Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and Napro testing update

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all had a very blessed Easter.   =)

All week apart from putting my life in order  with family time, silence and prayer  I have also  restarted  my Napro testing.  

Not an easy feat when you have to go to  3  different places  (and counting) to do it in very different parts of the largest city in the world, but one more week and I should be almost done with the basics.  Also it brought back many emotions (some still very raw even after one year), but having Josemaria made all the difference.  

So far the results: 

HSG:   all looks normal.   Both tubes are open which is was a concern of the Napro doctor.  The dye was not flowing from the right one on the first try, but after just a little bit more pressure it did beautifully.   The doctor doing it was the nicest man ever.   The procedure in itself is not one of the nicer ones in IF and made worse by my memories (my first one involved  tons of pain after  which I ended up crying curled into a  ball. with cramps). Well I told him of my previous experience so he did it very,  very slowly  with the utmost care and really focusing on telling me each step he was taking so I could relax.  It really made a world of difference.

BW:  So far I have done most of the  pre peak estradiol series and all looks normal and even quite positive for a 40, almost 41,  woman.   The estradiol is rising from day to day in an almost perfect secuence (200 on P+8, 300 on P + 10,  400 on P+ 12 and 200 on P + 14).   Estradiol surges right before ovulation before diving down . So the blood work is corresponding quite well  to what the U/S is saying.  

U/S series:   I am offering all my anxiety and pain related to them for all of those still waiting.  I still hold traumatic memories from my last U/S´s  (one a where we were told we had lost our son and another where I was mistakenly told I had miscarried again like it was nothing  (just a bunch of cells)  and pressured to do IVF while bleeding profusely)

Also doctors  always have a difficult time with me  since my uterus is in retroversion and for some reason the same doctor that has spent a long time with me always needs to call other doctors to help find my ovaries, not the nicest experience.

 Praying that all would go well I  had the  first 2 from the limited U/S series Friday and today. 

To minimize my horror of this  I decided to switch hospitals to one that did not hold miscarrige memories and also is very famous for great U/S , but its very far away from my house and work so the next days will be a feat.

On Friday I had a actually a very good experience with a woman doctor who  began by telling me that she had just also lost a baby due to a tubal pregnancy. She understood my fears and decided to tell me all the things she was seeing.  I felt so priviledged with all the details she told me.

  She told me my endometrium looked fluffly and beautiful  (I loved those words!!), quite in accordance to the estradiol I was reporting and also to the follicle she was seeing. My cervix was open and filled with CM.
On my right ovary she saw 2 (yes 2!)  dominant  follicles that looked beautiful  and even mentioned that the doctor might want me to sit this cycle out due to possible twins.   I said  no way I would sit it out   and she laughed with me.

Since my uterus is in a very  difficult position to do U/S (the words of all doctors that had seen me) it took a very very long time, but she said she wanted to do it well.   She never found my left ovary since it seemed to be on the back of the uterus, but said that she was not too concerned since we could try again the others days and the dominant follicle was not there.  

Today I went again to do the next on the series and it was a completly different experience.  The doctor was a resident and very young,  I had to wait over an hour for the appointment  due to some emergencies they had despite my early appointment with Josemaria in tow and my very,  very patient DH.

 So finally I was taken in for the U/S and the doctor could not find my ovaries in over 1 hour.  She even told me she thought  I had ovulated,  but could not find the cumulus.  It was as if the 2 folicles disappeared overnight leaving no trace.     One hour of  a transvaginal U/S and nothing!!!    Finally another doctor came in and after 15 minutes found the ovary with a huge and beautiful folicle (in her words)   and another folicle that was still there,  but more difficult to see.  She said she could not be sure if both would be there to ovulate, but at least one yes and in the coming hours/ days for sure if all went as it seemed to be going.

One thing the resident mentioned is she saw liquid in the uterine cavity where there should not be and the other doctor seemed to confirm it.  She could not tell me the reason, but I will need to wait for the report once the head of radiology studies my case.   Since the Napro doctor had asked for very specific things in the report, the report will be made by the head of radiology of one of the very best hospitals in Mexico and Latinamerica so this is an additional blessing.

She mentioned she thought I should have a sonohysterography to check the status of the uterus  (the doctor of the first U/S also mentioned this) .  She said that the sonohysteriograph, the  U/S series and the hysteroscopy all checked different things and that together were the only way to check for ovulation and the status inside my uterus and cervix after all I had been through

I will check with the Napro doctor once I have the report, but she only mentioned the hysterioscopy and I am still thinking about it.   Tomorrow I will need to go again to the hospital  and pray it does not take them 1 hour to find my poor ovary with the transvaginal probe.  

 One week more to go,  give our take,   and we should most of the studies requested by the doctor and my very first full Napro evaluation in 2  years.  I cannot wait, good or bad news,  its best for me to know.

In summary:

  • Tubes open
  • Estrogen looks OK
  • Ovulation seems to be OK. to be confirmed in the next 2 days
  • Uterus: status to be determined
  • More to come.....


  1. What an interesting experience with your ultrasounds! It amazes me how much and also how little some people know.

    Continued prayers for you!!!

  2. Wow. How awesome that you are finding out so much information on this cycle! I wonder what your napro doc thinks.

  3. Happy Easter!
    I'm glad you are getting such great reports on what you do ave, but my goodness ... An hour in a trans vag ultrasound?!? You poor thing. Ugh!

  4. When you're off the u/s table and back at work, I posted a prayer on my blog you may like.