Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dr H storm heavens for him

Hi dr H will have a delicate operation tomorrow early morning. Since i am not sure he would want details published I will not post them. Its an operation that will keep him from PPvi and his work for several weeks. The outcome is predicted to be good. All of this is public. He has been a tireless fighter for life and it would be amazing if we all could be united in prayer for him, his family his doctors and PPVi. St Gianna pray for us! St Raphael pray for us! Our lady of Guadalupe pray for us! St. Thomas pray for us!


  1. WE ALL ABSOLUTELY MUST PRAY. When I saw this mentioned, do be honest with you, my heart sunk a bit in FEAR.

    I just do not want anyone to touch this man.

    But, I pray that he is in good hands...and, that he is watched over like a hawk!

    PRAYS from here.

    And, yes, we ALL NEED to pray for his protection.

  2. sorry for all the typos above.

    Please God protect Dr. H!!!!!

  3. I'm dedicating my morning rosary to him!!!! God bless Dr H!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the post, E!!
    We're praying here in NJ.