Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Eastern view, a far more hopeful outlook

Yesterday was my 4th appointment with the amazing accupuncturist.

He gave me such hope of getting my body back to normal that I have again a smile on my face even with Friday´s bad results.

He is a western neurologist that wanted a more natural approach to curing and to access the root causes of disease and who spent 8 years in China studying this.

He is very humble, never mentioning all his degrees, nor that he has a waiting list a mile long, has patients from all social classes and is even the doctor of many celebrities and millionaries. You would never know it by seeing him.

He is about 55, with a belly, very little light brown hair with some white hair, a big, big smile, a descendant of German inmigrants to the USA and a Spanish mother whose parents came to Mexico before he was born.

I felt an instant connection to him since my fathers family is from Germany and also has some Spanish ancestry via my paternal great grandmother also his eyes are very peaceful and it helped a lot he is dead set against IVF. I trust doctors that want to cure rather than just make money or not look at the problem and find what I consider the easy way out.

Today I told him how disappointed I was about my lack of weight loss and my energy even after what I felt were Herculean efforts.

He just smiled and said: "you are just like the thyroid wanting to control everything" and laughed. I also laughed and said: "but I am not shaped like a butterfly! and he laughed very hard and said: "Do not worry, all will be well, your body is responding in amazing ways, just wait and see".

Only with Dr. H and my local gynecologist have I felt so comfortable and in full knowledge they had my very best interests at heart.

He reminded me that a low TSH was actually very good (I thought because it was below the minimun it was bad, but he said no actually very good), he was not worried about almost non existant T4 and he was more interested in how my energies felt and how my cycle was shifting.

He touched my belly and said that with the antibiotics that I was on there was not a lot to do with my digestion which is crucial in TCM, but wait until it got out of my system and that actually my body was responding incredibly well, much more than with most patients.

He said that 0.5 kilos of muscle gain in my arms in 3 weeks actually was very good and quite unexpected in a person with a bad thyroid. That most people could not stop the muscle loss and much less gain.

He said: "Focus on the fact that Dr.H and me have stopped the problem. This is a crucial part of the equation that many times we do not consider, now we will focus on curing it. One step at the time."

He said that my body was reacting very well and what Dr. H had done was wonderful, we just needed to help the body use its own resources rather than only medicines.

That excercise, diet, acupuncture and supplements would do all their work in synergy, but that I needed to give it a little bit more time and not stop the process with my own mind, worrying too much and trying to control everything.

That a cure is subtle most of the time, yet in my case my body was showing signs faster than expected, just not in the way I wanted perhaps.

That an earlier ovulation (4 days earlier than normal with great mucus) was actually a signal that acupuncture had shifted my hormones on a deep cellular level.

I cannot remember ever having such an early ovulation since I begun charting almost 4 years ago so his explanation really made sense. That it was perfect on CD 15 since the egg that is released later sometimes is not the best according to TCM . I normally ovulate CD 19 or 20 and that this happened after 2 sessions meant that my body knew what to do, even if I thought it did not. Now we need to see how the menstrual period shifts.

He mentioned that my verterbrae that was obstructing the blood flow to my uterus had already shifted and the blood flow was perfect now.

He would concentrate now on my thyroid and that if all the other signals were OK that I should not worry too much about my excess fat. That I would begin to lose it in time, but now the focus was in getting my thyroid to do its work.

Also to continue to communicate all that I did not feel comfortable with, this is a root cause of hypothyroid for chinese medicine. People that show a smile to the world or that the are in control, but almost never communicate their true feelings and hide deep pains.

Basically his message was: to trust the bodies intelligence which is far more than we can even imagine. Take one step at the time, stop the problem and slowly reverse the process, in this order. The body will be able to heal itself on a very deep level if we let it and help it out as nature wants.

I feel far more peace now than yesterday. Maybe I am more cut out to Eastern Medicine than Western.

On the adoption front: Out of our group of 12 couples 3 couples are on standby which is a very high percentage, almost record breaking that 25% are asked to wait or prevented from adopting after being in the process so long. Four have their babies already, so we are only 5 couples in the waiting list.

One couple was asked to take a parenting course. They are from very, very humble backgrounds. She is a maid and he is a factory worker with minimal studies. All still it looks very positive and I am very happy since they are an amazing couple and would make the best parents ever.

Another couple which did IVF in the middle of the whole adoption process with so many embryos I still shrudder from thinking about it. Well they did not pass the pscychological tests and its so bad that it might completly prevent them from adopting any time soon. I was very concerned if they got to adopt and I am actually relieved the agency was so strong in their willingness to adress this issue. She was not ready at all from many of her comments and the fact that in a reunion we had she spent a great deal of the time crying about her failed IVF. I was truly concerned about the baby.

The third couple is the one that broke all the agency rules. Most probably the agency will not let them adopt via them. I am saddend since they made a terrible mistake, but they are good people whose good judgement was blinded by their desire for a baby.

Have a happy 4th of July! here in Mexico City is raining so much and its so cold you cannot believe its July! enjoy the sun!

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  1. Very interesting about the Eastern approach. My accupuncturist/herbalist took away TEBB and breast tenderness after three months of treatment. Unfortunately, my insurance covers none of it and it's expensive!!!! I can't wait to hear more about your treatment!!