now on the health and adoption front and later in the week about my work and Napro status...

We received both very good and very bad news on the health front and some updates on the adoption front after several weeks of silence.

We are part of adoptive parents group nr. 65 in our agency. We are 12 couples in this group, 4 which have adopted already, 3 on standby and the rest waiting to be matched since April/ May/early June depending on when you received the governement´s permission. Our group hasn´t had any news in the last weeks from our agency and we thought it had to do with summer vacation, but it seems not.

They have continued to match many babies with families, just not our group.

We found out this on Sunday when had lunch with a lovely couple (they are are my CrMS clients) which in the course of the last months have become dear friends. In the beginning when we met he was complelty closed to adoption and in the last months has opened his heart to this by talking with us and meeting with other adoptive couples. My DH and I have been very happy to have been a part of their adoption journey. A real priviledge.

In a series of events that I can only call straight from Heaven they are now part of the last class from our adoption agency, class 69.

Well, this couple has been in close contact with our agency lately and they told us that our agency had started to asign babies now to group 67! and are almost finished with this group. Just in one month 9 babies were matched with families in group 67!.

Well all this means, is that they think they have not found the right families for the babies within our group and need to look in other groups. It does not have to do with our ability or profile, just that the match is not there.

I received all these news with a peaceful heart. Our baby will come when God wishes and since at this agency they pray a lot, then it must not be our time.

Of course its hard not being able to plan anything now and just sit and wait now that the baby´s room is ready and everybody keeps asking when the baby will come, but everyday I have more peace.

I feel we need to start a novena to accompany our wait, I just do now know which one.

any suggestions?

HEALTHOn the health front we received both very good and very bad news from the amazing acupuncutrist/western doctor.

Since starting acupuncture with him 1.5 months ago my cycles have completly changed and this new cycle again my mucus cycle again started earlier than normal for me. It looks like again Peak day will be CD 14, which I never ever had in my whole charting life, only in these last 2 cycles using acupuncture with this doctor.

My normal P day is on CD 19 or even 20, something that was not good in terms of TCM.

My CM now is exactly like the one I had before my miscarriage, really, really good, something that I had not seen in over 10 months. The amazing doctor has said that this means that acupuncture has been healing me in the most profound way starting from the cellular level .

He explained that only with deep healing can a cycle be affected this way and that my body reacted way faster than normal which made me happy. This 40 year old body is healthier than I thought or so it seems. Now the focus is on getting my energy back and losing weight, but he said it was going to be easier than I thought since getting my cycle to normalize was much more difficult.

This time he asked me to bring DH along to synchronize our energies. I know this sounds new age, but for TCM it means to synchronize on a cellular level our body rythms which is key to conception. He compared it to making sure that the seasons match the condition of the earth and the seeds. When he explains TCM this way I really get it.

Well, we had unexpected news.

I have not blogged about it here, but in the 3 first years of marriage apart from deaths, accidents, IF, job loss and many other really terrible things, we also faced issues with DH´s health. In fact he was in the hospital 3 times! Really I do not know how we survived these 3.5 years of trials.

He had for many, many years respiratory issues and had been taking medicines to combat allergies. Nothing important it seemed, just he had a stuffy nose most of the time. He saw several doctors and they kept giving him saline solutions, alle.gra and OTC medicines. All said he had to learn to live with this.

After about 2 years of marriage and just after he had his varicocele surgery I came home one day and found him freezing when it was over 80 F outside, sitting by a window trying to find some heat and when I looked at his back it was complelty red and then the next few minutes he was completly white.

He kept chaging colors every few minutes. It really was frightening.

He kept trembling and so I called the doctor that had done his operation fearing an infection and he told us to rush to his office. Well he checked DH and all was well with the operation, but he kept freezing and changing colors. By then he could not walk without help.

Well the doctor told me to call my internist ASAP for him to make a decision next.

We called him and he told us to rush to a nearby clinic for a chest x-ray and if all clear that at this same clinic there was the very best infectologist of the whole city. It was that serious. He thought he had an infectious disease.

I called then my FIL and parents in panic. I almost could not carry my DH and did not know what to do next. This 6 foot man could not even walk.

We arrived at the clinic and they did the x-ray. the doctor there detemined that there were signs of pneumonia, a really bad case due to his other symptoms. My internist tells me then to rush to a very large and renowed hospital. It needed to be this specifically since it seemed it was very serious.

This almost 6 foot man could not move again and I almost had to carry him to the car with my mother and father in tow. My FIL was complelty frozen and did not know what to do. Well we rushed to the hospital and the doctors had no clue what was going on for many, many hours.

The ER doctor then checked DH and determined it was not pneumonia, then the internist arrived and we began a series of tests one after the other. At one time they thought it was a kindney infection and so on. Really horrible.

I do not wish this on anyone. I almost thought I was about to become a widow, it was that bad. Here I was only 1.5 years married, in the middle of IF making what seemed life and death decisions.

In the end it was determined it was an allergic reaction to something in the air and that he needed to be under the care of a new ear and nose doctor.

Well a few weeks later the new doctor determined that in fact he needed a nose operation for sinus infection and for other things that did not permit him to fight any types of infections and he had the surgery early 2010 (one of the 6 we had in 3 years among both of us!) All was much better afterward and he has not had any issues since or so it seemed, just he began snoring again about 8 months ago.

After the operation we found out how bad things had been. DH life had been in danger since his sinus infection had begun to erode the bones in his face and when this happens the infection can go to the brain. His was a case like non other the doctors had seen and his infection had been very easy to miss, had not been for the allergic reaction he had had.

Well after the acupuncturist checked him, he came to see me in the other room and told me that it seemed my DH now had the health issues and not me.

My heart sank.

He told me his tongue was both red and white which meant an infection of the repiratory tract and also bad digestive issues. A bad one.

He told my DH (just from checking his tongue and pulses) that he had to take great care of his sinus and nose since his pulses told him there was a big issue there and also in this digestive track. It seems he is only partially breathing. Yikes!

The logic of the link between breath and digestion is as follows. You cannot breath well so when you eat you take in a lot of air which in turns makes your colon and digestive track not happy. Also due to low oxygen the body cannot digest efficiently. You become undernourished.

Breath is key to life and with issues there your general health is compromised.

This makes you tired, you lose the ability to concentrate, and with bad digestion all is much worse.

And this news of course worried us a lot not only because of the hospital experirce but also since my DH lived with a smoking mother and father most of his life. My MIL even had emphyema for 10 years and died from cancer of the lung. A horrible death and agony.

Not good at all.

Well all the symptoms matched and my DH had not even told the doctor anything about his operation, hospital stays and doctor visits. He just told him he wanted a general checkup, yet the doctor again focused on the very same problem that we thought was fixed.

The doctor also told me that this could be one of the reasons of my DH´s bad sperm morphology. There simply was not enough oxygen to go around and feed the cells in his body.

Well.... on one part it seems I an getting much healthier after the months of hell, but DH now again has the issues and they could be serious.

This is from a man that eats 100% healthy, was a competitive swimmer, never smoked, only drinks red wine, takes his vitamins religiously, etc. We have also been to the very best western doctors for his nose issues and he has done all they have instructed.

Yet now he needs now to go regularily to acupuncture, use herbs and perhaps in a few months he will be cured if not a new operation is not to be outruled and we need to go back again to the nose doctor for a second opinion.

This is one more thing on top of all that has been going on with our health in the last years and I am really tired. I cannot explain it other than I was remined all over again of all that we had suffered in the last years and my heart was broken.

WE have had 6 months of peace since my last hosptial stay and now this.

I just wish our health woes would stop once and for all. I am trying to focus on my healthy cycles now, but everytime I now look at my DH I worry again all over.


  1. Just remember dear friend that sometimes in life things get really bad before they get better.

    Keeping you both close in prayer.

    I am amazed at your acupuncturist. Wish I could see him.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your DH's health issues. I'm glad that he's getting additional treatment though. Praying for you.

  3. What a horrible ordeal for your husband!!! I hope and pray that he recovers quickly!

  4. Your acupuncturist sounds amazing! I will be praying that his treatment will cure your husband and no further surgery is required.

  5. This does seem like a lot to handle given everything else you are balancing at once. It's probably better that this was caught sooner rather than later, right? I'm praying for you both.

    As for a novena, how about one to Sts. Joachim and Anne? (My husband and I are in the middle of one which is why they came to mind.) I posted it on my blog recently. Or maybe St. Raphael?

  6. Oh my goodness! Praying for your husband! So sorry you've had to go through so much - hoping the trials will be over soon and you are blessed with years full of JOY!!